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  1. Funny thing is I am off today and I am really sick, got this Southern California flu thing and it sucks, cannot stop coughing lol.
  2. People here are great :). We even put with with people who are quite out there lol. Welcome to the forums! In contrast I joined a P3D group on Facebook and it's really the opposite, which makes this place extra special.
  3. Thanks for the replies, don't know why I said I9 lol. Its the i7-9700K :). Probably thought 9th generation and threw the 9 where it didn't belong. I have just ordered GearVr lense with the adapter, doesn't seem too bad to install (although I will try the set first to make sure it works before voiding the warranty).
  4. Seems people are having fun! I chose the Vive for personal reasons, they have been supporting Linux (although not directly with Vive yet) :), honestly reading so many reviews and opinions did not help all that much lol. So, obviously going to be using this on an i9 9600 3.6 ghz with 32GB ram and an Nvidia 2070. Sim use will be Il2 of course, DCS and X-Plane 11 on Linux (they have a thread on X-Plane VR on the Org). Anyone recommend settings for Il2 and perhaps DCS? I think I am insane, that was expensive for the starter kit, but better than the package on Amazon....
  5. Happy New Year! and a Meteor :). At least online I would hope our own side won't shoot us down...
  6. Hahaha, Budweiser Lite and Coor Lite, however it has changed a great deal over here over the past twenty years with the rise of microbreweries that have flourished though.
  7. Just in case anyone missed this amazing video and commentary (there is some footage of Razorback P-47's and some P-38's:
  8. Kazimir (tux) and Hamish (Orange fluff)
  9. Wow, coming along well! Sobering thought about the likelihood of surviving through multiple battle, do we know the longest surviving personnel from both sides along that front?
  10. I forgot where my blip switch was when taking the Camel for a few spins, so I hit eject by mistake and yes it works with the poor victim of my ineptitude falling all the way down. He looked serene though.
  11. Yes, going to be a very expensive year if you're into any of these kits. We have 1/32 B17's, Lanc's and from wnW their own 1/32 Dambuster Lancaster and B. III's.
  12. Just look at that beauty :). US link: https://www.airfix.com/us-en/grumman-f6-f5-hellcat.html UK link: https://www.airfix.com/uk-en/grumman-f6-f5-hellcat.html More detail on it here:
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