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  1. A little hint about this situation. If you need to place 2 airfields with different directions and taxi paths on the same runway then the airfield 01 for take-off should be placed as close as possible to the aircraft that should take off. Usually nothing works if this airfield is set far from planes. Then everything is standard: the airfield 01 is active , the airfield 02 is deactivated at the beginning of the mission. After takeoff we deactivate the airfield 01 and activate the 02. The picture shows everything simplified without most of the commands for takeoff, etc. Here is the complete algorithm of actions
  2. It looks like a very late advice but it depends on the wind direction.
  3. I guess any FC campaigns can be made only by the third-party mission makers as VikS is very busy by career for the BoX and technical research and I know nothing about WWI aviation.
  4. Thanks, but unfortunately this book has very strong discrepancies with the most modern studies of Zamulin and I've to stick to only one version. Guys, thank you very much for the information, I decided how to do this mission.
  5. I've found these books on Google Book and published the pages about July 12 here There is nothing...
  6. Thank you! It's the best article about Tigers on July 12 I've ever seen before.
  7. Thank you! UPD: The book about Wittmann doesn't contain detailed information about his actions... https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/983753.Michael_Wittman_Volume_One
  8. Sorry, I can't read on French, could you tell me is there any info about Wittmann's platoon?
  9. I've read all Zamulin's books and used them for the creating TC campaigns but there is no such detailed info about 13th Heavy Panzer company on July 12. Also I've read book by Roman Töppel but there is also nothing...
  10. Hello! Please, help me find any information about the fighting of this platoon on July 12, 1943. I was able to find out that four Wittmann's Tigers were operating on the left flank of the Pz.Gr.Div. Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler, but I can't find any detailed descriptions and images. I found such scheme where Wittmann's actions are indicated (in the book "Osprey - Campaign 305 - Kursk 1943 The Southern Front"), but in general it doesn't correspond to modern research about this battle on July 12 and doesn't inspire confidence.
  11. Hi, I'd say Blazing Steppe has a medium difficulty level. I never put a goal to create a really tricky and hard campaign as I always try to focus on the most massive part of the players.
  12. I've no any info about infantry for this game and there are no special "places" for the infantry in the mission structure. You'll see MG and ATG positions only which will imitate the infantry units.
  13. We've taken a decision to do two standard SP campaigns. You can read about them in the DD 212. So Viks is doing Russian campaign and I'm doing German campaign.
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