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  1. Because it did not need it. Oh wait, you are after facts ... There's a chance my answer is not the correct one then...
  2. Got this book: Vliegvelden in Oorlogstijd - All airfields in the Netherlands during WW2. Lots of texts (all in Dutch). Pictures and maps. Like for example this one, Teuge, B-95. Yeah, does not look like much, because it wasn't. Luftwaffe never used it operationally. It was bombed by the Allies only once, but the bombs never hit it. On 25th dec 1944 an Arado 234B made an emergency landing, just outside the field. Between May 4th and 16th 1945, homebase of RAF 657 AOP Squadron, operating Auster MK V's. This info saves you some work I think, as there's not much to model there ... So, how to unlock all this info, on all the other airfields? What do you need? (Sorry, but really can't resist making one MAP remark: You've swapped the town names East and West of Teuge : Apeldoorn is to the West of it, Deventer to the east of it. Please fix this, as finally there's a map with my hometown on it, but if it stays like this, I still won't be able to fly over it! :))
  3. Monitor Technology: G-Sync (...) Vertical Sync: Fast Works for me, Track IR user, ánd with an MSFFB2 stick
  4. Bingo, that's the one! Using Dserver, and having about 10 clients connect at around the same time, if one can reduce the download, one should - as much as possible Just makes sense!
  5. Could you add a delete_misson = 1 to the ini file, and yes, add some code so it deletes the .mission file after the re-save?
  6. Got an observation regarding V8: Looks like you are no longer 're-saving' the generated mission, and the result is just a .eng and a .mission file. That's good, as generating the mission is much faster now There appears to be a downside though: Said .mission file is mostly twice the size of the .msbin file that results from a re-save. Downside being the client that needs to download the files. And it really counts up one you've got like 10 people connecting and downloading the files. What I think I will be doing next time we have a coop session, is to re-save the generated mission, and next delete the generated .mission file. As far as I could test this will work - it will take 'some' extra time on the host, but downloading the mission is faster... for áll the clients. But the generator simply works fine, does a grand job, and gives our group a lot of fun! Thanks, again! 😎
  7. Oh? I just looked into it, and just wanted to confirm the issue: Lots of lines are lost from the .eng file. However, adding the -t parameter (in front of the -d) appears to 'fix' that, though some lines are still missing ... Then again, if you got it working now, that's great!
  8. Hm, haven't noticed this. Then again, our group has a long standing tradition of kinda like not read any briefing - information on where the target is usually sufficient
  9. Sure, here it is: c: cd \boS\bin\resaver MissionResaver.exe -d C:\Bos\Data -f C:\boS\data\Multiplayer\Cooperative\SYN_Generated_Coop.mission Pause You just need to edit some lines so it correctly states the installation folder of Bos - in this case, C:\Bos If one does not set the resaver folder as the default folder, it will not work properly...
  10. Rather not a good idea for the way we use it: I generate a new mission whilst the current/old one is still running. Next, I only have to press 'Skip Mission' in the dedicated servers' interface, and hey-hoo the new mission is being started and loaded just fine. Should the mission name change for each of the generated ones, I'd have to alter the selected mission in the dedicated server - which means a lot of button presses - and I do not like that . (Plus, I've created a bach-file to do the mission-resave thing that is still needed after generating a mission. That batch file would also need edits should the mission name change...)
  11. Really Brilliant thing this is... Today, our group really really really enjoyed the Coops, two sided, like 6 vs 6 and lots of AI too! (Running it on Dserver - so performance not really an issue - yet) Keep up the good work! 😎
  12. The missionresaver command appears to be working fine if you use its .exe path as the default folder when running it, like use cd \Bos\Bin\Resaver command before you run the executable. Tested this a bit, and if I leave the cd\ out, I get the result you are describing here, if I put it in (using a batch file) then it works fine. Oh and thanks for the Generator!
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