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  1. Yes, I read it, thanks! I agree that 12./JG 11 cound't have old A-6 after refitted, but 9., 10. (ex 7.) and 11. (ex 8.) Staffeln could keep old A-6s.
  2. No, it's impossible, player has to buy BoN and BoBP to play A-6 in the BoBP career. BoBP only owners will see AI A-6s.
  3. First 19 Minutes of Star Wars: Squadrons Campaign Gameplay: Weak graphics, lack of physics, uninteresting dogfights, general feel of an arcade game. Most likely, I don’t buy this even on sale... ((( I had some hopes for this game, but alas ...
  4. I've not made a single bomber or dive-bomber campaign in the past 18 years, only a few separate missions for the Pacific Fighters and BOM. I find this gameplay very boring and the range to the target is too long when using historical airfields. Moreover, in our case, the diving Ju 88s were used only in the Battle of Moscow. This project is unpopular, there are no historical airfields for the Ju 88 units, and even if we place them near Vyazma, the distances to the targets will still be very large and unplayable.
  5. Ok, the final question about Fw 190 A-6s is their presence in the III./JG 11. I've only this book and there is no such info about modifications. http://www.lexikon-der-wehrmacht.de/Gliederungen/Jagdgeschwader/Inhalt.htm - says nothing about the A-6 https://www.ww2.dk/oob/bestand/jagd/biiijg11.html - shows 4 Fw 190 A-6 in September 1944.
  6. 2nd chapter in the BoBP career starts on Oct 2, 1944 and from that date A-6s will no longer be available for JG 26. I think this is a good and compromise solution.
  7. This table is located on page 484, Vol 2. I guess they may not have lost these aircraft after August, but they continued to have them in service. I understand that this is an outdated modification for the fall of 1944, but we will soon have this aircraft and until BoN comes out, I would really like to fit A-6 in the BOBP career so that users can use it in this game mode. Yes, I forgot about that, thanks. We have III./KG 51 armed with Fw 190 A-8/F-8 and G-3 in BoBP career. If G-3 modification is made (I can't promise it now), we will add it to the BoBP career.
  8. Unfortunately, the site https://www.ww2.dk/ contains initial and not always reliable information on the basing and armament of units. This site http://www.lexikon-der-wehrmacht.de has already more reliable data, which coincides with serious research. In this case, I trust this book by Donald Caldwell more that I./JG 26 and II./JG 26 had A-6s on September 30. About John Weal - he has written many books in the Osprey series, but unfortunately they also have many inaccuracies... That is why I am asking this question here, after checking all the sources that have been available to me, in the hope that you have more serious and deep books that I do not know about.
  9. Thank you, guys! The development of new Fw 190 campaigns is in full swing, I spend all my free time on it)
  10. Tempest squadrons began using bombs only in May 1945 and never used rockets in Europe. This is historical accuracy, not my whim.
  11. Please, check my info: 1) JG 26 Donald Caldwell The JG26 War Diary Volume 2: I./JG 26 and II./JG 26 could have Fw 190 A-6 until early or mid October 1944 2) JG 11 https://www.ww2.dk/oob/bestand/jagd/biiijg11.html III./JG 11 could have Fw 190 A-6 until early October 1944 3) What about I./JG 2, I./JG 11, IV./JG 54 and II./JG 6? Looks like they had only A-7/A-8/A-9 in Autumn 1944.
  12. Thanks! Ok, I checked the numbers and there is only one P-51B, if this is not an error... 106852 P-51B (328th FS, 352nd FG) in landing accident at RAF Bodney, Norfolk, England Jan 10, 1945. Pilot survived but aircraft was destroyed. The list has been updated with a modification next to the numbers. Jim, I've sent you a PM, thanks!
  13. This is bad, I thought I could trust the loss lists on this site. tomorrow I'll check all the numbers.
  14. Regarding the use of P-51B/C in the BOBP career for 352nd Fighter Group. I found the following losses of these aircraft:
  15. Check Objects Filter setup or run this ...\bin\editor\ResetEditorSettings.cmd
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