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  1. Resources probably the main issue...The team has, like wine, become better with age, so I suspect someday we'll see something done to improve this. There some low level raids conducted by heavies, and yes the results were heavy loss. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Augsburg_raid I love all the heavies though
  2. Very much looking forward to the Tiffy and Mossie! Makes me want to break out the Airfix 1/24 kits...Err someday lol.
  3. Going off topic, I remember a mission in WT where they spammed way more of those things over a 10 minute period lol. I do wonder if we'll still see the Meteor as a collector plane in future? It excelled at V1 operations and does fit, albeit in small numbers, the BoBP mp towards the end. Also more viable in MP going against 262's (I suspect the 262 has the upper hand).
  4. The Spit really needed drop tanks lol. Other than that, really forward to giving this lady a twirl :). Spoilt for a bit of choice though, Mossie and Tiffy want their share lol.
  5. I'll be flying and so will miss the Eng Vs AB's game, at least I won't have to worry about chewing my nails off lol.
  6. Nice! Don't forget the constraints they had going when choosing these airplanes, I am sure they discussed a lot :). I will get these, and use them in the appropriate campaign areas. Don't forget 1C updates all assets when bringing these birds in, so the investment in the Hurri could show up elsewhere at a future date.
  7. I survived, the Flight and the 1hr and a bit drive there and back :). Which is good, especially due to the state of my car (getting that fixed in the AM, one reason I take these things in for oil changes, let them check the car out, the other is that I don't have the facilities). It was...Amazing, there was an Australian WW2 vet who had flown all the way just to get on the flight, I overheard him saying he flew Hurricanes and lost his front teeth while doing so. When I talked to him briefly he mentioned Lancasters and too, not sure if people would move from flying to navigator, but he mentioned doing that. You do get transported back to the 40's, to a degree anyway as Palm Springs and its desert like features is a far cry from the green and wet weather the UK experiences, but with a little imagination...I was actually quite surprised how squeaky the wheal breaks are and how much of a jolt there is during take off roll. Oh, for the final picture, Bermuda Dunes area is where my ex-wife is from lol.
  8. It was unfortunately canceled, but safety first imho. never know with the French, they have that flair within them that can spark and put away any team, and then a week later everyone is wondering what happened to it. I have seen it called a super Typhoon, maybe the Scot's will be less whiny on Sunday when they see the storm for themselves. It sucks for them, but if you don't get those points...
  9. For me the golden age was the old Tornado and its ile like Falcon 4 with its massive campaign, online was also secondary. As I was more of an offline player the original Il2 didn't hook me as much, but I had other factors which were more intrusive at the time lol.
  10. Thanks for the personal messages, I will be flying out of Palm Springs.
  11. Gotta love the World Cup, springing surprises. I am still hoping the US has the ability to cause one too, maybe the French will have an off day lol.
  12. I think my credit card can handle the $425 it takes for a flight on a B-17G...Gotta do it once right? Anyone else plumped for a flight on a warbird?
  13. Nice update :). Cannot wait for it to land.
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