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  1. I recommend getting a table fan. This helps me a lot. Without the fan, I get a little queasy after 15mins or so. With the fan, I can play several hours without any problems. But I do take a short break after every flight. Also, the fan helps eliminate your forehead from sweating due to the warm VR goggles. I hope this helps. Camo
  2. Dear developers, as suggested by others as well, would it be possible to enable hat views in VR? This way you could turn your pilot head with the hat switch and then additionally move your head to adjust the view... This is how it works in Aces High, for example, and its great. Basically your VR helmet can be used as a 3D monitor with inbuilt trackir... Many thanks, Camo
  3. Hi, thanks for the test and the whole benchmarking project, this is a great help for the community. Did you also happen to test if there is a difference in VR performance with the new update? Camo
  4. A few crashes so far due to the chat log parser, this should be fixed now. With 72 pilots the server software itself seemed to be stable. Some warping was present though, so we dropped the player limit to 64. Testing continues, please join the fun!
  5. AWARDS For activity in the campaign and good performance during the missions, the following pilots have been awarded: Flugzeugf├╝hrerabzeichen LLv32_Korppi Flugzeugf├╝hrerabzeichen f├╝r Jager: LLv34_Camouflage Eisernen Kreuz II Lofte (medal sent to wife, as Lofte was captured and did not return to base from the last mission). PROMOTIONS: For dedication and commitment to the campaign, the following pilots have been promoted: To Stabsfeldwebel: Adler_Blau =J13=Moroka =J13=Xarann =LwS=Zweit LLv24_Robbe LLv34_Adexu LLv34_Temuri LLv32_Yere Lofte Congratulations to all awarded and promoted pilots!! Camo
  6. Hi Fernie, good to hear from you! Look us up if we're online at the same time. We usually fly at TAW, Berloga, VP or WoL. Camo
  7. INWAR - STAGE I Prologue A beautiful late summer morning dawned on the Caucasus. A butterfly was trying to find a landing spot in a group of daisies, but the attempts were continuously interrupted by the warm breeze which blew across the large meadow. A discussion carried from a nearby gate, where a group of men in blue uniforms had been stopped by a soldier. Despite the lengthy explanations in the broken German accent of the seemingly inebriated foreign flight officers, the guard refused to accept their poor excuses for missing their curfew and declined their entry into the airfield. The discussion quickly turned into a heated argument, consisting of mainly swearwords of an incomprehensible northern language. Suddenly the air raid sirens went off and the airbase exploded into action. The pilots took advantage of the confusion, pushed the Luftwaffe Feldregiment guard aside and rushed towards a group of airplanes parked on the perimeter of the airfield, camouflaged in dugouts. The pilots threw off their uniform jackets, exchanged their half-emptied wine bottles to parachutes and climbed into the cockpits of their Messerschmitt 109G's. Almost immediately the DB605's came alive, as the mechanics had already prepared the planes for a quick takeoff. The whine of the superchargers drowned in the roar of the exhausts. As the planes throttled up and sped across the meadow and into the sky, the freshly painted white roundels with blue von Rosen crosses glistened in the morning sun. The Finnish Air Force special detachment had just taken off for its first combat mission from the Luftwaffe airbase at Krymskaya. It was September 1942. AWARDS Due to active participance and good performance during the first round of missions, the following medals have been awarded: Flugzeugf├╝hrerabzeichen =J13=Moroka =J13=xarann =LwS=Zweit LeLv8_Rono LLv24_FooFighter LLv24_Humu LLv24_Robbe LLv32_Jami LLv32_Modo LLv32_Yere LLv34_adexu LLv34_Camouflage LLv34_Temuri LLv34_Untamo LLv44_Antsu LLv44_Fulminata LLv44_Kanttori LLv44_Mprhead Lofte Flugzeugf├╝hrerabzeichen f├╝r Jager: LLv32_Yere Eisernen Kreuz II =J13=Moroka =LwS=Zweit LLv24_FooFighter LLv24_Robbe LLv32_Korppi LLv32_Yere LLv34_Camouflage LLv34_Untamo LLv44_Kanttori LLv44_Mprhead Congratulations to all awarded pilots!! Camo Epilogue: The group of 109s returned back to base, taxied to their dugouts and as the last DB605 was shut off, the silence fell over the meadow. The mechanics climbed on the wings, helped open the canopies and handed the chilled bottles back to the pilots. A light breeze kicked off some dust over the group of daisies. One of the flowers swayed lightly as the butterfly took off, its coiled proboscis glistening from the fresh nectar.
  8. Humble thanks, this was unexpected! As the saying goes: "Bombs and medals usually hit the innocent". Camo LeR3 CO
  9. InWar After Action Report Lentorykmentti 3 17.11.2017 Pilots: Flight #1: LLv34: Camo, Kaitsu SFF: Esso, Vellu LLv24: Veccu Flight #2: LLv32: Kanttori, Raaka, Modo, Vvaris Mission 1: Skirmish over the Southern Sector The Finns took off with 9x109 in 2 flights. LLv32 headed to the southern sector ┬ę and Camo's flight continued towards the enemy base. Shortly after reaching the frontline, Flight #2 ran into a pair of Yaks and engaged. Flight #1 turned back to assist and dove in with good speed, blowing through the fight on the first pass. I saw a Yak throwing a burst into my direction from under my nose, but luckily I was not hit. We quickly got the upper hand in the fight. Raaka shot one Yak smoking, the enemy split-s'd and tried to disengage. Veccu was in close pursuit and shot the wing off the enemy plane. Meanwhile, I saw another Yak in a lazy turn, heading toward our group. I pushed my nose down a bit and shot a long burst as the Yak flew past me, slightly below. I saw some hits across the nose but didn't see any further results. Ground troops later reported that the Yak had crashed. Our top cover, SFF pilots, were engaged by another two yaks and unfortunately Vellu got hit and had to ditch. Esso also headed home and they took off again immediately. The enemy disappeared and the situation calmed down on the south sector. The Finns continued patrolling, some enemy planes were spotted deep in the enemy territory, but they avoided contact. We started running low on fuel and headed back home to refuel in pairs. Kanttori was the last one to turn home and stuck around to CAP alone for a minute too long and was bounced by enemy Yaks. Kanttori was forced to bail out. Mission 1 results: Camo: 1x Yak, RTB Veccu: 1x Yak, RTB Raaka: Yak assist, RTB Vellu: Ditch Kanttori: bailed out Other pilots RTB Total: 2 Yaks shot down, 2 109s lost Mission 2: Southern Sector Defense With the enemy forward sweep already spotted over the southern sector, we expected a heavy attack there. The Finns regrouped over the area. Soon enough, Yaks and La5's started pouring, in as IL2's started to work on our ground troops below. The enemy fighters maintained CAP at various altitudes over the target as we picked them from above. I got a bit careless and got hit in the radiator by a Yak. I disengaged and headed back home. After replaning, I made sure to stay above the fight. While looking to regroup with my flight, I spotted a pair of La5s south of the target and closed in to engage. Suddenly I saw two more La5s on my left side, broke off my attack and climbed back up. I called for reinforcements as I moved in to a better attack position, but the La5's didnt stick around and decided to disengage. Some skirmishes were still ongoing over the target, but it seemed like most of the Reds had started to return to base. I saw a Yak trailing fuel and trying to high-tail from the fight. With no other enemies visible, I dove after it and quickly caught up. The Yak saw me coming and tried to evade, but one long burst took the wing off. The pilot bailed out over red territory. With the fight over C seemingly over, I headed back at tree top height and ordered the Finns to regroup. Most of our pilots had just re-planed or were heading back to base at this point. Mission 2 results: Camo: 1x Yak, RTB/replane during mission Kaitsu: KIA Raaka: Bailed out Esso: Ditch Vvaris: Ditch Other pilots RTB Total: 1 Yak shot down, 4 109s lost Mission 3: Intercepting the Red Horde The Finns regrouped in the southern sector and established CAP. Our flight #1 headed deep into enemy territory and found 2 Ju88's heading East. Just as we decided to give them cover, 2 Yaks dove in from above and engaged our bombers. We engaged the Yaks and got the upper hand, but only for a few moments, as more enemies dove in from above. I didn't have time to look after the bombers anymore. There were enemy fighters everywhere. I saw a 109 chased by 2 enemies, I sent a long burst after them, but was forced to disengage as two more enemies were diving in from my high-6, tracers flying from both sides of my canopy. I managed to evade the attack and take a few seconds to look around. I saw Yaks, La5s and IL2s heading west, towards outpost C. Flight #2 was still flying CAP a few sectors west of us, so I ordered them to start heading east. A huge fight ensued, with the Reds fighting their way west towards the target and the blue fighters diving in from above. I was engaged with a flight of La5s, but it clearly became evident it would not be a short fight, so I decided to disengage. I saw some Yaks below me to the west and I dove towards them. The Yaks seemed to be responsible for the close escort of the IL2s. The Yaks did not see me coming, so I continued my dive past them and quickly gained on the IL2s. I caught the last one and with two long bursts the IL2 nosed down and ended up in the forest in a fireball. The other IL2s apparently saw this, as their formation broke up. I continued ahead at tree top height and saw the other IL2s turning into all directions. Another IL2 was right in front of me and I managed to hit it with a nice burst all over the nose area. It was later reported to have crashed. With a few squadrons of Yaks and La5s behind me, I didnt push my luck any further, I kept my nose down and disengaged from the fight. Of course I ended up flying directly over the enemy outpost and the AAA hit my fuel tank. Leaving a white trail behind me I continued to home base and landed safely. The Finns suffered heavy losses in the final mission, but our sacrifice was justified. The blue team was able to complete the objectives in the southern sector and re-capture the terrain lost in previous missions. Mission 3 results: Camo: 2x IL2, RTB Veccu: 1x Yak, ditched Kaitsu: 1x IL2, ditched and bail/KIA (2 sorties) Raaka: KIA Esso: Bailed out Vellu: KIA Kanttori: Bailed out Vvaris: KIA Modo: RTB Total: 1 Yak + 3 IL2s shot down, 8 109s lost Grand total: 4 Yaks + 3 IL2s shot down = 7 victories, 14 109s lost. In addition to combat losses, it seems like there were some planes lost due to "landed not on airfield". These planes landed safely at the airfield. I would recommend to check the "landing perimeter" at the blue fighter field in the mission editor, as it looks like the landing perimeter is too small and does not cover the whole airfield. Would it be possible to review and fix this? Serenity, thank you for the kind words. We have been banging our heads against the learning curve, but slowly we are making progress. I hope there is still enough aluminium left at the factory. As I've said many times, we really appreciate that you guys are taking the time to organize such an excellent event and inviting us to participate. The pleasure is all ours. <S!> Camo LeR3 CO
  10. Sorry, my bad. I was absolutely sure we were 12km west of that position. Now seeing the video, obviously this was not the case. I'm aware of the rules and it definitely was not my intention to attack this close to the airfield. I'll pay better attention to navigation in the future and make sure this won't happen again. My condolences to Zakat's widow. <S> Camo
  11. LENTORYKMENTTI 3 INWAR AFTER ACTION REPORT 12.5.2017 14 PILOTS: LLv34: Camo, Untamo, Wmaker, Igor, Adexu LLv32: Kanttori, Korppi, Modo, Pingviini, Vvaris SFF: Vellu LeLv8: Ade LeR3: Kippari, Andom The Finns took off from Sychovka in four flights: -6x109G2 (Kanttori, Modo, Korppi, Pingviini, Vvaris, Andom) -4x109G2 (Camo, Kippari, Adexu, Vellu) -2x190A3 (Wmaker, Ade) -2x110G2 (Untamo, Igor) Tonight's mission was significantly more chaotic than the previous ones. We were tasked with establishing CAP over various targets during the mission. It seemed like we were constantly transitioning from one area to the other, with short skirmishes following each other before moving to the next area. The only prolonged fight which I took part in, occurred over target area B. IL2s were attacking targets with Yaks giving cover. The fight evolved into a turning fight on the deck, with the enemy eventually fleeing from the area after sustaining significant casualties. There were also a few additional fights with enemy fighter formations, both at low- and high altitudes. I was surprised to find enemy fighters at above 7km on numerous occasions, as they were easy prey for our fighters. The german planes seem to have much better performance at high altitude compared to the soviet fighters. The enemy seemed to do better in the low altitude fights. In most of the fights, the enemy disengaged and fled the scene after losing a few planes. I was happy to note that even though most of the fights were against well coordinated enemy formations, we clearly managed to hold our own during the fights. Our exchange ratio against fighters was 7:3. The regiment seems to be making progress. However, there were too many accidents, as three planes were lost in crashes. 8 victories: 3 Wmaker (IL2, Yak, La5) 1 Camo (Yak) 1 Pingviini (Yak) 1 Ade (Yak) while flying a 110! 1 Untamo (La5) 1 Adexu (La5) 8 Losses: 7x109G2, 1x190A3 3 Shot down by Yaks: Modo, Vvaris, Andom 1 Shot down by IL2 rear gunner: Ade 1 Shot down by AAA: Modo 3 Accidentally crashed: Camo, Adexu, Kippari <S!> Camo
  12. LENTORYKMENTTI 3 INWAR COMBAT REPORT 05.05.2017 9 Pilots: LLv34: Camo, Wmaker LLv32: Kanttori, Korppi, Modo, Vvaris LLv8: Ade SFF: Vellu LeR3: Zimo The Finns took off Sychovka in three flights: 4x109G2 (LLv32: Kanttori, Korppi, Modo, Vvaris), 2x190A3 (Ade+Wmaker) and my flight of 3x109G2's (Camo, Vellu + Zimo). LLv32 headed south to cover our railway station, the 190's headed NE to the front line and Camo's flight headed west. Very quickly the 190s ran into multiple Yaks and Camo's flight turned back to assist. The 190s disengaged. After a short search, Camo's flight found the Yaks and engaged from above. Some shots were exchanged and the fight ended up low with no visible results, so we decided to disengage. I had some damage in my left wing, so I headed back to Sychovka to replane. Vellu and Zimo headed south to help the main group. It looks like we were able to tie up the enemy escort fighters, as around this time the Pe2s showed up unescorted at the railway station. LLv32 engaged the Pe2s, while the 190s and my wingmen headed there. LLv32 swiftly attacked the bombers. Korppi shot down a Pe2 as Vvaris assisted. Despite the 109s making their passes at high speed, three planes were hit by the rear gunners: Kanttori was killed, Korppi lost his controls and he had to bail out. Vvaris's engine seized, but luckily he managed to dead-stick land at a friendly airfield nearby. Modo continued to harrass the Pe2's, as did Vellu and Zimo, who had also reached the area. The 190s also showed up and found the Pe2's near the target area. A few enemy fighters showed up as well. Wmaker shot down a Pe2 and Ade another two Pe2's. With the enemy numbers getting thinner and more Finns pouring into the area, one by one the enemies started to disengage. Meanwhile, I had managed to replane and as I headed towards the target area at low altitude, I spotted several RTB'ing enemy planes, scattered and separated on the deck. Looked like the enemy planes were busy navigating back home, as they didn't spot my fast approaching 109. I slipped behind an IL2 and quickly shot it down. Immediately I spotted a fighter a few km's away. It took me a while to catch up, but it turned out to be a Yak. I don't think the Yak saw me coming, so I edged closer and after one burst, the Yak crashed into the forest. I knew there were more planes in the area, so I kept looking around at tree top height. After a while, I spotted another fighter skimming a river. I followed it for a while and suddenly the pilot got careless and started climbing. It turned out to be a LaGG. I quickly caught it in the climb and after a few bursts, the left wing broke off and the plane crashed in a ball of flames. With no other planes in sight, I headed home. The rest of the Finns were already refueling and taking off again. The rest of the mission was uneventful for all of us. We covered our transport planes at the rear fields and no enemies showed up. Totals: 7 kills: 3 Camo (IL2, Yak, LaGG) 2 Ade (2x Pe2) 1 Korppi (1x Pe2) 1 Wmaker (1x Pe2) 3 assists: 1 Varis (Pe2) 1 Wmaker (Pe2) 1 Ade (Pe2) 3 lost 109G2's to Pe2 rear gunners: 1 Kanttori (KIA) 1 Korppi (bailed safely) 1 Vvaris (engine seized, landed at friendly rear field) The rest RTB'd safely. <S!> Camo
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