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  1. just tell me when so I can book a week off work 😄
  2. I would assum its the user_keymapping_zoom file as this is one used to save settings but to be honest I don't know.
  3. ahh so its intentional to mirror real life controls. thank you for the answer.
  4. Hi all, Was wondering if it were possible to change weapon groups. On the 190 for example, when I pull trigger it fires mgs on nose and inner cannons, cannon button fires outer cannons. is there a way to assign guns to different weapon groups?
  5. Hello, After several hours trying I figured it out on my game. I have to press the zoom key (whichever you have assigned, in my case the home/insert button, the default) while keeping this pressed I had to press the right shift button and the left/right arrow keys. at first I didn't think it was doing anything because the movement with each keystroke is quite small. hope this helps. ps thanks for the mod, would have sent back my VR without it.
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