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  1. It's a scripted campaign and there is no any choice.
  2. Thank you, guys! Other campaigns have a higher level of difficulty. "10 days" is a kind of training and introductory scripted campaign.
  3. These planes are returning from combat sortie in 7 mission. Fighters are really complete beginners and they are not able to oppose you, such meetings also sometimes happened and this was done on purpose.
  4. I can tell about my personal situation. Most of the time I use the editor from the user version, the same as you and I've no any problems with ME. For example, in October-November of this year I had to completely redo 4 campaigns. These are 55 missions on the Moscow, Stalingrad and Prokhorovka maps. Sometimes I had to consistently open 10-15 missions. If you played my campaigns, you know that the missions are very heavy and full of objects. There was not any crash during this stretch of work... I know only one way to cause the editor to crash on my computer - I must open the group and then, without closing it, try to open a new mission. My specs: i7 6700, Z170, 32 GB DDR4, GTX 1070, Win7x64.
  5. Use Summer season for the spring, summer and fall maps. The color of the equipment and the type of uniform depend on this.
  6. We know about this problem and try to fix it.
  7. I've checked my BoBP tables and if it will be D-22 then we'll be able to add it to all P-47 squadrons from the beginning to the end of BoBP career. I collected information about the modifications based on data on combat losses in these squadrons here: http://p-47.database.pagesperso-orange.fr/index.html
  8. I guess there are no problems to insert BoN P-47, P-51 and 109 G-6 in the already existing units, but for other planes we'll have to write unit's story and add these units to the BoBP career. It will take a some time... Maybe it will be ready with BoN release, I can't say now.
  9. The preliminary decision on the use of these aircraft in the career: Hurricane Mk.II: BoM: from the end of December 1941 to the end of the career in April 1942, 4 regiments BoS: 2 weeks at the beginning of the career and 2 weeks at the end, 2 regiments BoK: perhaps in one of the air defense regiments in the far rear, the issue is being studied Yak-9 BoS: maybe separate planes were coming to the Stalingrad front, there is no exact data, it is not planned in the career BoK: from early May to mid-June 1943, 2 regiments Yak-9T: BoK: these fighters were not used in the Kuban battle during our career time period, it will be available as a non-historical plane from July 5 (from the moment the front-line tests began) in one of the regiments.
  10. The Premium BON includes the two collector planes Spitfire Mk.XIV and Ar 234.
  11. Yes, it has more missions than the others. I won't do such things with my campaigns in the future as it's very difficult for one person. This made some sense. When all La-5 regiments left the Kuban in July 1943 there remained one La-5 squadron and we don’t know which regiment it belonged to. It is clear that these were not La-5FNs, but still ...
  12. I have not yet started this work but if you don’t like what we did with La-5FN, then we can add a separate regiment in which Yak-9T passed front-line tests on the Central or Bryansk fronts from July 5 and the basing of this regiment will simply repeat the basing of one of the historical BOK regiments.
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