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  1. That's the Spirit!! I went in to work late, but it's an aerospace company and I can just tell them I was "running some things through the simulation". They don't need to know that what that translates to is: Dora got her first kill this morning, that poor gorgeous Mustang...when I get the MW50 mapped he'll really be in trouble.
  2. "Oh dear.." is right He got a bit low on the approach and clipped the fence post. Slipping gets you improved visibility, but it also increases your descent rate/angle...he held the slip just a little too long.
  3. I have not used the ProX, but I have used most other headsets out there. The ProX looks like an ANR specific design that will have some limitations that you should be aware of. It does improve on the old DC attributes though (other than price). David Clark headsets have usually been big, heavy, old school looks and design, reliable performance, and are usually fairly uncomfortable with a lot of clamping force....and they still charge a premium. If you do not need a TSO'd headset, I'd look to another product, or stick to their basic models like the H10-30. The 10-13 series is fairly lightwe
  4. I remember using them an awful lot during formation aerobatics and not having any lag problems, even when I flew on a team comprised of international pilots:
  5. In my 16 years of multiplay sim combat I've encountered a few "exploits" but generally nothing that would really count as a true cheat. In original IL-2 there were things like prop pitch cycling (auto-100%-auto-100%) which allowed for a steep climb angle that would allow the exploiter to gain more altitude than usual, and of course there was pitch trim on a slider which was not much help in some planes, but in planes like the 109, you could dramatically improve the high speed pitch response by using trim while flying. Then there was the netcode stuff like the lag switch, or hitting the print s
  6. I don't remember particular stats, but yes, "fighter pilot neck" is a real worry! Damage to the cervical spine and disks is likely to occur if caution is not used during flight at elevated G's. Turning your head while pulling high g's can cause physical contact that would not normally happen, as well as increase the friction between the disks and vertebrae. While in a close quarters dogfight you sometimes have no choice about where and when you turn your head, but during non-combat maneuvering and/or aerobatic maneuvering I, and many others, advocate for keeping the head perfectly still d
  7. Sorry, I shared the first video such that it should start at 1 minute 18 seconds, but it doesn't look like it is, so please check that section of the video for a very clear example . This link will hopefully work too: http://youtu.be/oqATH83pepY?t=1m18s
  8. Having only a moment to post, I'll simply copy paste my thoughts on this from the CloD forums. In short, as an experienced aerobatic, formation, and mock dogfighting pilot, I'm going to agree with those that have stated that headshake implementation very quickly becomes arcade, and detracts from the realism of a sim if much more than belt stretch is modeled (eyepoint moving up under negative g) and lateral accelerations when in uncoordinated flight. Here's my posts from over there (Where the head shake is horribly implemented and should be disabled for the greatest realism): Yes, the head
  9. Video still from a flight in the Pitts S2-C 5 meter Thermik XXXL hucked off Mt. Tamalpais: That's an Extra 300L!
  10. Type of improvement: Graphics Explanation of proposals: Eliminate the whiteout effects even when clear of clouds. In the current version of BoS the clouds obscure vision inappropriately, sometimes even when hundreds of meters away from them. You can fly a path on which you have unrestricted visibility, and suddenly find yourself in whiteout conditions (and other players can see you just fine, even though are blind). The range of this white out effect needs to be seriously reduced to happen only when some distance within a cloud. Benefits: Realism, fairness, immersion etc. This is w
  11. Yesterday TX-Kingsnake and myself went out in IL-2s to emulate it!
  12. Were you flying as JAWS? I saw an IL-2, using the vertical at 2K working over a 109 and I was cracking up, and telling my fellow TX'ers - I instantly had a fair bit of respect for him, but that didn't stop me from shooting at him!
  13. Hey guys, just an update to let everyone know that TX-Squadron is recruiting! As I said earlier, membership in TX Squadron is contingent upon a good personality fit with our existing members and overall sportsmanship more than any particular combat skillset. If interested in applying for membership, please send myself or any other TX member a message.
  14. Yes, BoS clouds obscure vision inappropriately, sometimes even when hundreds of meters away from them. You can fly a path on which you have unrestricted visibility, and suddenly find yourself in whiteout conditions. The range of this white out effect needs to be seriously reduced to happen only when some distance within a cloud. This is what it looks like when flying near and through the edges of clouds:
  15. Yep, and it seems like a fair number of people are enjoying that fact! It's pretty exciting to see public MP servers, and it was great fun tonight!
  16. Yeah...some people know my tendency to review flight sim hardware and not be all that easy to please. It doesn't seem like it should be all that hard, but nothing I've used really feels much like real control sticks and rudder pedals....I've already modeled a design for both that I think would be awesome, and have some plans for serious FFB with the option to run realistic levels of stick forces. Oh to have the time to actually start producing them! I could probably have them made at my company, if I could just convince the bean-counters that it wouldn't cost us too much. There just
  17. It's all a matter of timing. A good basic technique to remember for active spin recovery techniques in *most* airplanes is the PARE technique (aka: NASA standard method) The following must be done in order, most critical is that the elevator input comes last, after the yaw rate has started to decay. P-Power Idle A-Ailerons neutral R-Rudder Opposite the direction of rotation (which you determine by looking directly over the nose, and through the prop disk (resist the urge to look towards the ground when inverted, you can look across the axis of rotation and detect the direction of yaw
  18. Wow!! Hi there Raptor - it's been about 10 years since I've seen you! Weatherman, scratch off that formerly! You know you've still got a home here! S! gents, I look forward to once again flying with, and against you guys!
  19. I went with the Dell U2412M because of the low input lag, 1200 vertical res, and good response time for an IPS panel They also have a great stand that makes it easy if you want to get 3 of them in portrait mode.
  20. Yeah, it looks great when correctly used as a photography/cinematography tool, but it doesn't really work in sims because it would have to know where your eye is actually looking, and at what distance you are focusing. Like I said in the linked post "You will notice that even if you look at some text at the bottom right of this forum post that you can probably not reliably read the authors name...so there's not much reason to further blur the offcenter portions of the screen. In short - it was removed from the GUI (of RoF) for a reason."
  21. Hey there JAWS, you were always a great adversary as well as wingman - I look forward to once again seeing you off my wing in a formation of Antons about to rain down some havoc over Stalingrad!
  22. Hello again Obilich! Happy New Year! Do you think any of the matches will be on weekends? Those of us on the other side of the planet have to leave work to attend these matches. Thanks for all the work you've done to facilitate the tournaments! S!
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