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  1. DD-FT-

    View Zooming speed

  2. DD-FT-

    View Zooming speed

    Works fine over here... It works for the buttons/keys assigned to Field of View+ and Field Of View-, in the in game Camera Controls.
  3. DD-FT-

    [MOD] Icons

  4. DD-FT-

    Live-streaming CLOD BLITZ....?

    Good show!
  5. DD-FT-

    Live-streaming CLOD BLITZ....?

    Hm. Too bad. In theory, there must be some setting one can change, to make it work. But, which? ...
  6. DD-FT-

    Live-streaming CLOD BLITZ....?

    In the Options, Video, try and change the Full Screen, to ... something else. Might work, not sure.
  7. DD-FT-

    Where is my game?

    In that case: I cannot be of any help, you should do some linking, probably, or possibly... but, really, I do not know how ... Sorry! Once linked correctly, the tanks will show up inside BoS... somewhere. Well, they should...
  8. DD-FT-

    Where is my game?

    Me thinks you need to go here, and download the game: https://il2sturmovik.com/download/ (It's available via your Profile, bottom item on the right hand side of the page)
  9. It could be the BIOS 'needs' an update. Visit the MB maker's website and check whether an update is available. (Can't tell whether it will fix the problem though... can't even tell for sure there is a problem )
  10. DD-FT-

    Introduce yourself! Be brave! S!

    Hi You, Where does it state the title 'Founder' is related to the Forums? I know for sure there is no relation ... At some time in the past I think I pre-ordered a title of the series. I may even have done that more than once. My assumption it is that this specific action has granted me that title. I've never founded anything in my life. I've funded stuff... maybe it's a typo? Welcome here!
  11. DD-FT-

    IL2 installation failure

    Well, this is not an error message. It's just information. (Any programmer that actually cared about how people see stuff and read stuff would have paid more attention to the content and layout of this message... but yeah, it MS, so... ) Good to read it's working now!
  12. DD-FT-

    Annoying Black Screen FIX IT!!!

    I do not have this problem. Oh wait, you do not know me...
  13. I think it's normal behavior for the Hurricane and Spit in CloD, even when torque is off in the difficulty setting. (One could call that a bug though.) It's been like that for a while, and not limited to the Warthog. My MS FFB2 always needs some leaning to the left to keep the wings level. See here: https://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/showthread.php?t=4346&highlight=bank The drift upwards? No idea really!
  14. Too bad you experienced that on our server. There's not been a major change in the server, or in its configuration. It's always been based on one basic mission/map, varying in start time, and season: Summer, Autumn and Winter. Randomly, within a time interval a mission file is being loaded/added into the server, from a set of 159 missions. Some have bombers and escorts in them, some have only bombers, and some have only fighters. Now as it's all rather random, there is always a chance you find yourself in empty skies, or that you mostly encounter escorted flights... (Also, the map will be rather empty right after it's just restarted, which it does every 4 hours.) There have not been any real changes to the server lately. I agree with you on Clod and Storm of War, that was great....
  15. DD-FT-

    The Difference is because ... ?

    Well, there is a setting in DCS, called 'Auto Rudder'. It may have been checked when you were trying it out. I know I thought take off and landing the first tries in DCS very easy and simple. After un-checking Auto Rudder, things were very ... different You may want to re-install it, and try it once more ...