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  1. I have the latest wich is 3.12 I think... The problem is when intalling the .dll files in the .exe IL2 game folder, I get an error message telling me that "It can not dowload the library" ... Then , once the .dll are in the folder, the game wont even boot at all and I need to shut down IL2... It worked perfectly before the update...
  2. Title says it all... Reshade 3.1 makes the game crash from very start... Anyone tried it ?
  3. Great work indeed... Since we spend most of the time inside cokpits, would 4k upgrade be beneficial or even possible also for cokpit's gauges and panel textures ?
  4. Thank you Mesha and TP ! Very generous of you to share your work. That is quite a helpful community ! I will try both of them. Cheers !
  5. Hello fellow Il2 pilots ! I have managed to make my Dserver work ... Wich is a HUGE accomplishment for a 57 yo father who tries to play 1VS1 with his 13 yo son... He is a new member of the IL2 community and he bought IL2 with his own money ! Yeah ! I am trying to find a already scripted mission that I could import in my Dserver cause creating a mission of my own is to much of a task for me... I can't find one that allows 1vs 1 as DUEL or Deathmatch. Any suggestions? Thank you !
  6. Don't buy the game sir. You will never be happy playing it. You will always find something wrong with it if this kind of issue is a major obstacle.
  7. "If you are looking for any flight sim to have impeccable graphics, you will be sorely disappointed." Exactly my point. Plenty of "impeccable'' graphics in other kinds of games. Its about time somebody makes a flight sim with "impeccable " graphics." And again, it is not because there are no flight sims YET with superior graphics that it can't be done. And read Jason's comments above about CLOD's adventure. They had all the means to do the ultimate sim. I am pretty sure Jason would appreciate the kind of budget Oleg had... And we would already have top notch graphics...
  8. So you mean that since Oleg was not able to build his CLOD with great graphics, other sim developpers should not try to have impeccable graphics either cause for sure they will fail ? No more super graphics for flight sims ? Ever ?
  9. Haha!.... Yeah...Well... Because the community is small and that we assume that every company that builds up a hardcore sim has a very limited budget and clientèle, we do take for granted that perfect FM, DM , accurate technical DATA and infinite maps will burn up all the energy and budget, and that it is ok then to deal with average graphics so it wont sink the whole project. It is a video game that we do watch very closely for hours....So yeah, graphics are the most important aspect once you nailed those FM, DM, and all... And superior graphics do make superior games once the core is well done.
  10. ''BoS/BoM is pretty much the only game in town'' ... Yeah...Maybe for a few hundred hardcore simmers, that would be true. But if you are one of a kind sim, top of the line based on very subtle flight behavior and technical DATA from the '40, but not on par on graphics with all the other games available, being flight sims or not, you run the risk of being put down...... If IL2 BOS/BOM is the reference in the genre, it should also be impeccable in terms of graphics and gameplay. Otherwise, the only people who would trade the looks for the accurate DATA will be...Us...The few hundreds... Being the "only game" does not make it more acceptable to have less graphic quality...And certainly not because it can't be compared ! Cheers
  11. In a relatively short time span, 777/1C will have to step on the gas regarding graphic specs/ technology... DX12 is already on our doorsteps.... So is 3D .... Competition offers lots of graphic control and "enhancements" ... 3D is already "implanted" in some of those games... The better the graphics, the better the feel of immersion... I don't think we can escape that reality.
  12. If you say that CFS, Warbirds, Aces High and Fighter Ace were actually "simmulators", I would say that lots of your missing simmers are actually playing WT. The numbers are there.... By definition, IL2 BOS is a hardcore simulator. Those 4 you mentionned were not. So many "softcore "simmers found a very adequate balance within WT with all its selectable options, and top graphic qualities. Like you said, there aint many choices available out there...
  13. I think this is the main thing here. As IL2 supporters , we still can't figure out where the project is going. I mean , if this is going to be a high quality hardcore sim aimed at a niche clientèle, we have to assume that it ain't going to be cheap. Less customers have to support a highly specialized development team and technology. War Thunder is the lower standards FM and DM version of IL2, with all the qualities required to please the mass : Very eye candy and lots of planes and action. Easy to fly but with the impression of realistic FM and DM. IL2 should be considered as the "professionnal " or " realistic " version of WT . But to get more money from each of us with a higher price tag, IL2 should also be as good looking and appealing as WT is , plus all the accurate DATA , FM and DM modelling. IL2 has to be a step up compared to the competition in every aspect of the game if 777/1C wants to sell its products at a higher price to a very picky clientèle...
  14. IL2 is the most promising WW2 flight sim on the market right now... I am not sure though 777/1C have yet found a precise marketing model for the series. The hardcore fans are not the crowd for "unlocks" and " win and upgrade" system. They do not appreciate not having full graphic parameters control. They do not like " no flyable only AI " planes. These concepts are usually found in softcore sims. I think that once 777/1C have a solid development and marketing models with top notch technical standards , all will be better for the community. But they need to fix all the issues reported by the hardcore community first and then push the machine. Otherwise, they could lose their fan base. Good night ! 23h00 here and kids at 6h30...
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