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  1. If you need to reinstall game and you want to save your progress in the campaign then copy and save folder ...\data\swf\il2\usersave\...
  2. Thanks! There are 3 anti-aircraft batteries near Pitomnik, I checked them in the editor and they have to fire. I repeated your situation (but with Yak-1s) - all batteries were active...
  3. BlackSix

    Historical Campaign "Ten Days of Autumn"

    I'm not sure it will be available on Steam as it would be a DLC for DLC All official campaigns always are compatible with current version of the game, you don't need to care about it
  4. BlackSix

    Night Witches 1942 operations question

    If you're interested, it's the real map of the main bridgehead region for April 1943. I dare say that our map is ok in this part of Taman peninsula and I'd like to do any campaign in this area.
  5. Yes, we're waiting the German translation, looks like it will be ready in Jan - Feb 2019.
  6. BlackSix

    Night Witches 1942 operations question

    Why don't you want to do battle for Kuban in 1943? They had the bases on our Kuban map near front line.
  7. BlackSix

    Night Witches 1942 operations question

    Try to translate this article via Google May 23 - August 13, 1942 - Voroshilovgrad August 13 - Dec, 1942 - Assinovskaya
  8. Thank you, guys! What can you say about the difficulty level? Did I create an easy campaign again or the difficulty seems normal to you?
  9. Yes, we plan to do an official free scripted campaign for Bodenplatte.
  10. Thanks, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Everyone!
  11. Thank you, I've tried very hard to make the best missions for this campaign.
  12. BlackSix

    Havoc Over the Kuban - RELEASED

    Let's move to the new official campaign thread Scripted Campaign "Havoc over the Kuban" - Discussion