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  1. Lol! I once had a 1964 6V Beetle ... windshield wipers had two speeds on it: Normal speed, and slower whenever one switched the headlights on! Oh, and the horn only did 'klunk' if one was braking - brakelights on ...
  2. So, I'm guessing there's no 'load out' option for the Sub? Because, if there was, you could set it to 'empty'? (I do not know - mentioning this just in case ...)
  3. That CPU has a base speed of 2.2Ghz, up to 4.10Ghz according to Intel specs. At what speed is it running?
  4. Just tried that example mission, and it works when I host it, one client can connect and load the mission, occupy an a/c and go Ready and end up in cockpit ...
  5. What mission was it? Could you try with a different one, a very simple one? Maybe something in the mission is causing it?
  6. Throttle back a bit while turning, it helps me...
  7. It does say 'PRE-order', so I guess you need to wait a bit indeed... From the store page: "This is a Steam key enabled product." "Desert Wings requires Steam and Cliffs of Dover base game to run. After purchase, you will receive a key to activate the game on Steam."
  8. Not really weird. Not in my opinion: It's a choice, as this way they do not have to update the downloadable installer after each and every update/patch. Saves them time
  9. Try and run the launcher, that secondary install will probably need some updating. The date/time stamp of the Launcher.exe is not really recent...
  10. Similare here: asks me to logon, where it never used to for previous versions ...
  11. Vander, One generated mission has the Bonninghard-Süd as airfield. Problem is on landing approach, all AI pilots end up in the trees ... they simply end up in the forest when on finals... Cooperative.zip
  12. Is the error just simply "unable to join server", or does it show anything else, like an error number? He may want to try and delete the contents of the Data/Multiplayer/Cooperative folder... then try and connect again.
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