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  1. What is strange in other planes (from IL-2 BoX and WW2) I didnt notice this effect. Looks like code in FC. Someone did a post in bug corner?
  2. YoYo

    VR for FC?

    Big corner about VR you have here and many similar topic, no need to open the new: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/forum/109-virtual-reality-and-vr-controllers/
  3. Uuuu I didn't know it. Will try it with 60 Hz / 60 FPS and back here, thx. Just a question is it key for default settings (to back to default IPD) if I will touch something?
  4. No the picture is ok, something like wrong IPD I think, like squint I suppose.
  5. What is good with 60 Hz and stable 60 FPS (Reverb takes it) no any ghosting effect and the picture is very clear and better. I need IT !!!
  6. Yes its in IL-2 according me also, so no quick view from VR if we back to the cockpit. I hope it will be solved.
  7. Take HP Reverb, it has better view for spotting enemy than Pimax 5k+ - 2160 pxt vs 1440 :D. I used both and Reverb v2 its a winner till now. Maybe Pimax 8kX will be better with FOV only, but its a spring/summer 2020 (but vertical resolution will be the same 2160 as Reverb, only FOV better = less FPS).
  8. Fingers crossed + are they in campaing of BoK also?
  9. Yep, but Today its a time to say something about FC vol 2 .
  10. DD Today about FC vol 2? 😎
  11. I hope for drop tanks will be different model 3D with new, separate texture, not on the same template where is the whole plane. It will be difficult to recreate everything concerning skins.
  12. I think also, they have assets pack / ground units now too (plus small upgrade). +1 .
  13. But see the link, this repaint is from March 1918. I will do more researching before.
  14. As in the title . Maybe too early but if the pre purchase was started Id like to know a little more ... ;> ?
  15. No, its a pity for me also. Simulator without missions and campaign looks very strange , I hope still about news of FC2 - new planes and career also (on the same map will be ok for me). BUT the hope (from SYN_Vander) exists see this: btw. Maybe 1CGS will do as Christmas gift something for us, fans of FC ?
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