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  1. Just a heads up on this potential problem! Igors Lab: https://www.igorslab.de/en/what-real-what-can-be-investigative-within-the-crashes-and-instabilities-of-the-force-rtx-3080-andrtx-3090/ Jays Two cent
  2. That video was excellent! I can't wait for the release of that update 😄
  3. I voted option 3 because of the lack of technical implementation. With this I mean that the position the pilot is in should affect the amount of G possible to withstand. As an example some German planes had a more reclined pilot-position (Fw190 is one) and thus more G resilient than a Spitfire.
  4. Well, it's all very nice but that wont help when everything is "out of stock" all the time
  5. Ah WTH, bit the bullit even though I currently only use VR. Hoping for the swift addition in VR 😄 One question, activation required STEAM and when inputting the activation code it started downloading BLITZ. Is this correct?
  6. @SCG_Fenris_Wolf What is the "testroom" in SteamVR? I've never used that.
  7. Could we have a separate thread where server hosts can put up that they run SRS?
  8. Use it together with Voice Attack, now in the latest version with the individual mapping for channels you can just say what channel you want.
  9. My install is 38 GB as standard with no mods and no tracks
  10. Type of improvement: Immersion Explanation of proposals: Add some sort of position reference to wingmen/flight call-outs when engaging targets. Perhaps a radio option to call out for a position from the flight? Benefits: In single player mode flying campaigns and missions it's very easy to loose the flight and wind up alone. To get a reference point to where the other flight members are located would be highly beneficial for immersion and "fun".
  11. Option 3 should be OK. Only if you need a mode switch to get more functions on one button the other will be better. I've put in this suggestion a long time ago to the dev team since I really want an option to assign a button to be used as mode switch in game.
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