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  1. It is part of this campaign (skin's part), just download it.
  2. FYI: Pity 😜, but M$ in the last week released new WMR update and for me WMR recived new issue. New update created some of virtual monitors with vertical positions. Now, when I start WMR looks like this tool loads additional drivers or changes something on driver display. I see for half a second black screen, I lose too some of my folders from desktop (but they are present if I check "My Computer"), also I cant do normal desktop screenshot (what it was before by PrtScreen key), it did black picture only with strange proportions. Now when you start WMR looks like this: WMR after this works ok in VR mode, no any issue I suppose, but this start and no normal screenshot during playing of desktop (by Print screen, copy and past for example to Paint) and no some desktop folders looks very strange for me. Screenshot looks like this: A little more (with temporary solution) you can find here https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/608855995267153923/678257313311883280/pointctrl_wmr_fix_post_win10_update_2_12_2020.pdf . After this: I havent idea why M$ did this update. I dont need any new virtual monitor, especially if I use goggles , its a very annoying feature. Its a good ideat to inform M$ about this issues also. I dont know it was an intended option or its a bug.
  3. As I remember, when this driver was released I tested this settings (reddit manual) in IL-2 and it doesnt work. Topic about this is present, it was only placebo effect and this function turn off MSAA in the sim. Jason confirmed also no support:
  4. Yes, this is still Saitek, I improved force inside only (of levers).
  5. No, it doesnt solve it, its a W10 bug for 60Hz. To see it you must be in Insider Microsoft Program.
  6. Its a good and confirmed news, new Windows update (Spring update) will solve this 60Hz problem with WMR: https://www.reddit.com/r/WindowsMR/comments/eovbc3/lets_talk_about_headset_settings/ We must wait for official release.
  7. Example from BoM Announcements (Battle of Moscow Pre-Order Program): but I cant find source now, perhaps when the title was released Devs deleted this info from webpage.
  8. And .... ? Post was edited. English isnt my native laguage :P. I remeber, it was something like this https://il2sturmovik.com/about/ but with dates.
  9. As I remember we had road map for titles before - months with additional planes, map ect. and it worked. Pre order is open from 1,5 month and we know nothing about plans. ;>
  10. I saw Toady’s DD... no any road map for BoN still? 😱
  11. Wow, very nice idea! Does it work with TARGET (software of Trustmaster) also as virtual buttons/axes ect or as normal buttons/axes only if it will be connected with Thrustmaster Warthog base? Did you check it?
  12. VRSS is differnet thing: https://devblogs.nvidia.com/nvidia-vrss-a-zero-effort-way-to-improve-your-vr-image-quality/ .
  13. Cant wait simply for VRSS in IL-2 series also !
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