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  1. I didn't say a word in the Russian forum about whether we will do this. I only showed the data when this modification appeared on the West front.
  2. Ice Ring Scripted Campaign Trailer made by @ShamrockOneFive
  3. All BoN aircraft are divided into two types: 1) P-51B/C, P-47D “Razorback”, Bf 109 G-6 “Late”, Fw 190 A-6 - we can add them to existing squadrons and groups from BoBP career and there is no any problem. 2) Typhoon Mk.Ib, Mosquito F.B. Mk.VI, Spifire Mk.XIV, C-47 Dakota (AI), B-26 Marauder (AI), Ar 234 - for these aircraft we'll have to add several dozens of new units to the BoN and BoBP careers, write their stories and draw emblems. Most likely they will appear in the BoBP career on time with the BoN release.
  4. I can’t give a final answer now, it will be decided next year. The first losses of D-28 modification occurred at the end of August 1944 in several squadrons, so we believe that they could have arrived in the first ten days of August.
  5. I'm afraid this is not a good idea. Kommando Nowotny campaign is not possible because we have no their main targets - B-24 and B-17, and the bombing campaign about I. and II./KG 51 will be very boring due to their method of delivering air strikes. I don’t have the ability to make it interesting(( I always try to keep within 30-40 minutes, no more)
  6. I'd like to make this sequel, but if a choice is offered between Bf 109 G-4 and, for example, Р-39 then I know that I will again be left without Bf 109))
  7. To be exact that was @FoxbatRU’s idea) It will work badly in my new IL-2 campaign, where the player will always be in different units with different numbers of aircraft and in some missions official camouflage is already assigned to him and his wingman, but this idea is perfect for any German campaigns.
  8. That's why I couldn't continue this discussion anymore 🙂
  9. Hello everyone, Voting has ended and you've chosen Fw 190 A-5 campaign. I plan to start work in July and finish it in early 2021 if nothing unforeseen happens. Frankly, I'm very surprised at the 20 to 80 ratio, but as far as I understand it happened because this plane was given very little attention, not because you no longer want any Bf 109 campaigns. Am I right? Thank you so much for participating!
  10. Well, I'll answer very simply. Right now this is not possible for all of my official campaigns (Ten Days of Autumn, Blazing Steppe, Sea Dragons, Fortress on the Volga) and for the upcoming Ice Ring. Please do not ask me this question in other topics.
  11. Star Wars™: Squadrons full gameplay reveal @ EA Play Live, June 18, 4pm PDT https://www.ea.com/games/starwars/squadrons
  12. Yes, X-Wing Alliance gameplay would be great I don't expect complex ship control like in the Elite Dangerous. Unfortunately...
  13. I’m afraid it will be a very arcade simulator, but there were no any games on this topic for many years if we don't consider dogfights in space in the recent Battlefronts... PC System Requirements
  14. In addition to Quick Missions and online mode, you'll be able to use Razorback also in the BOBP career. D-22 will be available in all P-47 squadrons from the beginning to the end of the BoBP career except for the 406th FG. Checking the list of losses showed that by the autumn of 1944 there were no aircraft of this modification in this fighter group.
  15. We've checked list of losses for the P-38 squadrons. You'll be able to fly P-38J-25 from BoBP since July 15 in 367th FG and 474th FG.
  16. https://forum.il2sturmovik.ru/topic/8058-официальная-историческая-кампания-крепость-на-волге/?do=findComment&comment=777817
  17. This is absolutely impossible for any commercial campaign, but on the Russian forum they prompted me an excellent solution to the issue with skins. Each aircraft in your Staffel will be assigned a custom skin with a specific name. This way you can put your camouflages in the folder with custom skins and rename them, and then you will see them in the campaign. If this is not done, then the aircraft will have standard official default skins.
  18. We plan to start a career around mid-April, when half of the USAAF squadrons had already arrived in England and they began to fly over northern France. The career will end on August 22, at the same time as the end of the Battle of the Falaise Pocket because not even a single Luftwaffe unit will remain on our map after that date. The borders of the map are approved and cannot be changed or moved apart.
  19. Thanks! You can buy in the store "Ten Days of Autumn" - my campaign for the Battle of Moscow and if you have Battle of Kuban you can play my free campaign "Sea Dragons". So yes, I'm considering other theaters))
  20. Hi! Both campaigns target approximately the same period from April 14 to May 10. If I do one, it makes no sense to do the other. And if I choose a different period, then the intensity of the fighting will be greatly reduced there.
  21. If the community chooses the ground attack campaign, you will still have a lot of problems with Soviet fighters))
  22. Please take part in the poll about the next campaign for BOK.
  23. Hello everybody, After the opening of the pre-order for the historical campaign "Ice Ring" - the final part of the Stalingrad trilogy, dedicated to the combat operations of the Soviet IL-2 attack planes in December 1942, I'd like to suggest you to choose a theme for the next campaign. As there were created three official VVS RKKA campaigns for the "IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle for Kuban", my next work will tell you about the combat operations of the Luftwaffe during the large-scale air battle that unfolded over the Kuban bridgehead in the spring of 1943. This time you have two options to choose from: 1. The Bf 109 G-4 fighter campaign (II./JG 52, April-May 1943). As a fully independent work, at the same time it will continue the story started in the "Ten Days of Autumn" and "Fortress on the Volga". The main distinguishing feature of this campaign will be an extraordinary intensity of air battles, accompanied by the use of almost all types of Soviet fighters, which were then in service with the VVS RKKA (Yak-1, Yak-1b, Yak-7b, Yak-9, LaGG-3, La-5F, P-39L-1, P-40E-1 and Spitfire Mk.VB). 2. The Fw 190 A-5 ground attack campaign (II./Sch.G 1, April-May 1943). Besides the fact that "Focke-Wulf" is not frequent guest in the scripted campaigns, I would also be interested to try to recreate the combat operations of the German ground attack aviation during the Battle of Kuban, which will allow you to look at the events shown in the "Sea Dragons" campaign from a completely different perspective. The poll will be closed on June 22, 2020.
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