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  1. No, it doesnt solve it, its a W10 bug for 60Hz. To see it you must be in Insider Microsoft Program.
  2. Its a good and confirmed news, new Windows update (Spring update) will solve this 60Hz problem with WMR: https://www.reddit.com/r/WindowsMR/comments/eovbc3/lets_talk_about_headset_settings/ We must wait for official release.
  3. Example from BoM Announcements (Battle of Moscow Pre-Order Program): but I cant find source now, perhaps when the title was released Devs deleted this info from webpage.
  4. And .... ? Post was edited. English isnt my native laguage :P. I remeber, it was something like this https://il2sturmovik.com/about/ but with dates.
  5. As I remember we had road map for titles before - months with additional planes, map ect. and it worked. Pre order is open from 1,5 month and we know nothing about plans. ;>
  6. I saw Toady’s DD... no any road map for BoN still? 😱
  7. Wow, very nice idea! Does it work with TARGET (software of Trustmaster) also as virtual buttons/axes ect or as normal buttons/axes only if it will be connected with Thrustmaster Warthog base? Did you check it?
  8. VRSS is differnet thing: https://devblogs.nvidia.com/nvidia-vrss-a-zero-effort-way-to-improve-your-vr-image-quality/ .
  9. Cant wait simply for VRSS in IL-2 series also !
  10. Thats true, VRSS will only work with games that uses forward renderer. I dont know how they are renderer in IL-2, perhaps not forward.
  11. Perhaps you set up something wrong. I have Reverb and no any issue with tracking. For me Reverb is the best HMD now on the Market and quality kills everything what I used (Pimax 5k+, HTC Vive, Oculus CV1 and S). Your symptoms shows that You have maybe too dark room. Check it. WMR needs a little lights inside a room.
  12. Motionreprojection works ok for me, didnt notice any issue with this update. Auto is the best option, the rest case of stutter. For sure - Steam VR beta WMR.
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