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  1. TFS Update: Tobruk v.2

    Too bad you experienced that on our server. There's not been a major change in the server, or in its configuration. It's always been based on one basic mission/map, varying in start time, and season: Summer, Autumn and Winter. Randomly, within a time interval a mission file is being loaded/added into the server, from a set of 159 missions. Some have bombers and escorts in them, some have only bombers, and some have only fighters. Now as it's all rather random, there is always a chance you find yourself in empty skies, or that you mostly encounter escorted flights... (Also, the map will be rather empty right after it's just restarted, which it does every 4 hours.) There have not been any real changes to the server lately. I agree with you on Clod and Storm of War, that was great....
  2. The Difference is because ... ?

    Well, there is a setting in DCS, called 'Auto Rudder'. It may have been checked when you were trying it out. I know I thought take off and landing the first tries in DCS very easy and simple. After un-checking Auto Rudder, things were very ... different You may want to re-install it, and try it once more ...
  3. Not sure I was trying to argue , I just wanted to add that in the situation pictured, where an attacker is bouncing a target (the way I interpret it, it would be like a 109/190 attacking an IL2 - out of a bunch of them - possibly being escorted - multiple a/c around ), I do not see this being a dogfight: not a kill or be killed situation - the attacker is bouncing - he's got the initiative and the energy. I really doubt that in such a situation the attacker would want to go in for multiple sweeps on one singled out target, let alone be able to. (I have not been pil2oting BoX sufficiently to comment on differences in spotting anything down low on the different maps. As for visuals I have experienced: I do remember seeing flak gun's tracers shooting at me, hitting me, and me unable to see and kill them as they were cleverly hidden between buildings and trees...)
  4. Apart from the visibility issues, in a real life battle, with multiple a/c around, I strongly doubt whether any fighter would be able to single out one enemy aircraft - especially when it's down low - to make more than one pass. When in a fighter, one pass would be perfect, high speed move in, shoot, do damage, and up - up and away. Ideally, there'd be a wingman with you, and when lucky, he may also get a shot in. After pulling out, check your surroundings. When it's safe, try and find a target, could be the same one, but chances for that are low. The a/c being attacked would probably not try and keep flying at the same level and direction, it would try and do some evasive action after the initial attack... I really doubt whether back in them days, a fighter pilot would be focussed on one single enemy aircraft, as in go in for the kill, and keep going for it. "Finish him off". For sure, I know how it works in game, I tend to go for the (satisfying) kill too - not specifically for BoX as my cockpit time is limited there. This stuff gets me 'killed' often Definition in air combat: To be focussed on one single target is fatal. The better tactics is to swoop in, do some damage, get out of danger, move to safety, and only when it's safe enough, go in again... (Popular quote from the DangerDogz when asked/told about this is: "Yeah, but where's the fun in that?') We áre recruiting! (http://dangerdogz.com)
  5. DangerDogz

    Hi Kimo! Nice to see you here!