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  1. When in cockpit, hit Shift-Tab to open up the console. Then type the command: fps START SHOW to start the counter, and Shift-Tab to close the console. Command to stop the counter: fps STOP HIDE Mind you, these commands are case sensitive
  2. There's a little icon on the right hand side of the screen. Click on it - the loadout screen will re-appear.
  3. Maybe you need to hit the TrackIR 'Center' button?
  4. Could it be one of you two has the setting 'Enable Mods' checked, and the other one has not?
  5. Here's an example / test mission. A spawn point and runway somewhere in the desert. An AI Blenheim can and will take off from it, and land there as well. It uses them very special airdrome points... [PARTS] core.100 bob.100 tobruk.100 [MAIN] MAP tobruk:Land$Tobruk DespawnAfterLandingTimeout 600 BattleArea 0 0 393215 393215 5000 TIME 10.0000002421439 WeatherIndex 0 CloudsHeight 1000 BreezeActivity 10 ThermalActivity 10 [GlobalWind_0] Power 3.000 0.000 0.000 BottomBound 0.00 TopBound 1500.00 GustPower 0 GustAngle 45 [splines] [CustomCh
  6. You should be able to add an airfield and runway just about anywhere, and you should be able to make it a spawn point. The issue might be finding a big enough flat /smooth area to take off from, and land on. Also unsure whether AI will be able to try and land there?
  7. Thanks. Your mission loads fine over here. But now I do see I may have been giving you incorrect instructions to load the mission into the server. Oops. Sorry about that. I tried to simplify it all a bit, but may have gone too far there. But, looks like you found the proper info already. The cause could be simple : I think the very first error generated (which is not shown due it scrolling off at the top) will be System.IO.IOException: File not found: and the reason is does that is that you need to add the relative file path to the missLoad command. In your ca
  8. No worries Vespa! Keep on asking - We'll do our best to supply you with some answers... The first time you fire up the game proper, it will create those folders. So, not when you start the server. You can try that for sure, just run it. Then exit it.
  9. Correct. Installation should be done via Steam, same as a client. You do not even need a different copy, you can use your own steam - account to install it on the server. After installation, logout of steam, and close steam. Steam does not need to be running for the dedicated server.
  10. In short: - start server: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\IL-2 Sturmovik Cliffs of Dover Blitz\Launcher64.exe" -server Next you can edit some files to control on what will be running, and how (These files can be found in My Documents\1C SoftClub\il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover) - confs.ini - edit this file to set ServerName and ServerDescription. As well as any Ports to use, if you need to run other than default ones. (Compare with conf.ini for clients) - srcu - use this to set aliases, and difficulties, and load the mission itself. (Compare with rcu
  11. Use of rudder and brakes should be of help ...
  12. I think this is influenced by how you switch position - whether you use 'next manned position' or 'jump to position' - and it could even matter how you leave the Gunner position whether it locks the gun/turret or not. But, I am not sure, and I am not going to try and figure it out: I try and keep stuff as simple as possible, so I only ever use the 'next manned position' ...
  13. For me I think it works like this: Start Engine, move to Gunner position, unlock the gun, lean to gunsight, aim, press button. BOOM!
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