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  1. Yes, I already did it. I also added the С-47s to almost all missions, replaced the camouflages for the B-25 with more correct ones for the second half of 1944, and replaced old smokes with new uninterrupted ones. These updates for the campaign will be available in the next patch. Also I plan to update all my three Stalingrad campaigns - Blazing Steppe, Fortress on the Volga and Ice Ring.
  2. I guess this question is for the our support... I can't say anything about C++ Runtime errors.
  3. Thanks! I've already fixed the smokes, replacing them with new continuous ones, and many other fixes and improvements were made. Blazing Steppe and Ice Ring campaigns for BoS will receive similar changes. But patch 4,505 came out too quickly and I didn't have time to test. All of this will appear in the next update.
  4. Ice Ring campaign is available on Steam from today with a 30% discount https://store.steampowered.com/app/1494300/2/
  5. Hello everyone! At present I'm reworking this campaign to a modern standard. Do you have any wishes or information about errors in missions? Of course, I'll do a full cycle of testing, but I might not notice something.
  6. It's free official campaign for BoBP, you already have it.
  7. German translation of Wind of Fury campaign was corrected in the update 4.504.
  8. Hi! I couldn't imagine that the problem was in localization and therefore I advised the previous user to contact support. But the problem is really in the German localization, it will be fixed in the next patch. Our translator made a mistake with the formatting of the text and I didn't find it. I checked the rest missions - everything is fine there ( I hope). Thank you very much for helping to find the issue!
  9. Thanks! Regarding the amount of fuel - then it was always customary to fill up full tanks, because in the event of plane damage and fuel leakage with incompletely filled tanks, you would have much more problems. Although I may have to reduce the amount of fuel so that the planes can fly over the mountains in missions 6-8 Unfortunately this campaign has never been updated since its release. It is very outdated and may not work correctly in some places. I hope to get permission and time for a complete overhaul next year.
  10. Hi! I've checked 4 missions and I had no any problems to record tracks. Moreover, I know that I didn't put anything in the missions that could interfere with the recording of tracks. I guess it's a technical issue at your side, try to contact support https://il2sturmovik.com/support/
  11. You need to land at Volkel to successfully complete any mission. The airfield switches to landing mode 5 minutes after your takeoff. Thus, you need to take off, fly for about 5 minutes (for example, fly to waypoint # 3) and then return to the airfield. As soon as you see the blue landing icon on the strip, you can land, the mission will be successful. Please, contact our support / Bitte kontaktieren Sie unseren Support https://il2sturmovik.com/support/ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Guys I've been very busy for the last month and to be honest I forgot about this topic. I'll try to answer all the previous questions a little later, if it still matters. I apologize.
  12. Blazing Steppe improvements in 4.502: - AI Hurricane flights were added in missions 1-7; - changed the logic of landing and added a landing sign "T"; - refuellers and ambulances have been added to transport columns, the number and size of transport and armored columns has been increased; - numerous minor fixes and improvements;
  13. If you continue this aggressive behavior that I see on various topics, you'll receive a complete ban on access to the forum.
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