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  1. Speculative, I would have to run that past the forums where former WNW employees would frequent (and still do), but now isn't the time as tings have cooled off. Or you can do it yourself :).
  2. The Cruel Sea as you mentioned is still one, if not the best for covering the Battle of the Atlantic...In my opinion the most important battle in the West. The book is even better, its one of those you put down for second as you realise it had to have been written by someone with first hand experience.
  3. I highly recommend signing up here for sales: http://www.wingnutwings.com/ww/news You'll get a canned message stating that they'll let you know, from there it's just a waiting game. When you get the notice that they're taking orders I suggest hurrying over at light speed as these kits have been flying off the shelves everywhere, unfortunately not all by people who want to build them. If you're after more WW1 models now, Copper State Models as well as Roden make some. 1/32 is a good scale for these planes :). https://www.copperstatemodels.com/page/start
  4. Looking forward to it! A modernised Mighty Eighth will go down a treat, glad its optional VR and you have AI crew's for those times you can't or don't want real people :). I don't mind not having all the switches useable just to get going either to be honest, the originals were great without. I just hope we get to choose which group we join, the aircraft and lots of customization options including nose-art with the possibility of importing your own :). Hope it sales really well, would love an expansion pack with the Halifax MK .III and the Lancaster, even though valiant effort game looks great.
  5. Looking forward to the Mosquito, hoping for the Meteor as a collector plane, although in BON they'd be limited to Doodlebug intercepts (perhaps added to later career Bodenplatte could offset). They did other things, but diving through formations of Allied AI bombers/fighters so they can pretend you're the enemy to devise tactics wouldn't be fun for long. It would open up interesting multiplayer options though.
  6. Going to have to try one more time to fix my Hotas Warthog, it stopped being recognized after a power cut, but works on Linux if directly plugged into the computer. Tried many things to get it to work on Windows, and to update firmware to fix. Going to use my CH pro Throttle for now... Bought the Yak9T EDIT: By Jove it's fixed, now need the sun to go away. Not sure if it was the Windows update, or me unplugging the Thrustmaster stick. Wish it was made of stronger stuff....
  7. Don't know at this time, from what I know the design and making of the moulds is the most expensive part and at least that is done. Must admit, its a reason why I am still tempted by the really offbeat UHD and Gotha G.1 as its unlikely any company will re-issue them, should the moulds be bought up. One of the moderators from the FB Wingnut fan page was also one of those people given pre-release copies to build to test out and they were very close to releasing the HP O/100: https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/84725-wingnut-wings-handley-page-o100/ The O/400 may have been a little further behind and they weren't too far off with the Lancasters I think, maybe end of year would have been worst case....These we will probably not be seen, unless a major company like Revell or Airfix pick them up..I also hope the team gets wok within the industry as it would lovely to see their efforts continue on. There will be another sale of kits from WNW when they 'open' up, but I am making a presumption it will be an inventory sale off. http://www.wingnutwings.com/ww/news
  8. Unfortunately if you haven't kept up with the news most WNW kits have been snapped up now, although worth still looking around as I think distributors are still finding the odd copy here and there. Actually surprised how long the Halberstadt's survived :). If I wasn't already overspent I'd probably get the UHD...
  9. Resources probably the main issue...The team has, like wine, become better with age, so I suspect someday we'll see something done to improve this. There some low level raids conducted by heavies, and yes the results were heavy loss. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Augsburg_raid I love all the heavies though
  10. Very much looking forward to the Tiffy and Mossie! Makes me want to break out the Airfix 1/24 kits...Err someday lol.
  11. Going off topic, I remember a mission in WT where they spammed way more of those things over a 10 minute period lol. I do wonder if we'll still see the Meteor as a collector plane in future? It excelled at V1 operations and does fit, albeit in small numbers, the BoBP mp towards the end. Also more viable in MP going against 262's (I suspect the 262 has the upper hand).
  12. The Spit really needed drop tanks lol. Other than that, really forward to giving this lady a twirl :). Spoilt for a bit of choice though, Mossie and Tiffy want their share lol.
  13. I'll be flying and so will miss the Eng Vs AB's game, at least I won't have to worry about chewing my nails off lol.
  14. Nice! Don't forget the constraints they had going when choosing these airplanes, I am sure they discussed a lot :). I will get these, and use them in the appropriate campaign areas. Don't forget 1C updates all assets when bringing these birds in, so the investment in the Hurri could show up elsewhere at a future date.
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