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  1. Hi The comparative tables. Aircraft and airports, respectively.
  2. Hi Epic battles over the channel coming! Nice work once again, the Spitfire Mk.Vb and Bf 109F-4 are top-notch 👌
  3. Hello ICDP Fantastic work, as always 👌 Since the P-40 will be the next to get 4K treatment, who follows next? At the moment only 13 or 14 planes remain, between Battle of Moscow, Kuban or Collector Planes...
  4. Good work Well, the two heavyweights have arrived, P-47D-22 "Razorback" and Sd.Kfz.184 "Ferdinand". It's time to have fun! Nice improvements on "AI", " P-47D-28" and new aditions like "early war Luftwaffe fighter pilot", new campaign “Ice Ring”, "1941 IL-2" 4K skin...
  5. Hi I am very happy, as the expansion is almost here, good work. 69,99$ for 40 new aircraft types and variants, new North African map, new units, more precise Flight and damage model, improved graphic and effects, it's a bargain!
  6. The Spitfire Mk.IXe says hello with Merlin 66 on the LF Mk.IX, or Merlin 70 on the HF Mk.IX, not to mention the Clipped Wings and the MkII Gyro Gunsight, these last two with new exterior and interior 3D modeling, respectively. And the Yak-9 and 9T are collector planes. The 3D job for Bf 109 G-6 "Late" are done = G-14, and the sleek cowling for AS too = K-4 (with minor differences).
  7. Hi Yes, is true the poly count rises a little bit on A-8 (against A-3 and A-5), but far, far way from D-9. IMO, this is the time to revise the BF 109 and the FW 190 Atom.
  8. Yes, is my opinion, and it is the one that makes the most sense, since there is a huge gap between the current 3D modeling and that of 7, 8 years ago. Is not necessary build those models from the ground up, but is necessary increase the poly count, polish some edges (interior and exterior), new multilayer textures, normal / bump maps ...
  9. Great job, you guys are on fire. The Bf 109G-6 "Late" and the Fw 190 A-6 will be among the last, as they will certainly be subject to revision in the 3D modeling of the interior and exterior, in order to meet the new standards of the new aircraft (such as the FW 190 D -9, Tempest, Yak-9 ...), since the original assets date from 2013/12.
  10. Hi Is a NVIDIA INSIDER Preview Driver with support to WDDM 2.7 on Win 10 v.2004.
  11. Thank you again. I found a bug on Bristol F2B (F.II / F.III), the bomb racks in some configurations disappear (Version 4.006e, graphic all max with FXAA or MSAA, my PC specs on the signature, nVidia driver 450.99).
  12. Outstanding work. I found a bug on Fokker D.VII F, when you move the 3 person view, the fuselage disappears (graphic all max with FXAA or MSAA, my PC specs on the signature, nVidia driver 450.99).
  13. My hope will be that, with the launch of "IL-2 BON", they will revise the BF 109 G-6 (Late), increase the polygon count (exterior / interior), improve the cockpit textures, add normal / bump mapping and consequently, it affects the other existing BF 109s (...and do the same with the FW 190 Atoms with the new A-6).
  14. Nice work. Hello Pattle, do you already know an estimate for the launch and will it be possible to pre-order?
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