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  1. There were very big changes, we'll try to tell you about this soon.
  2. 1) It's a new option for an emergency dropping of the entire bomb load 2) This option allow to ignore nearest airfield and to take-off without taxiing on the runway
  3. Bodenplatte early access

    There is a new engine (mod of Jumo 211) and a modified construction, this is a large amount of work for us
  4. Career issue.

    Please, if you meet MC.202s as AI planes in the BoM career or Fw 190 A-3s as AI planes in the BoS career: 1) Don't start any new mission 2) Go to the ...\IL-2 Sturmovik\data\Missions\, find files *.gen and send all of them to us - it's your last mission 3) Continue to play
  5. No, I didn't. If I set &lockPaintSchemes=1 we'll see this picture: Player can't choose any other skin except for what I assigned in the editor. But I use offical skin...
  6. SKG 210 supported 2nd Panzer Army and was based near Orel most part of time - out of our map.
  7. We talked about a very specific situation: we can't extend the BOM campaign for the rest of 1942 using only BOS planeset as it won't be available for BOM only owners. We don't need to keep map and planeset "pure".
  8. I didn't lock the skins in this campaign, all missions have the line &lockPaintSchemes=0
  9. You can find Bf 109 G-6 since June 25, 1943 in I./JG 52 and since June 30, 1943 in II./JG 52. But I./JG 52 left front on July 3 and returned only on September 16 La-5FN - since July 24, 1943 in 249th IAP
  10. In the settings files (*missionname*.settings): Thanks))
  11. And there is one more nice addition. The new campaign setting options allow to divide the blocking of the weapon modifications and all others. So if you want to remove headrest or use armoured wind screen I provided you this opportunity
  12. Kuban single player missions?

    There is free single player scripted campaign in BoK, so we've no time and opportunity to do any additional single player missions
  13. Jagdgeschwader 53 - missing in campaign game engine

    They didn't take part in the Operation Typhoon
  14. Jagdgeschwader 53 - missing in campaign game engine

    There is I./JG 53 in the BoS career, AFAIK other Gruppen of this Geschwader didn't take part in BoM, BoS or BoK, at least in the area of our game maps.