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  1. BlackSix

    Developer Diary 202 - Discussion

    I didn't quite understand the question. My main book about Western Front contained the error of reporting that the encirclement in the Lippstadt area was closed on March 28 (instead April 1st).
  2. BlackSix

    Developer Diary 202 - Discussion

    There will be III./KG 51/NSGr. 20 (this Gruppe had Fw 190 F-8/G-8) and I. and II./SG 4 (Fw 190 F-8) + III./SG 4 as AI unit
  3. BlackSix

    Info on 495 IAP?

    Try to translate it via Google http://allaces.ru/sssr/struct/p/bap208.php they had Pe-3 from end of September 1941. I've no any official docs about Soviet bomber regiments in 1941(((
  4. BlackSix

    Info on 495 IAP?

    I'm here because I'm doing my next campaign on the weekends
  5. BlackSix

    Info on 495 IAP?

    Hi! This regiment is available in the BOM career, here is a short history from the game: Original docs: Oct 1, 1941 "495th IAP: 12 crews was transferred from Vlas'evo to Rzhev and 8 crews from Vlas'evo to Tula" Oct 13, 1941 "495th IAP: 5 crews (I-16) was transferred from Migalovo to Vlas'evo" I guess they left Rzhev beetwen Oct 8 and Oct 12 and was transferred to Migalovo and then to Vlas'evo on Oct 13. From Oct 31 495th IAP left our map. On Oct 7 they still defended Rzhev - they made 47 flights at that day for patrolling and protecting the city
  6. BlackSix

    Developer Diary 202 - Discussion

    We can't promise new mods for the G-6 but this plane will be available in the career in Septemeber - October for the I./JG 3, II./JG 11, III./JG 26, III./JG 27 and II./JG 77 + several AI Gruppen Yes, but I can't continue the career after April 1st as the last LW Gruppe - I./JG 26 left her base on our map at that day
  7. BlackSix

    Developer Diary 202 - Discussion

    I guess it's a mistake in the DD 202, we need D-15 for the career
  8. BlackSix

    Developer Diary 202 - Discussion

    1,5 months, till April 1, 1945 after last changes in the career timeline.
  9. BlackSix

    Forum Censorship

    We don't need swastika discussion anywhere on the forum, stop it. Your post was hidden. Closed.
  10. Bönninghardt-Süd is in the center of our map and II./JG77 will be in the career
  11. Unfortunately, this airfield is outside the borders of the flight zone on our map. Vechta will be the most northerly Luftwaffe airfield.
  12. Thanks! I was able to repeat this situation in the mission and we'll try to fix it
  13. If you're faced with the problem of diving the Ju 87s to the target in the current version then set the wind speed to less than 10 m/s in your missions (I recommend less than 8 m/s), at the flight altitude. We'll try to fix this problem in the next updates.
  14. BlackSix

    Why do I still have to deal with this?

    I may only wait with you any improvement as I can't influence the situation