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  1. A heads up that the two latest beta patches for SteamVR and WMR for SteamVR has a bug that will cause crash to desktop and "critical error in SteamVR" Solution for now is to opt out of beta and use released stable version. The error is reported in SteamVR discussion forum.
  2. Unfortunately DLSS require DX12 and RTX compatible GPU. This would mean making a completely new engine supporting DX12 and I don't believe that the company has the muscle to implement it. And also, if the customers don't run RTX cards in suffcient numbers it would drain recources implementing something for a very small number of players.
  3. Seems to be connected with latest WMR for Steam (Beta) update
  4. Just a heads-up on a phenomenon I encountered the other day. Windows wouldn't update to the latest KB and no matter what tricks I applied I couldn't get it to bite. By a happenstance a fellow flyer in the Swedish community MaterArms pointed me in the right direction by mentioning WMR as culprit. That was correct, uninstalling WMR and rebooting allowed windows to update correctly and as a bonus when reinstalling WMR I noticed a new function in the settings for mixed reality (timeout for sleep-mode) that wasn't there before. It seems WMR hadn't updated correctly either.
  5. @Fenris: Strange, I have selections in the dropdown menus. However, one thing I've noticed is choosing "Start steam when WMRTT starts" will trigger WMR and Steam VR also and not just Steam.
  6. First of all, a big thank You for a great server. With that said I have a sort of question/suggestion that I'd like to put forward. Reshade is banned on many online servers due to previous cheating with it, however I find that in VR (I only fly in VR) it makes life easier. Is it possible to read the settings of IL-2 and enable reshade for VR pilots since the visuals in VR are less vivid and clear in contrast to those flying big screen 4k 2D? VR pilots with current technology sacrifices a great deal for the "feeling". Best regards
  7. Happy birthday Jason. Keep up the good work. My question: The aircraft ground handling seems "off", they don't have weigth and friction with the ground as much as I (subjectively) feel they should (hard to taxi as an example) and the brakes are (also subjectively) to week. Is this something that is on the looking into list or is it just plain incorrect experience on my part?
  8. I have noticed a problem, in Bf110 (havn't tested in any other) I no longer have functioning rudder trim. It doesn't matter if I bind to a key or my hotas. Nothing works. Anyone having the same issue? // Regards
  9. Hi, Any words on a dedicated server for us pilots in VR?
  10. Unfortunately, the VR version is disabled on many servers. Really unfortunate. Perhaps PWCG and only offline flying will be my path forward. The visuals in VR was so much more immersive and great feeling.
  11. Unfortunately some online servers don't approve this I have noticed. A shame really, colour and "feel" in VR was so much better with this enabled. Oh well, perhaps I will continue to be offlinen and use this and PWCG in the future.
  12. Found it, the files should go in /bin/game/ and it makes a real difference in VR. Have'nt started messing with settings yet, just as is.
  13. Had to order just beacuse of You, dburne 😄
  14. In DCS the files are put in the bin folder, where do You install it in IL-2?
  15. https://www.reddit.com/r/ValveIndex/comments/lybahf/reshade_now_has_basic_vr_support_time_to_fix/?ref=share&ref_source=embed&utm_content=body&utm_medium=post_embed&utm_name=b608c7fc57b749d5ac9dd2fa48c8374e&utm_source=embedly&utm_term=lybahf
  16. If OpenComposite isn't supported with VRNeckSafer there is a very real possibility that implementation of this function in the game engine itself will not be functional as well. Just my two cents.
  17. Anyone remembering RayBanJockey? I he still around?
  18. The Ta 154 program suffered a critical blow when the factory producing the special glue was bombed. Prototypes was hence bult with inferior glue and thus one lost it's wing and crashed killing the test pilot. After that the program was abandoned. If my memory serves me, can't check the facts right now. Feel free to "shoot me down" if You have info at hand 😄
  19. Yep, been in the IL-2 series since the first day. Flew with JG301 Wilde Sau squadron from Germany callsign "HaJa" Also have all CD's and DVD's on the shelf.
  20. Yes, and uninstall and install everything Also formatted and reinstalled Windows 10 But I got it 2015 and it has served me well 😄 I had a feeling that it was going downhill since the forces in a couple of the motors was declining and one had stopped to work at all.
  21. It started quite unexpected after years of perfect function with the exact same setup so I would assume no problem on that part. Perhaps it simply broke down.
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