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  1. BlackSix

    AI A-20B for the BOBP career

    Browning 0.303in machine guns instead ANM2 .50 and ANM2 .30
  2. BlackSix

    AI A-20B for the BOBP career

    We'll do special RAF camo for the A-20s for the BOBP career
  3. BlackSix

    AI A-20B for the BOBP career

    I can't answer now but I'm not sure we'll do it as "droop snoot" looks like quite complex and time-consuming modification
  4. BlackSix

    AI A-20B for the BOBP career

    Ok, thanks for your advices. So, I've taken decision to put 137 Wing at Melsbroek (B-58) there were based other RAF bombers: No. 88 Squadron RAF (Boston III) - Oct 17, 1944 - Apr 01, 1945 - Melsbroek (B-58) No. 226 Squadron RAF (Mitchell II) - Oct 17, 1944 - Apr 22, 1945 - Melsbroek (B-58) No. 342 (Free French) Squadron RAF (Boston III) - Oct 17, 1944 - Apr 22, 1945 - Melsbroek (B-58) This is much more difficult to do than to designate an airfield for them. Our A-20B from BOK and RAF Boston III had some differences, so it will be AI units only. Please, don't ask me such things here, I'm a mission designer and historical consultant, not a Project manager
  5. BlackSix

    Thinking out loud about other A-20 variants

    Guys, please help to take decision about A-20 AI A-20B for the BOBP career
  6. I've an idea to add AI A-20B in the future BOBP career. 1) First of all, please help me to check this info about A-20 squadrons 2nd TAF, No. 2 Group, 137 Wing: No. 88 Squadron - Boston IIIA Oct 17, 1944 - Apr 01, 1945 - Vitry-en-Artois (B-50) Apr 01, 1945 - Disbaned No. 342 Squadron (Free French) - Boston IIIA, IV; on March 1945 - Mitchell II Oct 17, 1944 - Apr 22, 1945 - Vitry-en-Artois (B-50) Apr 22, 1945 - Gilze Rijen (B-77) 2) Vitry-en-Artois airfield is out of our map borders. What do you think if we'll put these 2 squadrons at St. Denis Westrem (B-61) or Melsbroek (B-58, where Mitchell IIs was based) and use them as AI units?
  7. All our beta-tests are internal, you'll get official update with these new planes
  8. At present we've no any plans to do G-14/AS as there won't be any targets for them (Mosquito, B-17/24, etc). At the same time, I don't want to reduce the career list to those units that had G-14/AS only. We've the same situation with BOK where I'm forced to simulate late LaGG-3 with the help of early LaGG-3 s.29.
  9. We have such info about begin of operations from Jagdgeschwader 7 ‘Nowotny’ by Robert Forsyth:
  10. Ok, I see, thanks for the info. I've taken decision to use only official names in the BOBP carrer like "Oesau", "Richthofen", "Udet", "Horst Wessel", "Schlageter", etc.
  11. I plan to add in the career: NSGr. 1 and NSGr. 2 - they had Ju 87 D-3/D-5 (special thanks =27=Davesteu for the info); I., II., III./SG 4 and III./KG 51 (NSGr. 20) - they had Fw 190 F-8 (mod of A-8); About A-20: AFAIK only 342 Squadron (Free French) had Boston IIIA and IV but this Sqn was based at Vitry-en-Artois (B-50) from Oct 10, 1944 to Apr 22, 1945 - it's out of our map borders.
  12. I didn't know the difference till this day. And in the Soviet/Russian military historical books it's always written as Голландия (Holland)
  13. In Multiplayer you can do whatever you want, I wanted to explain the situation with the career and the availability of certain units
  14. This is a completely different situation. We're obliged to provide an opportunity in the career to use collector planes that are part of this premium edition. P-51 isn't a collector plane and I've no any plans to show No.19, 65 and 122 Squadrons in the BOBP career, sorry.
  15. If you mean No. 19 Sqn there will not be this unit in the career as they had Mustang IIIs. We'll do P-51D only, not P-51B/C.