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  1. YoYo

    Future for VR

    Ok, so release very soon, I know, not VR yet but will it planned more than likely ? What is mean "succes"? I fly ONLY VR (no VR = no joy for me). Id like to support this tittle but it will be very nice to have promise about VR implemantation in the next for example half a year ;). I remember it was sentence about some 2D gauges in Today's CoD/Blitz - its not a big problem, in Prepar3D some of addons use 2D gauges, in 3D environment it looks still ok, maybe not perfect like 3D gauges but it looks still ok (this can be improved in the future by patches). It will be big jump of CoD/Tobruk to the future and Todays standards - simulator with support of VR (like IL-2 BoX, DCS, P3D, new MFS2020 ect). It will be new life for CoD/Blitz/Tobruk and it will be totally different (and better) immersion. VR means = more customers also. Fingers crossed for this, CoD/Blitz was on my top list and now all planes stayed in hangar here from the long time .
  2. Hi I'd like to know about promised adaptation of new kind AntiAliasing in Tobruk expansion. Will it be? If yes, will it come to Blitz with this expansion also?
  3. I can't show it here, this post probably will be deleted after this .
  4. YoYo

    Future for VR

    German Forum is here https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/forum/23-deutsches-forum/ and here is not corner for support of VR mode and any problems because Blitz doesnt use VR mode 😄 .... I hope yet! In the Gen2 of Reverb will be better with this.
  5. Many thx, I’ll try this pack. I didnt do it yet.
  6. Reverb is better for me and I can live with his FOV. Pimax gives many markeing promises and nothing more. I had Pimax 5K+ and it was short adventure for me . Also some of problems in others sims with Pimax drivers (for example for Prepar 3D v5 till now no any kind of support).
  7. FOV of G2 will be the same, a little pity for me. I havent any tracking problem on my Reverb plus for my IPD this settings what we have now are ok, so perhaps I’ll stay with my Reverb:
  8. Reprojection OFF = means zero ghosting and stable 60 FPS. But according me quality of picture with 60Hz (noticeable refresh rate) is worse than with 90Hz, so maybe I still will stay at 90 Hz with motionreprojection as auto.
  9. Official , MS released it yesterday :D. https://www.windowscentral.com/windows-10-may-2020-update-version-2004-rolling-out-everyone
  10. W10 2004 May update installed Today. WMR 60Hz issue gone from now ! I see that IL-2 works great with 60Hz but with Motion Reprojection OFF = 0 ghosing and stable 60 FPS. I will test more, it was only short Today's test.
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