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  1. Silly question but have you got the hotas x? The ps3\pc stick? If so check the switch on back of base to make sure switch is set to pc. Then, if there is a red button on front of base, press it so it goes green. I had this problem once and this fixed it. I have no idea what the red\green button does but im getting its like a function button. If you dont have this stick ease ignore.
  2. agree with hawk eye ive used track ir since fb had vr about a year now. Its much easier flying with track ir but the enjoyment flying in vr far outweighs this.
  3. wholeheartedly agree with OP. 2x not enough for id planes and 10x is a bit much. just changing the 2x to 5x would be great. Its quite annoying having to wait for the mod to be fixed (though we greatly appreciate it in vr!) every time the game updates. It literally stops me flying as I have hit friendlies and even let enemy go when im jump someone thinking they are friends.
  4. I tried playing 2d during the height of summer as i kept steaming up. Lasted about 5 mins before going pub instead.
  5. The first time i started quick mission in vr to test it i was is such amazement that i just sat looking around the cockpit and outside totally gobsmacked how it looked for about 15 minutes. Before i even started the engine... Then i started flying and fighting then my alarm went off and I realised i had been on it all night. Welcome to the club!
  6. Ive noticed this when flying german on combat box. Tempests and p51 light up like they got glow in the dark paint at long range then this dulls off when you are close enough for the skin to render.
  7. Combat box mp server. Not my kill but a squad mate, 71st_AH_Barnacles. He posted it on our main page had to share. I have trouble hitting with guns sometimes and he does this.
  8. No idea mate, i use the video one and run all my apps at 200%.
  9. If you have video slider set at 188% with the tick box ticked it doesnt matter what the application slider is set to, the video one overides it. Its not an either/or. If you want different applications to run at different ss% then do not tick the box in video, set your ss% in the applications tab. If you want all applications to use the same ss% then use the video tab slider with the box ticked and forget the applications tab. THE VIDEO SS% SLIDER WILL OVERIDE ALL THE APPLICATION TAB SLIDERS WITH THE BOX TICKED.
  10. No the ss on vidoe will overide the application one if the tick box is ticked on video tab.. Set video ss to 188% and keep box ticked you will see the difference if you turn aa off to test. With box ticked all apps will run at % set in video tab. I have come to same conclusion. I run at 200% ss and 2x aa . 4x aa blends contacts into backround making it hard to see and no aa jaggies just too ugly for me even with 200% ss
  11. The video one will overide the other with the box ticked. With that box ticked all apps will run at that. As it is your game will be running at 100% not 188%.
  12. Joe , extreme clouds setting now available makes them look alot more realistic and with performance increase in general it doesnt hit fps. In fact my game now smoother with higher settings. Iv not tested spotting distant contacts yet tho.
  13. The tank behind the pilot mastiff. At the right angle you can shoot over the armour plate directly into the fuel tank if shooting from high 6. Biiiiig bada boom. I am also liking this patch. Extreme clouds make the game look much better in vr without loss of fps. Bravo devs with this one. Only had a little go last night but impressed. Looking forward to playing over weekend.
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