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  1. I have a RIFT and must say I find the scale to be very accurate with IPD adjusted as by my optometrist measurement. I also don't use Steam VR viewer but Open Composite instead which might be an explanation. Judging by the photos and also by my own VR cockpit it looks and feels very good.very good.
  2. I'm on the Rift and the immersion wins hands down over the lesser resolution. However I've ordered the Odyssey+ and hope it will be in my hands in a fortnight then we shall see if I like that better.
  3. I have reported the "disappearing object" in the corner of right eye with Rift in the bug report section.
  4. To have 6DOF in Pimax you need the at least one VIVE base station. about $150 and P&P on that.
  5. German WWII aircraft had no mirrors standard fitted AFAIK. There was some field mods by the mechanics that fitted mirrors to planes where the pilots wanted them.
  6. And this help me how? I have no problem navigating, I'm asking for tools in the game itself to mark routes, speed, time and compass heading. Since I only use VR I cannot use 3d party tools as il2 missionplanner for instance. It's equally not possible to use a real map (still in VR).
  7. Dear devs, There is one thing I really miss basically because I always fly VR and thus can't use 3d party tools. Ability to lay down route and navigation planning in the map in briefing to get course and height/speed calculation so on and so forth would be a most welcome addition to this excellent simulation, which is if I may say so the best out there.
  8. I have never experienced this phenomenon. Play both MP and SP mode and since a few years only in VR. Specs in my sig.
  9. When I move into the final "man cave" that's being finalised as office/sim room that might just happen 😄
  10. I'd say it's a very nice thing to have at least when engaging bombers!
  11. You have to invert the axis in IL-2 key mappings.
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