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  1. BlackSix

    Need Help with Squadron Dates and Plane Types

    Guys, do you have any information about use of Bf 109 G-2/R-6 with 2x20 mm MG151/20 in Battle of Stalingrad in September - October 1942? I./JG 3 I./JG 52 and I./JG 53 had Bf 109 G-2s that time.
  2. BlackSix

    Need Help with Squadron Dates and Plane Types

    Sorry, I can't say anything about Tempest modification
  3. BlackSix


    Try to move the directory ...\data\swf\il2\usersave\ and ...\data\Career\cp.db file into your new game folder We don't keep your campaign (offical and unofficial) and career progress on our servers.
  4. BlackSix

    No Battle of Kuban Single player missions?

    Yes, it's normal. We've decided to do scripted campaign (Sea Dragons) instead separate missions for the release.
  5. BlackSix

    Update Store Page/Details of packs

    We've updated exactly this info for the all planes and added La-5FN and Bf 106 G-6 at this page.
  6. BlackSix

    Update Store Page/Details of packs

    We've updated page About on our site. Now there is actual information about each plane.
  7. You need to ask Jason.
  8. AFAIK, these are the full copies of pages from http://www.ww2.dk/air.html except units emblems. As we've no real targets for the Kdo Nowotny I don't think about such campaign. I. and II./KG 51 who had fighter-bombers Me 262 A-2a have more chances...
  9. BlackSix

    Sea Dragons!

    To be honest, I'm surprised... I thought it would be very boring Stalingrad, autumn. But I've no ETA at present...
  10. BlackSix

    Sea Dragons!

    OMG, did I say FOUR? Ok, there is something new in the development
  11. Prien... Yes, I forgot about these books but unfortunately I've no any official budget to order them. I've tried to work with lexikon-der-wehrmacht.de site and it looks pretty good when translated into English. So I hope I'll do my work.
  12. I've seen it but I'm afraid Google will not be able to translate all texts correctly. Maybe I'll ask to write these stories our German friends... Anyway, thank you) There are very brief histories for the our format, you know
  13. Hello guys, please, try to help me to find I./JG 77, II./JG 77 and III./JG 77 histories. AFAIK Osprey and other publishers didn't publish any books about these units and now I can find short articles only(((
  14. BlackSix

    BoB Map...on the way>>>>>?

    I don't know anything about the progress of that map
  15. BlackSix

    BoB Map...on the way>>>>>?

    It's a 3rd-party work, not official.