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  1. Strange, because it worked for others. Which graphics settings are you using ? How did you configure colors ? Did you use all the files provided by the mod ? Ok, I've figured it out. After I unchecked "HDR" in the graphics settings, game color works again. Anyway, with the 3DMigoto Mod game color with "HDR" worked for me, not anymore. No matter, game color in the VREM mod is more important to me. Thanks c6_lefuneste for the effort.
  2. Thank you very much c6_lefuneste for the mod. All features work for me except game color, the most important feature for me. I uninstalled the 3dmigoto mod with the Generic Mod Enabler and installed the new mod. I made no changes to the .ini files and checked everything. game color unfortunately no longer works. everything worked great before with the 3dmigoto mod. so what can i do?
  3. oh yes, and i still hope that dorothys shoes turn blue
  4. This mod is exactly what I was looking for: disabled speed, altitude, engineSelector, currentStation. The great is my minimap is visible. Thank you very much !!
  5. Wow, that's totally new to me. This driver with this setting is mandatory for all vr users. What a difference in the sharpness of the picture. Great, Great, Great ... uses the settings of mastiff and everything will be fine! Many thanks
  6. Hier mal eine neue Serie der Brüder Elmar und Achim Meier auf DMAX: https://www.dmax.de/programme/wingmen-zwei-bruder-heben-ab ganz runter scrollen, da sind die Videos der Folgen 1-3.
  7. The mission flew in VR last night, very cool. Many Thanks
  8. Thank you very much Pajeka, I took the code for flying circus (VYQDXJ8N)
  9. unbelievable, again one of these great missions of juri. Ich danke Dir vielmals
  10. yeah, I'm in parental leave for 2 months !!! my poor children ...
  11. you are incredible artists... incredible...
  12. Same here, "no connection" message... yesterday and now
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