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  1. You can host, by using the 'Create Server' button in game, Multiplayer, Cooperative. You must open/forward some ports on your router though: 28000 - TCP UDP 28100 - UDP Me thinks the Campaigns in game are probably only single user, so you cannot use them for coops. You could try and use the Easy Mission Generator by SYN_Vander to create/generate Coops. It's rather good. And indeed, you can create missions / campaigns like in 1946, by using the Mission Editor. Building missions is completely different from 1946 though. I've built plenty of missions in 1946, but haven't made any in the Mission Editor, because I haven't a clue how to start, or where to go. That is not really a problem, because of the existence of Syn_Vander's generator. Good Luck, Have Fun!
  2. Beautiful Mossie! You did a great job there!
  3. This will do the job, it does for our PWCG sessions ... mission_text_log = 1 Make sure the Dserver is not running when you set the flag in startup.cfg
  4. So, the error is there. I've got them error messages on our Dserver ... yet ... people use the server like... before. No problem What if you just ignore it? For now anyways - that DF stuff appears to be working fine!
  5. Yes, bring up the Input menu, switch off FFB, click Ok / Apply once, go back in again, switch it on. Every now and then this can/might lead to a complete game crash... but not that often over here...
  6. I have the MS FFB2 connected to a Powered USB hub. Ever since I've had it connected that way, the number FFB drop outs have de-creased significantly, (only every now and then the elevator forces disappear) and the sudden shake syndrome has not re-occurred at all.
  7. It really should not. And will not. If you host a Coop, make sure the a/c you select does have gunner positions Others joining as gunner, should not select an aircraft, but just connect and wait ('spectator') After mission has started, they can become a gunner, and pick a gunners position.
  8. Just saw proof of this: I had been editing the DangerDogz Bob map/mission, just changed some stuff, not adding anything new or Tobruk related. The Full Mission Builder however, added the line tobruk.100 to the mission file. Automatically. No questions asked. Then we got a message from a Blitz only user he could no longer connect to our Bob mission/server. So, I manually removed that one line... and all is good again for him... So, I need to remember this as of now, each and every time I edit a BoB only mission in the FMB: Remove the tobruk.100 line if it indeed is being used on a BoB - NonTobruk mission/server!
  9. In order to have the CR-42 available, the server must have the Tobruk content 'enabled' in the mission. And if that is the case, Blitz-only users cannot connect to that server ... Could not test this fully, as I am not a Blitz-only pilot...
  10. You can try and disable windows' hibernation, it may stop that swapping from occuring: Run Cmd as administrator, and type powercfg -h off (The one and only time my game controllers ID's have changed was when I replaced a powered USB hub)
  11. So, then, what's the problem? You do know you got them ... What difference does it make whether they go 'poof' or go 'boom' crashing into the ground? A proper fighter pilot would already be looking for either the next target or the next threat once the previous one has been dealt with ...
  12. Yep - forgot that bit. It happens every now and then. I simply assumed you had issues setting it all up ...
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