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  1. @HeloExcellent idea mate, I might have to copy that sometime in the future 💪
  2. I would like to suggest individual profiles for each plane in regards to stick/rudder/throttle axis. Every aircraft is a bit different and needs different curves with the controllers that we have and so does the throttle. If this would be possible for devs to implement I'd be happy.
  3. using a camera to shoot video or pictures inside a VR HMD is notoriously hard, it just gives an assumption of what the image is like.
  4. I would like the zoom to be as "zoomed in" for both VR and Screen users, that's it. Nothing more. No "check six snap view". I can get a Pimax for greater resolution and FOV and spare my neck a bit when checking six but I personally bought VR for the immersion.
  5. As Fenris states and as I can conclude from your pictures you don't have the space to use lighthouses in the tight pit. I would go for the Reverb or Rift S, wait to see if the kinks is gone with the next shipment of Reverb. I'm personally on the fence choosing from Pimax and Reverb since I'm 80% just using flight sims and car sims.
  6. Wait for Reverb version 2 that comes in september when the issues is ironed out. DCS forum users report better "fluidity" than Rift CV1 pared with the greater resolution and inside out tracking with no need for base stations. That is also with a 1080Ti but with shadows reduced. No need for supersampling with reverb and that apparently has great benefits for the feeling.
  7. @LuseKofteIPD is Interpupillary distance, that is the distance between your pupills. In reality the distance is sometimes not uniform and thus the best had been if the two lenses in the HMD was independently adjusted but we'll have to settle for a uniform adjustment. You optometrist can measure it correct for You. There is ways to do it by yourself with a ruler and mirror but not so correct. Some of the new headsets have software calibrated IPD instead of mechanical (Rift S for instance) and that mean a smaller adjustability and a not so good adjustability. Mechanical adjustment is preferable since it is a true compensation in regards of the lenses. Check RiftS specs with regards to IPD to find out what the range is.
  8. https://www.aerosoft.com/en/hardware/flight-simulation/throttles/2568/honeycomb-bravo-throttle-quadrant
  9. The problem with aeroplanes and objects stop getting rendered in the right eye corner is a problem in my Rift CV1 as well, reported it in the bug section long time ago.
  10. @chiliwili69 I posted your findings at Pimaf forums and got this reply "This problem has been confirmed as a Windows bug, which affects other VR headsets and apparently non-VR systems as well. Microsoft has found a solution and will push a Windows Update with the fix (eventually). Microsoft has said the fix will be available by “the end of August”. ""Has anyone seen this? HOWEVER, there is a caveat to this. There is apparently a bug in 1903 that causes CPU overuse and GPU underuse . Windows 10 1903 that is. First link: Good news. I already knew that NVIDIA and MS were aware of this bug post-1903 and they are currently working on a fix. Second link: https://forums.geforce.com/default/topic/1153272/geforce-drivers/announcing-geforce-hotfix-driver-431-18-released-6-21-19-/post/6113541/#6113541 “Thank you everyone for pro… """ https://forum.pimaxvr.com/t/load-and-performance-figures-from-il-2/21040/2?u=goblin
  11. With google translation it was no problem to read.
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Q2ZlXGNLc8
  13. @dburne This is a reply from Beach AV8R in Mudspike forums on a direct Q on that matter: " Interesting in that I really don’t know what to look for with regards to that. By that I mean, I didn’t really notice any startling difference in 3D presentation or quality of 3D. The UFC on the AV-8B looks super…very 3D and I have no issues at all with that aspect of the Reverb… " https://forums.mudspike.com/t/vr-news-hp-reverb-second-gen-headsets-are-on-the-way/8165/389?u=ma_goblin"
  14. A silly question but where can I find the procedure for starting the 262?
  15. Wags comments on REVERB in DCS " Hey everyone, As mentioned earlier, I had an HP Reverb loaner coming this week and it arrived yesterday. Wow! This is truly a banner year for VR and the Reverb is a huge part of that. I can’t and won’t compare to other products, but here are some of my impressions after about an hour in the device: As expected, the resolution of the displays really sets it apart. Even in cockpits with very small texts, it is possible to read. Clarity is approaching 2D monitor levels and I could see no evidence of SDE. It is a GREAT VR device for DCS World. I personally did not notice any god rays and the blacks were quite deep. I’m personally a big fan of inside-out tracking. I don’t really “do” room-scale VR, so the ease of setup, maintenance of tracking, and freeing up USB ports is a huge plus for me. Even with the higher resolution, I did not notice any appreciable performance loss outside of my expectations given the nature of VR. Performance was quite good. I really can’t comment on the hand controllers because I don’t use them. Comfort was very nice and I felt very “at home”. There was also very little light bleed through the nose area which I appreciate. I have a rather narrow IPD (59), but I was still able to get a great setting. Later this month I will send the device to our team to allow native support (no SteamVR requirement) There are a growing number of outstanding VR options this year, and I believe it will come down to your budget available and the features you prize most. If outstanding resolution, inside-out tracking, and comfort rank high for you, I can certainly give the Reveb my stamp of approval. Well done HP! Thanks, Wags "
  16. I have a RIFT and must say I find the scale to be very accurate with IPD adjusted as by my optometrist measurement. I also don't use Steam VR viewer but Open Composite instead which might be an explanation. Judging by the photos and also by my own VR cockpit it looks and feels very good.very good.
  17. I'm on the Rift and the immersion wins hands down over the lesser resolution. However I've ordered the Odyssey+ and hope it will be in my hands in a fortnight then we shall see if I like that better.
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