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  1. 1. No 2. HP Reverb 90 Hz 3. No 4. No need However I've notice that the IPD setting in the startup.cfg file don't match IPD setting in WMR. MWR has IPD 63,5 and startup.cfg file read 0,06315 which I interpret as IPD of 63,15. Am I correct?
  2. In regards to the zoom it's pretty damn hard to make ID in VR without it and to spot ground targets. I have a number of colleagues in the air force that I enquire things from from time to time where one is spotting and identifying distances in different weather conditions. We are not near IRL spotting and ID-ing distances especially in VR. Bare in mind though that modern day fighters are bigger than props so we are not that far off actually on a monitor (not in VR). But all in all I'm with LuseKofte on this one. Let it play out and it will sort itself.
  3. https://www.bookdepository.com/Wings-Luftwaffe-Captain-Eric-Brown/9781902109152
  4. I must apologize for shooting down a friendly Ju 52 last night. Had no clue that there was allies flying in Ju 52 with German markings and since I'm in VR the chat is somewhat cumbersome (read impossible to use). Now that I'm aware it's pretty obvious since the German markings is seen when viewing the plane set on the airfield. I really hope that a Russian transport is added so these mistakes can be avoided. Once again, really sorry for that to whomever was the victim of my mistake.
  5. Unfortunately this happened last night on Finnish server online. Both friendly and enemy planes disappearing and reappearing randomly. My wingman vanished from sight in when in formation and just after that while looking in the mirror to see if I overshot a 109 magically materialized in the view and down I went. Unfortunately I don't record much and in this case there was no time to even think about it.
  6. Hi, You still need Steam for it to work. Install Steam, then Steam VR and last Windows Mixed Reality for Steam. Set Windows Mixed Reality for Steam to run the Beta version (important). Order of operation as follows: Start Windows Mixed Reality for Steam (Beta) Steam VR will start automatically Make sure the Reverb HMD is in order Start all extra software you need (Simshaker, VoiceAttack and so on so forth) Start the game Centre the view and enjoy.
  7. I'm in the process of reinstalling my entire system so at the moment I'm a bit off. Essentially all the center view commands that You can find in the settings and that fixed my problem.
  8. I previously had a problem with objects disappearing in the corner of my right eye in VR. That was solved by setting all "centre view" commands to the same command centring VR view. However, the problem I have now with objects disappearing is despite the above solution, they disappear when zooming in and in a mid way range of sorts when in normal view.
  9. To me it seems that the settings for motion in regards to the plane movement is way exaggerated and would probably be to much. Perhaps there is some system settings to calibrate yaw and pitch to a more suitable motion. In VR You only need a very subtle motion to fool the brain into immersion.
  10. Thanks for the tip Skywarp but I'd really like not to have more small 3d party software running in the background.
  11. It depends on budget and if you have, lets say, an obutto seat for instance since dimensions could make the pedals You choose not to fit in the seat. I have the MFG Crosswinds myself since a few years back and am extremely happy with them. The reason I chose these was the modularity, they can be adjusted in width and feet position and have excellent precision, also they fit my wallet at the time
  12. Hi devs, First of all thanks for a great product and Your continuos effort to deliver more to the community. Also I'm sorry if this has been posted before (my search mojo is not good in this forum). I really miss a "shift key" in the commands letting me use a button for two different purposes. For us flying in VR this would be a huge benefit in my humble opinion. Mostly so for us (I take the liberty to talk broadly here and my apologies for anyone that takes offence) that have a separate gaming chair away from monitor and keyboard. There is a way to get this with 3d party software (joyToKey for example) but it already starts to pile up with additional software that needs to run with the game potentially causing all sorts of problems and crashes. In my example I have (since I'm in VR) VoiceAttack, Steam, Steam VR (and I don't have steam version), WMR for steam, WMR, Simshaker, Discord or TeamSpeak and I have probably forgotten some 😄 . I know that You probably have a lot on the table right know but if You could give it some thought I'd be very happy. all the best to the team and happy Easter to everyone. keep up the stellar work. Best regards // Håkan
  13. Hello everyone, I have a small issue. The game looses focus and thus the Escape key wont call up the menu, also I cannot scroll (zoom) the map when this happens. Alt Tab in and out (out and in actually ) solves this but since I fly in VR and the gaming chair is a distance away from keyboard and screen this becomes a real issue. Any ideas about this? It doesn't matter if in windowed mode or full-screen by the way.
  14. @Sokol1 I really hoped this would work, editing the "current.action" file adding buttons to the commands but sadly it does not for me. No matter what extra button on any controller I add it will not operate as a "shift state".
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