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  1. Thank you for those answers. It's a pity that it takes longer but I can wait, it's not on fire. Fingers crossed for this project and VR support :). Maybe we can all contribute to VR for @Buzzsaw and @Mysticpuma and if they will try VR we will recive VR mode very quickly .
  2. So hello TF Team after 5 months, any news about VR? How this process is advanced now? Any info / video about it? After the purchase, unfortunately, I cannot fly, 2D is not for me, but I supported the project for future VR and Im waiting for this patiently (for sure, sooner or later). Thank you for reply.
  3. thx for info, checked and you have right. I found this reply:
  4. So, what about campaignes? Will it be finally in vol.2. (like in BoX series), I hope YES!
  5. Btw from poster I think: - SPAD 7C1 - Fokker VIII - HP 0-400 - Gotha (I guess for the same chances for both side) Jason, and +1 for campaignes like in BoX series too finally ! We need it! Pretty pls. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
  6. Great news!!! HP 0-400 and Gotha!?
  7. According me the price it too high. Thx for this but not this time. If the price will be at level of 10$ it will be ok I suppose. This addon I would use few times at year at most, It's too expensive now
  8. Great news and TY! Im ready to test it, iven in beta team if you need me.
  9. Huge disadvantages its a flat, boring 2D screen with his poor immersion around you πŸ˜…. I have very good expensive monitor which was used when I used Track IR only - 27’, 144Hz, G-sync, 1440p, Acer Predator, home cockpit (universal), TiR5. Now I can use ... 14’ monitor to see menu only, I dont want to back to this poor immersion for me compared flight 2D with TrackIR (I did it for tested Toburk - and that is something unacceptable to me now), back to VR sims very quickly. This is much fun than home cocpit also (which I have too and which was build in few years and cost me a lot) and best monitor
  10. No, flat screen is boring and immersion is very poor compared 3D picture with good resolution (like HP Reverb for example with 130% of Steam resolution, so more than 2500pxt). I tested a little Tobruk with my Track IR and dont want to back to to this poor impressions again . This is a revolution like the appearance of Track IR on the market once (and remember that version 1 of TiR wasnt perfect either).
  11. YoYo

    Future for VR

    Not too fast? It wil be amazing if its true ....
  12. YoYo

    Future for VR

    Im very happy what I see with new release (after tests with Track IR) and..... a lot of FPS here - it will work very well in VR mode with max FPS!
  13. No any problem to install it > key from the IL-2 Store > activate it in Steam > activate the DLC > new 11GB on my disc .
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