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  1. Hi, seems like no one cares about. But I tested it. Using MS FFB2(also tested with G940) and TrackIR I completely gave up on this game. After all this fiddling around with smoothness and settings I though, hey its playable. Until I started the sim you can't mention here"XXX" and realized that's IL2 isn't smooth at all with FFB and TrackIR. So i tested to fire the guns when looking around. Buttery smooth looking. But hey I don't want to fly around with unlimited ammo and keep firing. So will check in again in some month .........
  2. Ok i gave it another try. With all what is said here before and caping the frames it is more or less playable. Now i was reading here somewhere a lonely post where someone reports that, when he fires his guns with his MSFFB2 the stutter is gone. Well i thought ....nonsense. But right now i tested it and yes, for example when i fire the machine guns in the spit, i can look around buttery smooth. So maybe all this is camera related, but give it a go and try yourself.
  3. Trim and RPM Controls doenst work here too. All fresh remaped.
  4. I really hope the FFB Market will grow. I cant imagine flying without FFB. Its just like when you play a race game with a steering wheel, try to disable the FFB and see if you have fun. The same goes for flying, at least our warbirds. For modern Jets there is no need for FFB. To get full immersion= FFb Joystick, Jetseat and VR. The quality of the FFb effects is another thing but at least there is something and the stick stiffens and get loose. I whish the developer would work on the FFb effects even right now there is no real market for this. I even would send them a M
  5. After the last patch i gave IL2 another go and the first positive thing, the stutter with my MSFFB2 is gone. Now i noticed there is FFB but where before was a rumble, right before stall, there is now no rumble. The stick just get loose but thats it. So does anything changed with the FFB?
  6. sorry, don't have it installed no more. But as you see on this topic and others, almost all, if not all have stutter problems with trackIR and ffb. And the "fix" was to set the camera smoothness to 100 and inertia to 0. But even this didnt feel right. Anyway thanks for your offer. I will try the game some updates later in the future.
  7. Hi, wanted to give Box another try but .... it just won't work like it should. is there until now any solution available for the trackir + ffb problem. I tried the solutions like smoothness and fiddle with the trackir profile, inertia to 0 etc ..... but all this just don't really help. For me BOX ist just unplayable with my MSFFB + Trackir. DCS works just fine. So is there a way to play this game with my setup?
  8. Your aim will be better with almost any non FFb Stick. You want Sim with FFB, deal with it that it is more difficult to aim and fly hard g maneuver, cause your stick reacts. Or think about an extension. I fly the MS FFB2 with a 25cm extension and stronger potentiometer, it is more precise but of course when shooting and maneuvering the stick rumble and moves. Its a sim. Or get yourself simffb and reduce the strengt and damper effects to your liking. Anyway if I were you, I keep the FFB, its just more fun even if it is harder.
  9. Hi, I tried to contact him to buy a second unit(the first still works like a charm) but he didn't answer, so .......
  10. For me I have the inverted axis bug on my ms ffb2. Joystick was working forever in IL2BOX, but one of the last patches broke the ffb support complete for me.DCS works just fine, so its nothing with the stick. Sadly, this is the one and only reason I don't play BoX no more.
  11. I dont believe it. After a little break from BOX i started up the game and got in the air ........ and my Ms FFB2 has the inverted Axis bug. My setup didnt changed and the FFb worked before. So, anyone have this too now with FFB? And why there is still no button for inverted FFB axis?
  12. Well old thread but ... If you want good ffb, you have the base. Put an extension too it and scale the force within il2 or software. The potis etc are really strong.you can scale the force as far as you really need strong arms to move the stick
  13. Is the 109er still available or the fw190er left handed?
  14. Yes, thats what it used to be. Anyway reinstalled everything and now it works. Thanks for your answer.
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