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  1. Oups it is already full 😥 And I m not trained from a long time It is possible to add an IL2 for me please? 14 is better than 13 😉
  2. Really sad to read that FNB 'll end soon. As mentioned by 13 and others, this event on IL2BOS was the most serious and interesting public event created IMHO. Unfortunately, due to my job planning, i was unable to join last missions. Big up and many thanks to you Tips and DBS team. You did it fine Hoping to one day find an event of this quality friendly
  3. one day off for a fuckin crash of il2.exe... it is too much
  4. hi , nice to be back in FNB i would like a fighter for the second phase please. Not sure to be present for the first round.
  5. An IA at landing put his lights on usually. No? Without anymore ammo and two kills, Razor decided to land his plane. As the last bandit seemed to going away through the clouds. But finally he came back to straffed him and unfortunaly (for Razor) killed the pilot just before his plane stop. Very close, I could just inform him when I have seen the fighter but it was too late. I can understand his reaction but we are ok with you. It was not really appropriate due the frustration to die like that. Usually NN guys never do this kind of action against a right human fighter or even a black smoking plane. It is in our rules and useless. (Regarding quantity of ammo in a yak1 and our code of honour) This explains that even if it does not excuse anything. See you in flight
  6. we will can see easily how you camp over our base at 800m in cloud during half hour, and how you re waiting for people at landing or trying to take of ... but good stats , your only interest. as a said you already...no honor! and your stats, i (we)dont care ps: about insults , it was more a complaint for your mother that an insult, but i think you know that already ha ha ha no more comment
  7. Sorry Tip. I Will not be able to fly these friday . Good flights all
  8. unfortunally, NN Razor will not be able to fly with us this friday, NN Kervinou will take his plane if you agree
  9. Nice to read you again Tip please 2 yaks for NN_Razor and me , Thanks.
  10. For the server set. I dont know. Just my feeling. But it is not really a problem For the bug. It is easy to check. Take off position and time . End mission position and time and you can maybe understand that it was not possible to cover this distance in yak1 without rocket boost.
  11. it was not a long distance run and the 109 was flying very slow with a lot of break turn, i met him close to our position in 1518-6, my speed around 400 km/h and was damaged (motor out) by the second 109 1mn later , this is just not possible to cover a distance of 50 km with the engine broken. i did not care but look at the log : took of 23.15 , captured 23.19 average speed 1050 km/h for 70km theoretical or 750 km/h for 50 km if i went directly to my last position sorry this server is bugged, blues will win, this blue pilot should have lost his streak, not me
  12. this server is just bugged... bug ! took of from 1619-8 heading 300° to 1518-6 to cover our position , I met and fought one slow 109 (cause it waited his friend probably) and i was captured in 2017-3 flight time : 8.13 mn --> average speed (start , take off and fight included) 487 km/h = I did not know that yak1 was so fast lot of strange server behavior, in my opinion, this campaign is arranged for the victory of the blues
  13. ditched with motor hs on you own airfield ( it is easy, we have got only one ) = xp lost is it a bug?
  14. nice today experience, i was landing, the wheels of my pe2 at 50cm over the ground , speed ok, no ennemy fighter, all clear and.. il2.exe crashes finally : ground streak lost and back to sergant 0/100 xp, hard rules but it is the rule
  15. ok you're right and look happy ( i was going to say : finally) so have fun between blues in training style mission do not sleep too long, Map 3 will probably come very fast too 🤣
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