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  1. The missionresaver command appears to be working fine if you use its .exe path as the default folder when running it, like use cd \Bos\Bin\Resaver command before you run the executable. Tested this a bit, and if I leave the cd\ out, I get the result you are describing here, if I put it in (using a batch file) then it works fine. Oh and thanks for the Generator!
  2. Check contents of your 'My Documents' folder, there's a 1c SoftClub\il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover\Missions folder structure in there.
  3. DD-FT-

    CPU is hot !

    Use software like HWMonitor to check whether the pump is still working... It could be a faulty motherboard, or an invalid setting in software (AISuite?) or BIOS... The Z170 has a dedicated connector for the pump... I googled a bit and came across this: https://rog.asus.com/forum/showthread.php?83544-Problem-with-Asus-z170-and-water-pump-header Not saying that's your problem, but it shows a bit about what can go 'wrong' This sounds like the pump is not running correctly - it has had the issue before, your screwdriver-action fixed it (well, that could have been a coincidence ;)) but now it's back again ... Good Luck
  4. B24J Baby Shoes: According to this site: https://www.458bg.com/group-aircraft, the aircraft serial number was 42-50555 Another picture of it over here: https://www.458bg.com/ferrycrews4.htm This site http://492ndbombgroup.com/cgi-bin/pagepilot.cgi?page=showAircraft&aircraftPage=42-50555 lists it as being returned to the USA at the end of the war. It has some pictures of it... Picture of it on this site: http://www.americanairmuseum.com/aircraft/19893, with a crew in front ... Yet another picture: http://www.b24bestweb.com/babyshoes-v2-4.htm Is this all within your "can't find much on it", and am I typing this like in vain? Them pages just pop op and out googling its name and serial... Have Fun!
  5. Cool... What does it do? The reason I'm curious about that is because I built a mission-randomizer for 1946 (Called Dyna) - started some 10 years ago. Programmed in VB6 ... lol ... it's a highly specialized tool though, and rather complex, and to get the most out of it, one has to build the mission tuned towards it... And that's why I never published it. Built it at request of one 1946 Coop host back then. I am still using it though.)
  6. DD-FT-

    Cannot get server to work.

    Could connect and mission files were downloaded, but after the red bottom bar was completed (ran to the right, all red) it dropped me back to the Multiplayer screen...
  7. DD-FT-

    IL-2 Cliffs of Dover - How to configure Multiplayer

    The one that's hosting should open/port forward 27015 UDP on the router... (How that needs to be done will depend on the brand/model router in use)
  8. DD-FT-

    how much playback is there in music?

    Come on, these are videos on YouTube... On the Internet. Stuff on the Internet is not worth wondering whether it's Live or not, because really it is not. Go outside to listen to Live sounds, birds and stuff. Or trains, planes and automobiles. Or even a band, musicians out on the streets, the kind that use instruments, of the wireless type ...😎
  9. DD-FT-

    Help with Logitech Rudder-Pedals

    Sounds to me like you are binding an incorrect control. The rudder pedals are one axis, it should not be possible to have two seperate pedals, unless you are maybe pressing the toe brakes? Here's an example where rudder pedals should be assigned: So, basically, click on the box to the right, move the pedals - without moving the toe brakes - and you should be good to go. (Maybe you need to invert the axis, but you'll find out soon enough if that's the case) Good Luck, and Have Fun!
  10. It's there in my config... áfter I let it update to 3.008, and had started a mission ... (with FFB switch in settings set to On/checked)
  11. DD-FT-

    Post Your Screenshots / Vids Here

    Dead stick train attack ...
  12. Had the same thing happening, fixed it by manually editing the sds file using notepad, and removing the C:\IL2-Data\Multiplayer from the paths to the mission files in the [rotation] section. So, for example change it like this: [rotation] random = false file = "C:\IL2-Data\Multiplayer\Dogfight\TESTNEW" [end] into this [rotation] random = false file = "Dogfight\TESTNEW" [end] Save the file and reload it in the Dserver, should be good to go... There might be more elegant solutions, but this one worked...
  13. DD-FT-

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