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  1. hopefully the marshall wotsit will help out with this and get more people flying together to stay alive.
  2. push pull. punish unrealistic flying in full real settings.
  3. I use rotating chair. I agree, having used trackir for years and now VR more recently, in a knife fight, Trackir have a big advantage. Getting bounced and a lot of other situations are irrelevant to this but in a furball and turn fights the "owl neck" definitely has advantage. I think limiting the view for both systems equally, and increasing (or something else entirely) the G force effects when pulling high g maneuvers while looking backwards would be good imo. I would like a real pilots opinion on this if there are any: can you pull high g maneuvers whilst looking behind and/or does it affect your tolerance to the amount of G's you can stand? could real pilots see behind their own planes like we do in game? the seating position would also play a part in this? i.e the reclined seat in a 109 compared to sat up in a spit?
  4. great to hear that work being done on this, looking forward to giving it a try!
  5. I can tell you what I don't want if that helps. I can see planes fine against the sky/clouds at all ranges but against the ground planes disappear from view. Many times iv watched a plane above dive down and as soon as it reaches the horizon it disappears. At very long range I'd expect this to be the case but at medium and close (5-0k) range I would expect to be able to follow the contact with my eye fairly easily considering I knew exactly where it was when it dropped below horizon. Planes seem to blend into the the ground far too easily to me. I always thought this was the case anyway but people saying planes are actually disappearing has got me wondering if this is what I am also seeing sometimes. Give the players a as many options to play with as you can and let them figure it out. You wont please everyone, the amount of variety of responses to "the spotting problem" shows this. Edit: forgot to say in VR Odyssey.
  6. gotta agree. They taken away the thing that made vr viable for alot of people calling it a hack. no point flying online now against people using trackir you're just a target. Iv used both for years and i believe the head mobility of trackir is more a game hack than any zoom in vr. But its (the owl neck) has become the standard and loads of people use it so any changes detrimental to that would come with loads of complaints. I'm sure pilots of the time could withstand high g maneuvers, but not while looking at the tail the whole time! I would like to see VR only servers but dont think there are enough users for that.
  7. its called supersampling.the higher the better, but is a system resource hog. Try increasing it to see if your computer can handle it and see how it looks. along with other settings in the tips and tricks thread to to change settings check out this thread for vr info. You may not match the settings to work best for you as they are in the thread. Its a case of trial and error until you find best settings for your system and preference (i have mine at 200% in the setting in your posted pic. with 2x msaa with balanced preset, but i use a samsung oddysey). due to the limits of current vr tech you will never get a crisp contacts and be able to ID at long ranges. use the zoom to help.
  8. Silly question but have you got the hotas x? The ps3\pc stick? If so check the switch on back of base to make sure switch is set to pc. Then, if there is a red button on front of base, press it so it goes green. I had this problem once and this fixed it. I have no idea what the red\green button does but im getting its like a function button. If you dont have this stick ease ignore.
  9. agree with hawk eye ive used track ir since fb had vr about a year now. Its much easier flying with track ir but the enjoyment flying in vr far outweighs this.
  10. wholeheartedly agree with OP. 2x not enough for id planes and 10x is a bit much. just changing the 2x to 5x would be great. Its quite annoying having to wait for the mod to be fixed (though we greatly appreciate it in vr!) every time the game updates. It literally stops me flying as I have hit friendlies and even let enemy go when im jump someone thinking they are friends.
  11. I tried playing 2d during the height of summer as i kept steaming up. Lasted about 5 mins before going pub instead.
  12. The first time i started quick mission in vr to test it i was is such amazement that i just sat looking around the cockpit and outside totally gobsmacked how it looked for about 15 minutes. Before i even started the engine... Then i started flying and fighting then my alarm went off and I realised i had been on it all night. Welcome to the club!
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