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  1. Check Season setup, looks like you are using summer map and winter season.
  2. Check Attack Area altitude, it also needs to have 6000 m. If it's OK then replace B-25 to any another bomber to test your mission as maybe B-25 has some bugs in the current version.
  3. Usually I set 500 - 1000 m for the fast planes to avoid ANY problems.
  4. Only our support can do it https://il2sturmovik.com/support/
  5. Looks like it was navy regiment, perhaps 6th GIAP VMF as it had Yak-9D in late 43. 4th Air Army hadn't any Yak-9/9T from June 1943. Anyway our career ends on Oct 10, 1943 and at this time there wasn't any Yak-9 or Yak-9T. If I receive an order to add Yak-9T to the career it will be an unhistoric unit like Fw 190 A-3 for BoS or MC 202 for BoM.
  6. Looks like only the reconnaissance units had Me 410 on the Eastern Front like Aufklärungsgruppe 122, Fernaufklärungsgruppe 1 and 2. But I can't completely trust this source (russain book about Bf 110, Me 210 and 410).
  7. Sorry, I can't understand what do you mean about campaign material... Any late German collector plane can block for us in the future the possibility to create late Eastern Front battle.
  8. Regarding these new quasi-official planes more specifically, quasi-official Hurricane II can be used in the BoM and BoS career and quasi-official Yak-9 in the BoK career only)
  9. Guys, I wouldn’t like to upset you but at present I'm not working on any official BoBP campaign. I help to finish BoBP career mode and we need to finish and test these tanks campaigns for TC this month. So, I've no any good news for you.
  10. Ok, thanks, I'll move it into another forum section
  11. Thanks to you, now I understand where I should look for it. "The 25th army was formed on 10 November 1944 in the Netherlands from the staffs of the Armed Forces Commander of the Netherlands and the "Kleffel" (previously known as "Narva") Task Force.[2] The designation as "army" was for most of the command's existence a deception measure as it did not command more than three divisions until April 1945. 25th Army held the northern-most position of the German front line of the Western Front in late 1944 and 1945, with its right (western) flank anchored on the North Sea and its left (eastern) flank adjoining the 1st Parachute Army. Defending the western Netherlands along the Maas River from the North Sea to Arnhem,[3] its primary opponent was First Canadian Army." So, looks like I have to show Armed Forces Command Netherlands from Sep 17 till Nov 10 on our career map here And after Nov 10 it has been transformed to 25th Army while the 15th Army was transferred to the southeast
  12. "As Allied armies approached the Dutch frontier, German combat units withdrew into the Netherlands from Belgium, requiring the establishment of tactical command boundaries. On September 16, 1944, a day before the Allied operation, Generalfeldmarschall Model divided the Netherlands into three sectors, with the boundaries somewhat resembling a “T.” On the north side of the “T,” the WBN remained in control of the rear areas. The west side of the “T” including the North Sea coast was the responsibility of Zangen’s AOK 15, while the eastern side towards Germany and the Reichswald was the responsibility of Student’s 1. Fallschirm-Armee (Fsch-AOK 1)." Please, help me to find info about Wehrmacht Befelshaber Niederlands. Did this unit exist before the complete liberation of the Netherlands, or was it disbanded or renamed before?
  13. Thanks! About Fw 190 campaign - I'm afraid it will be possible for BoBP only in the far future. I encountered a number of problems and I’m not sure that I can create a campaign about II./Sch.G 1 for BoK.
  14. Regarding the Prokhorovka map, we'd need to expand it by 25-50 km to the north and east to recreate the Soviet airfields system, it's impossible. And as I said after July 13 Soviet aviation had no rival till the end of month. This map was created for the tank battles in the first place.
  15. I guess it's impossible as Arras map has very small airfields only for the WWI aviation at the current stage and Prokhorovka map hasn't the airfields for the Soviet ground attack units and there is only small part of the airfields for the Soviet fighter aviation. Moreover, the main part of the Luftwaffe units left this map after July 13, 1943.
  16. Thanks, I try to do a medium difficulty in my campaigns, I hope it won't be a problem for your skills.
  17. In the real Prokhorovka battle the Soviet command used the Su-122s extremely mediocre, like ordinary tanks, along with the T-34s, and these self-propelled guns didn't bring any particular result. Also, AFAIK, Su-152s didn't participate in the tank battles and were used as ordinary artillery, unlike the northern flank of the Kursk Bulge.
  18. I'd recommend you to ask our support in any such cases.
  19. This is part of the real map by US 12th Army Group
  20. If you want to play Battle of Bodenplatte via Steam only you need to purchase BoS on Steam and then BoBP on the website. If Steam doesn’t matter, you can buy only Battle of Bodenplatte on our website. As Bodenplatte map aren't ready at present you'll be able to use some free maps in the Sinlgeplayer mode and any maps in Multiplayer.
  21. Ok, Sherman is available now, Ferdinand will be available in the future.
  22. We've no such plans at present, Ferdinand and Sherman were made for the Multi-player and unhistoric single missions/campaigns.
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