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  1. BlackSix

    LaGG-3 napalm

    VAP had a mixture of granulated white phosphorus in a solution of calcium chloride
  2. BlackSix

    Me 262 Questions

    I can't answer, I don't create any missions for the career, only for the scripted campaigns. This question also concerns Soviet U-2VS, which is mainly used as a night bomber.
  3. BlackSix

    Me 262 Questions

    There will be a lot of ground attack units throughout all career I./SG 4 (Fw 190 F-8) II./SG 4 (Fw 190 F-8) III./KG 51/NSGr. 20 (Fw 190 F-8/G-8) NSGr. 1 (Ju 87 D-3) NSGr. 2 (Ju 87 D-3)
  4. BlackSix

    Me 262 Questions

    We plan to do both modifications - Me 262 A-2a and Me 262 A-1a for Kommando Nowotny
  5. BlackSix

    Me 262 Questions

    Two Gruppen (I./KG 51 and II./KG 51) used Me 262 A-2a as fighter-bombers. It will be their main role in the BOBP.
  6. BlackSix

    Spitfire Mk.XIV poll

    You're right about K-4 in September, there weren't these planes untill Nov 1944 on our map but K-4 or 190 D-9 weren't rare aircraft in the german Gruppen from Dec 1944 and Me-262 Gruppen had airbases on our map
  7. BlackSix

    Spitfire Mk.XIV poll

    I can't, ask Jason
  8. BlackSix

    Spitfire Mk.XIV poll

    Except K-4 Gruppen in September, you've very strange knowledge in history... There is no problem to put them in as collector planes, I'd like to see Typhoon, Spit XIV and Ar 234 in BOBP
  9. BlackSix

    Spitfire Mk.XIV poll

    There were only 2 Spit XIV squadrons in September 1944 (No. 130 and 402) and three sqns were added in December (No. 41, 350 and 610). The main types were Spit IX and XVI.
  10. You can use any aircraft in the Quick missions, user missions and Multiplayer but we spent thousands of hours creating a real battle for the career with real aviation regiments, airfields and types of aircraft. I hope there won't such option for the career that you want
  11. You'll never see any BOBP aircraft (produced in 1944) in the official Stalingrad career (Sep 1942 - Feb 1943) or Kuban career (Apr - Oct 1943).
  12. BOBP map and campaign and FC map are not ready. And there is no any scripted campaign on the FC page in our store.
  13. BlackSix

    Developer Diary 202 - Discussion

    I didn't quite understand the question. My main book about Western Front contained the error of reporting that the encirclement in the Lippstadt area was closed on March 28 (instead April 1st).
  14. BlackSix

    Developer Diary 202 - Discussion

    There will be III./KG 51/NSGr. 20 (this Gruppe had Fw 190 F-8/G-8) and I. and II./SG 4 (Fw 190 F-8) + III./SG 4 as AI unit
  15. BlackSix

    Info on 495 IAP?

    Try to translate it via Google http://allaces.ru/sssr/struct/p/bap208.php they had Pe-3 from end of September 1941. I've no any official docs about Soviet bomber regiments in 1941(((