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  1. I have reservations about both. I have been using hatswitch so long it feels like an extension of myself. When I think about VR, I think about the clarity limitations and keybind peeking. When I think about track IR, I think about screen realestate and essentially eyelocking center screen and rotating my head and the thought of this is enough to discourage that it's something I'll like or get used to. I think about trying both alot but ultimatly haven't pulled the trigger on either.
  2. What a guy. 25 bodden or 50 kuban/collector plane. Not picky.
  3. Hey guys! As the title says, I am looking for a squadron that is semi casual. I do want to participate in squadron activities, but having a family, and work and whatnot it just may not be something I go hardcore on these days. My background is that I have about 2600 hours in War Thunder with most likely about 1500 hours or so being in Air Sim. With that being said, I know what WT is and I know it's not comparable. In IL2 BoS I have about 66 hours. I can taxi, takeoff, land and engage. But I am lacking the finer points of engine management and whatnot. I've burned out plenty a Ju-87 engine. I have recently printed off a lot of references here though, so I have full intention of getting gud! I have a preference for Axis, but honestly I just want to fly.
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