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  1. **TX-SQUADRON is recruiting! ** Established in 2001, TX-SQUADRON has been a long time fixture of many flight sim communities, in particular: IL-2, RoF, DCS, Condor, LockON, X-Plane, and FSX. Original IL-2 pilots will remember our TX-OC3 as the first privately hosted dedicated server to appear for IL-2, it was also the first scripted dedicated server, and the first to encourage ground attack and team play. Squadron members tend to be the sort of people that aim to contribute to the genre, and to help out the new guy...but of course we also like to kick some butt in the air but if you are st
  2. I would hope that we will see the bar raised from what already exists in Cliffs of Dover (let alone the contemporaries like DCS/Accusim)....so I would surely hope that I/E to start (etc) is only a difficulty option, and that realistic systems operations and interface exists as well.
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