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  1. Torpedo los! Just why no impact screen?
  2. Thx for new screenies!
  3. Now You can :D: Edit by Moderator: Please note: This is work in progress... skins, details etc. are unfinished and subject to change.
  4. Nice! From the last tme I come back to Silent Hunter III. Still good sub sim with GWX 3 + rest mods ;).
  5. Hi, I know it isnt in plans but maybe in the future? Any plans about Storch and recon missions? Just the question.
  6. YoYo

    New D 520 skins

    Nice looking bird! Thx for the update.
  7. Not soon I suppose. Maybe spring 2020 I guess only.
  8. Thank You! Nice to see external tank and pods also! btw. when we will see the new engine weather, AI changes, SP communiaction and AntyAliasing improvments? The new map and planes are long way I suppose, not before spring of 2020 (I'm guessing) but changes of Blitz are more important now I think. Its important for Channel map also (for Tobruk I dont know). My missions on Desastersoft campaigns runs near 2-3 hours also and not the one time I did forced landing without the fuel . (but not all Emils used drop tank).
  9. Till now not any so good quality of water in the sim market like it is in CloD, even in DCS.
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