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  1. An Official walk through? I'm not sure, I do not think so. Why not? I do not know. Or, maybe it's not that difficult, or maybe it's too complex for a walk through? Here's an unofficial attempt to help you out, although you are not really asking for that ... Oh well... let's just try and give it a go ... This from IL-2 Sturmovik Mission Editor and Multiplayer Server Manual (by JimTM): "(...) Downloader Port The port used for downloading a multiplayer mission to a player's IL-2 Sturmovik client. The default is 28100. Note: You may have to open port 28100 or forward it on your router. (...)" On my router, 28100 UDP is forwarded, as well as 28000 TCP&UDP. 10019 error can point to some part of the set of mission files belonging to one mission is missing, or corrupt. The <missionname>.lst file on the host-side should contain all of the file names and paths that will be downloaded by the client. If the name of a file in there is misspelled, or if the file listed there is not present... => error 10019. In order to (try and) fix that, go into the Mission Editor, click Tools, Resave all missions in folder, point it to the Multiplayer Coop folder, and sit back, depending on mission file size it will take a while, up to a minute or more per mission... Good Luck!
  2. Us DangerDogz are using a Dserver, using some 4 DF missions in rotation, and for Coop-sessions using SYN_Vanders Mission Generator. We are looking into using PWCG to run a campaign on the Rheinland map - once Pat has updated PWCG for it.
  3. DD_FT-


    No reset of controls for me ...
  4. Not sure whether it is ... does not look like it. Here's an example from a .list file we use on the DServer: filename="multiplayer/dogfight/004-fighter sweep 2_112718_parked.spa","2602e07a" Where the full path to the mission folder is this: C:\BoS\data\Multiplayer\Dogfight
  5. My guess is the .list files have incorrect paths to the mission files in them. You could edit them manually, or re-save all the missions from the Mission Editor.
  6. The DangerDogz are always welcoming new members Of all kinds, sizes and skill levels. And you can learn lots from us. Our GBS sessions occur on Sundays and Tuesdays, starting 20:30 CET. We have a dedicated GBS server, and Teamspeak too... But, we also do some DCS, and some light CloDding... We are a relaxed bunch, where the flying is important, teamwork and such. But we also do pay a lot of attention to the FUN factor, because that's very important ... isn't it? Read about us on our site, and/or our forums. And you can register/apply as a member there too! Have Fun! (Edit: oh, I do see an issue though, we already have two members named and called 'Dave' ... oh dear, this could become very confusing... !)
  7. UI of 16b is indeed scalable, but would a nice vertical scroll bar to the right be an option? (When decreasing the height, buttons / texts just drop off, and out of reach... ?)
  8. Me thinks in the end it is the same issue: Something on your system really does not want you to put or have that file in there ...
  9. Thanks for the new config.ini! Applying it got me thinkin' though: You've got the a/c lists down to the map we select when generating a mission. That's nice and logical and structured. That's good. It does have a downside though: In our group (the Dangerdogz) we mostly have all of the a/c, and we would also like to fly the 110 G-2 as a ground attacker on the Stalingrad map. At the moment it's not possible, as it's only available on Kuban map. And vice versa for the 110 E-2. Could a checkmark 'All aircraft on all maps' be a solution to this "issue"? So you just add all the types to all of the map currently selected? For sure, I can edit the ini file, but that is a bit tricky (I find myself making typos, or errors in , and "", often only discovered later on ) and a new version means I probably have to do it all over again... Thanks again for this generator, it's a session saver, as I do not need any preparation on selecting missions before the start of a group session, and with a few simple clicks I can tune the number of generated flyable a/c so it exactly suits our needs - at the last possible moment - as some folk just show up or leave mid session ... Keep up the good work, please!
  10. Every now and then I have this... It's usually caused by me editing the conf.ini incorrectly - I assume. Going back to a default conf.ini version helps. It can also occur 'randomly' every now and then. When re-trying - even without changing any of the settings, it mostly will generate a mission without the error. Yes, that is weird. But not a problem to me, as I do get the result I am after... It still is a brilliant piece of software ...
  11. Windows Defender - is it off, does it recognize AVG properly as the current anti virus solution?
  12. Could this be caused by UAC being switched on / on too high a level?
  13. The beep on start suggest then DGEN part of your installation is either damaged, or incompatible with the MOD pack. Unfortunately, I do not know how to fix it, as in do not know which DGEN you need to get it running. There are some resources at www.mission4today.com on DGEN, or alternative campaign generators... Good Luck!
  14. Because it did not need it. Oh wait, you are after facts ... There's a chance my answer is not the correct one then...
  15. Got this book: Vliegvelden in Oorlogstijd - All airfields in the Netherlands during WW2. Lots of texts (all in Dutch). Pictures and maps. Like for example this one, Teuge, B-95. Yeah, does not look like much, because it wasn't. Luftwaffe never used it operationally. It was bombed by the Allies only once, but the bombs never hit it. On 25th dec 1944 an Arado 234B made an emergency landing, just outside the field. Between May 4th and 16th 1945, homebase of RAF 657 AOP Squadron, operating Auster MK V's. This info saves you some work I think, as there's not much to model there ... So, how to unlock all this info, on all the other airfields? What do you need? (Sorry, but really can't resist making one MAP remark: You've swapped the town names East and West of Teuge : Apeldoorn is to the West of it, Deventer to the east of it. Please fix this, as finally there's a map with my hometown on it, but if it stays like this, I still won't be able to fly over it! :))
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