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  1. A tribute to its "taildragger" heritage!!
  2. There's a reason that "real" planes have sticks that swing though approximately 24+ inches of travel on each axis and require x pounds of stick force per g, and rudder pedal pressures that may be nearly 100 pounds. In some respects, the better the sim, the less appropriate the typical desktop mounted joystick and springy plastic rudder pedals will be for controlling it. " With an extended modded Cougar and MFG pedals it's quite controllable at least" Exactly....
  3. Same issue in "Flight simulators" to an even greater degree. The FAA will only call it a "Flight Simulator" once it has a full motion platform, otherwise it's a PC Aviation Training Device (PCATD) or FLight Training Device (FTD).
  4. I agree with what has been posted (and I've owned/used everything out there) Used MSFFB2 or Thrustmaster T16000 You can find either one for 50 bucks or less. A Logitech or Saitek stick will not last as long, or be as precise as either of those - even though they have better ergonomics.
  5. Great to see you here Pepper, I've got many great TUSA memories, and expect to form many more in the future!
  6. There you go post count padding! :D P.S. +1
  7. I like flying planes. I like my sims to be like my planes. I've never, ever seen an i/e key in the cockpit.
  8. The DVIIF is a very docile yet effective airplane that does well at high and low altitudes, in knife fights or E-fights, and while it can't keep up with a SPAD, it's still pretty fast. Note that the DVIIF has an "Altitude Throttle" (Alt= to advance, Alt- to reduce) for use at higher altitudes: http://wiki.riseofflight.com/index.php?title=Fokker_D.VIIF It's great to see you doing this Sid! Yesterday on the Flying Circus I saw you diving down onto my 6, and for a moment I thought "Oh, there's that nice fellow Sid...isn't he nice?" Then I remembered how this works....and decided t
  9. All sides, all theaters. I love flying...if it is something I can fly, I fly it! If I can't fly it, I watch it fly!
  10. I have made a few static models, but that's not really my thing, but I've been heavily involved with remote control models since my childhood. I fly powered fixed wings, sailplanes, 3D aerobats, some helis and professionally fly multirotor VTOL systems used for various R&D ventures.
  11. FS9 and FSX X-Plane Prepare3D DCS A-10, P-51, Black Shark 2 IL-2: All versions Condor Competition Soaring Rise of Flight Aerofly FS LOMAC FC2/FC Janes F-15 Janes F-18 Janes Longbow Falcon RealFlight G5.5 Aerofly pro Deluxe Phoenix Extreme AirRacing I own CFS1&2 but need not ever go back there. lots of older things...oh and WarThunder beta...heh
  12. +1 Edit: Seriously though, that's a handy feature....but +1's make it so much easier to accrue a mighty post count!!!
  13. As high performance taildragger pilot I can attest to the fact that one of most important things to a pilot of these warbirds is peripheral vision. Every takeoff, every landing, every pull to vertical, every unusual attitude recovery, every stall recovery and even just cruising along straight and level is made possible by utilizing your peripheral vision. Drift and alignment detection just doesn't happen in a narrow box over the nose. One of the first exercises a transitioning pilot gets to do with me is fly in the back seat and stare at a bullseye post it note on the back of my head while
  14. Howdy Pudfark, yes please do. If you've got TeamSpeak 3 feel free to join us on our TS3 server, it can be found at, no password is required. All we ask is that users set up a push to talk rather than voice activated coms. Oh and thanks Kingsnake, many people do seem really disappointed about the lack of xylophone instruction we provide..I guess we should work on that!
  15. It needs to be a server side option. If I want to host a pylon racing server using modern Race Paint, or have a formation aerobatic team in team colors, I should be able to. If I want to host a historical server without clown wagon paint schemes I should be able.
  16. Umm...The Jane's sims DID have click pits, as did X-Plane and the MSFS line. Falcon did too I believe. I for one don't aim to speak for all. Including a feature that is elective is not speaking for all, however excluding it, IS.
  17. Shared cockpit with control transfer possible is a really great feature to have - I've used it extensively in FSX with people that I'm training "in the real world" and there's no substitute for being in the same plane, hearing the communications from the instructor/student in real time, and the ability to see the control inputs the pilot flying is giving. This is a feature that can be implemented even if we don't have dedicated trainer aircraft. I'd welcome something like a PT-17, Jungmann (or better yet a Jungmeister!) but even if we have a while to wait for that, the shared cockpit
  18. Are we making a car simulator? As I just posted in the other thread: "the pilots of complex aircraft have had it drilled into our heads that we are never to reach for a control without first looking at it and verifying that it is the one we intended to reach for. " HOTAS controls of a modern fighter are modern things that you can use to your advantage - but why must it be forced on all? I won't even bother with LockOn beyond using it for my time on formation aerobatic teams, because of the need to remember all the hundreds of obscure commands "Left Shift-Alt-Page Up" etc. In my vi
  19. Right, and for me the single player campaign is unnecessary fluff, as are all the Capture the flag MP modes and the awards and hangar screen medals...but other folks enjoy it, so I'll gladly support/test/play along - because I'm not just in this to create my own personal play thing, but things for the broader user base that is far bigger than the guys that post in forums.
  20. Untrue, the pilots of complex aircraft have had it drilled into our heads that we are never to reach for a control without first looking at it and verifying that it is the one we intended to reach for.
  21. +1 You know JAWS, there is a SPAD in Rise of Flight with your name on it...
  22. So be happy that you will certainly be taken care of. I for one count a cockpit interface as one of my more important features in a sim, and think this really should be implemented as an option (which people such as yourself) need not be forced to use.
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