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  1. We try to find any info and photos about Luftwaffe navigational beam station in Sortosville-en-Beaumont. It was destroyed by Mosquitoes from No. 613 Squadron on May 19, 1944.
  2. Does anyone have information on a German radar station near the Surtainville area (or navigational beam station in Sortosville-en-Beaumont) southwest of Cherbourg?
  3. The main Fw 190 model at D-Day period was A-8 also there was a small number of A-6 and A-7, there can be no talk of any A-4.
  4. We won't be able to use these planes in the current Eastern front careers.
  5. Yak-9, historical regiments: 15 IAP - May 16 - June 16, 1943 43 IAP - May 2-31, 1943 Yak-9T: 157 IAP - July 11 - August 26, 1943 - unhistorical regiment for the Kuban, this unit took part in the Kursk battle at this time. Since you asked me here not to place Yak-9T in any historical regiment, we added to the career new 157 IAP. This regiment also will have Hurricanes in the BoM career.
  6. All piston fighters were forced to carry additional fuel tanks at this operation.
  7. Great video, thanks! Thanks, I hope my new IL-2 campaign for the winter Stalingrad map will be finished after about 2 months.
  8. I just ask you to take into account that we'll make only the airfields that we need for a career in 1944. There will be about 100 of them and most likely we'll not be able to make the earlier ones that were used in 1940-1943 but we don’t need it now. This question is being investigated right now.
  9. If you don't want to replay this mission you can take-off, land and wait 5-7 minutes using x8 time compression until you'll see yellow "Mission completed" subtitle.
  10. The following Hurricane regiments will be added to the career: 1 GIAP (BOM) 67 IAP PVO (BOM) 157 IAP (BOM) 287 IAP (BOM) 651 IAP PVO (BOS) 736 IAP PVO (BOM) + Hurricanes will be avaiable in 629 IAP PVO in Jan 1943 for BOS. + one AI regiment 429 IAP PVO (BOM)
  11. Desert version will be an optional modification for all Hurricanes except Mk.IId where it will be the only and standard modification.
  12. Hi, All 15 missions in the campaign have the same condition for completing - landing at Zaplavnoye airfield. I suppose you could mix up airfields and land together with IL-2s at Leninsk airfield . I just checked this mission - it ends successfully if you landed in Zaplavnoye.
  13. Thanks! I'd like to continue the story of this pilot and make Bf 109 campaigns for the Kuban, Normandy and Rhineland, but it looks like the community wants Fw 190 campaign for the Luftwaffe. Regarding Blazing steppe -
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