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  1. Yep no way to get rid of it I’d needs a open to uninstall it in the load ing screen
  2. ai crew in multiplayer and tank commander
  3. hotshotmike1001


    could there be a way to have the option to stow the commanders m2 it gets in the way when your trying to sit on the turret in vr
  4. please add a armor spawn at the bases to help kill crashed enemy bombers had a he111 crash on the allied base he was machine gunning people trying to takoff thx
  5. it would be fun if we had jeeps to drive with a 50cal for aa work
  6. the scenery is amazing would love to be able to explore with other vehicles not just a tank
  7. Please make it fly able. It’s only correct to do so. If the axis got the he111. Then the s allied side. Should get the b25. Thats only fair.
  8. has anyone looked into add Vehicle Mods? to IL-2 would love to see some Drive able trucks and Cars maybe some AA units like the Flak 88
  9. this pops up and it shows my Joystick though it does not allow it to do anything go in your games folder and find Devices and open it up delete everything in it and save it boom fixed
  10. i just went to fly in IL-2 it shows a Bunch of Other controllers which i do use which are not plugged in it shows my Extreme 3d pro but wont assign to it The Accept button only works if you select a controller from the list
  11. when taking out the ammo on the editor the Gunners still have ammo
  12. well sounds like fun See you soon i Love formation flying Good times
  13. yep i am on all most every day i am on Pacific Time which is 5 PM here
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