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  1. From this announcement and plans: Hi, the question is for 1CGS Team mainly. what about this news? We are in the end of January now and.... no the new kind of mission for Po-2/U-2VS in the update or in the last DD news info. Did You forget about it? 😋
  2. YoYo

    DD today?

    D and D in this Friday? Maybe 3th D for FW-190 ;).
  3. No, I checked it and "H" hasnt any impact. Maybe deep programing or cfg settings?
  4. I agree. Absolutely 100%! +1 for „ no technochat” option for MP. ...but the last time I was on Wings of Liberty server and I didnt notice technochat, so looks like its possible to remove it (?).
  5. YoYo

    Ju-87 D3 skins

    Downloaded! Thx!
  6. Btw. Update idea: http://www.airwar.ru/enc/bww2/u2vs.html
  7. YoYo

    Next Colloctor Plane

    Fi-156 or Li-2 .
  8. The bug (wrong lever for mixture was added):
  9. Brief description: Wrong lever for mixture in Po-2 cockpit (the bug: You did carburetor heat lever as mixture lever) Detailed description, conditions: More info in this post, the first (from the top) is throttle, next carb heat (only COLD/HOT), the buttom is Mixture Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software): Signature
  10. I'll checked a little deeper (its Carb.Heat): Pilot manual: http://www.muzeumlotnictwa.pl/index.php/digitalizacja/katalog/2149 Btw. Id like to see also this bombsight: Example from old IL-2:
  11. Run take off (roll) for Po-2 is near 190 meters (manual of CSS 13). Final roll is about 200 meters according pilots manual also. Not full STOL, agree but almost STOL characteristics (it depends from the strength of wind and the weight for sure). For example DHC-2 has about 180 meters for take off but Fi-186 ... 60-70 meters.
  12. From manual of Po-2 FSX version (but I cant confirm this):
  13. YoYo

    IL-2 1943 bombs not exploding?

    I noticed the same, non expoloding bombs (Po-2). I'll try with this 5 sec.
  14. U-2 crew doesnt like AAA ☠️.