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  1. Open conf.ini in Notepad, and check the [rts] section, see if trackIRUse=1 is there. If not, add it/change it, and retry? Good Luck!
  2. Have been using and MS FFB2 for quite a while now, and found out that connecting it to an old USB 2.0 powered hub works best: I have no issue with the violent shaking as in that does not occur for me. A squad mate of mine does experience it once in a while however, and he is not using a hub like I am. Every now and then after changing controls, the stick may lose the forces on the elevator, heading back into settings, input and switching FFB off and back on usually fixes this... Spring tension varies with speed, the faster the a/c goes, the higher the tension. Stall and firing guns and landing: To be honest, I cannot tell! I suppose it does? Can't test right now, but will try and take notice next time I am in cockpit. It appears this stick has some issues with USB 3.x ports, and Windows 10.
  3. Blind? You're welcome at the DangerDogz, for sure... We are difficult to spot, and we are incredible. Oh, and flying around Euro time zone too, Sundays and Tuesdays we do COOPS in Great Battles ... 20:30 CET and onwards... We do fly RAF aircraft, but also everything else ... My signature should lead you to our website ... Wait, let me rephrase that as you are blind: MY SIGNATURE SHOULD LEAD YOU TO OUR WEBSITE! Oh wait, was that for the deaf? Or for the foreigners speaking a different language? It's all so confusing! Edit: Signature does not lead you anywhere: So here ya go: http://www.dangerdogz.com
  4. Did you try and run it with a clean/default setup? So, it uses all default graphics settings? (I assume you did, but can't tell for sure from your posts...)
  5. It's as if it is download an empty mission file ('Downloading mission' does not even show), then loads the games map, then crashes back to menu. But, Why? lol
  6. Hm, same here, it loads the mission, then drops back to menu. Are the mission files in the Data/Multiplayer/Dogfight folder? The mission name in the first post shows this: Multiplayer/Dogfight\ZA_Missions\test.msnbin This means the test.list file must contain the correct references to the briefing file. Did you verify this? As for ports, TCP 28100 needs to be open. Besides TCP&UDP 28000
  7. Client side logs: There are some in data folder. Not sure which one holds connection info. Is it an open server? I could try and connect, see what happens. Are you sure the mission on the Dserver is fine and okay? Its .list file has the corrects paths and file names in it?
  8. What is the exact error message? Does it show a number?
  9. In folder Bin/Game there will be Dserver log files.
  10. Me thinks it'd be "modes = 0" ... You could also fire up the launcher.exe on the server, and set/check it in there:
  11. Press and hold Left-Alt, then left mouse click in a window to select it, then right mouse click and select 'Close Info window'
  12. Mods enabled on/off is set to the same value both server and client side?
  13. Looks like it's part of 3DMigoto mod. Just installed it for this test, when I press LCtrl-F9 it pops up, same as your screen shot. (Not sure why I am taking the risk of installing it, I am not even a VR user ... lol. But every now and then it seems to be fun to dive into a problem...) How to disable the key-press? I dunno ... will look into it a bit further. Edit:>> there's a file called d3dx.ini in the 3DMigoto mod structure, it contains this line: monitor_performance = ctrl no_shift no_alt F9 So, maybe yours is a bit broken? Either try fiddle with it, go ask the creator of the mod, or remove it and re-install all it. That's all I got ... Good Luck, and Have Fun!
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