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  1. Hi Is a NVIDIA INSIDER Preview Driver with support to WDDM 2.7 on Win 10 v.2004.
  2. Thank you again. I found a bug on Bristol F2B (F.II / F.III), the bomb racks in some configurations disappear (Version 4.006e, graphic all max with FXAA or MSAA, my PC specs on the signature, nVidia driver 450.99).
  3. Outstanding work. I found a bug on Fokker D.VII F, when you move the 3 person view, the fuselage disappears (graphic all max with FXAA or MSAA, my PC specs on the signature, nVidia driver 450.99).
  4. My hope will be that, with the launch of "IL-2 BON", they will revise the BF 109 G-6 (Late), increase the polygon count (exterior / interior), improve the cockpit textures, add normal / bump mapping and consequently, it affects the other existing BF 109s (...and do the same with the FW 190 Atoms with the new A-6).
  5. Nice work. Hello Pattle, do you already know an estimate for the launch and will it be possible to pre-order?
  6. Hi Jason At this time the work done by the team has been insane (...without forgetting the three factors: resources, time and money), however in order to save time and resources it would be a good option to have the same approach (but official), with the reconstruction of textures via AI / Deep learning.
  7. A very good work, Taiwan powa 💪 Many thanks, keep on it!
  8. Hi Issues/bugs on P-51 Mustang official/custom skins after 4.004 Update.
  9. Hi I have the same issue. I report with your post on "Technical Issues and Bug Reports \ Graphics, models and maps" thread.
  10. I also have a lot "Micro Stutters" in the Rhineland map (and on the Prokhorovka map too), even with a 165Hz G-Sync monitor. CPU: i7-8700K@5.0GHz RAM: 32GB DDR4 3200MHz CL16 GPU: RTX 2070 8GB GDDR6 SSD: 970 EVO 500GB NVMe OS Windows 10 x64 v.1903 Nvidia Driver 436.51 Resolution 1440P
  11. BF 109 K-4 tires in game and main menu, version 3.201. P-51D-15 with no gunsight sliding sun-filter in game, version 3.201.
  12. Brief description: Skins that do not match the image of the GUI. Version 3.101b *Click to enlarge! BF 109 F-4 (Skins that do not match the image of the GUI).
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