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  1. Another Beta, it's not bad (really!)
  2. I've all the old series on Steam, and of course the newest too (with E:W DLC). I usually play with all campaign's options ON but I can't find a real balance in difficulty. While Normal mode is too easy, in the Classic mode the AI cheats in the worst way ever seen in a VG: you'll miss multiple and consecutive 90% shots while the AI will kill you from extreme ranges and through many covers. That's a bad way to improve difficulty by the Devs. Anyway the game is full moddable, and if you want to really hurt yourself then you should try "Long War" Mod. If you want something like the ol
  3. Ouch! Another advice: if you use a X52 Pro then before entering in the station always check if the cable between throttle and stick is correctly plugged; once I was to enter and I realized the lateral thrust was not working, but when I just touched the cable (I knew it was the cause) the ship started to fire against the station 10 meter ahead... I've escaped with 3% of hull.
  4. Oh God... it was a nice feature. Asking for help and being robbed for some gas.
  5. In "Functions" there should be the signal distress (or something like that) to call for help.
  6. Elite is a sandbox RPG: player's progression is mandatory and it's the game's core. In BoS' MP server there should not be any of this stuff (apart from virtual online wars... something very distant at the moment)
  7. I've played some hours this weekend: I'll be surprised if any important feature will be inserted until the 16th (hope I'm wrong). Surely it's too early to release it.
  8. From the changelog I'll start with a Cobra then.
  9. Good to know. My guys insulted me after I rage quit because of this issue (I had the G2 while they had the F4).
  10. "To the Moon" is on of the most beautiful and moving game of these last year. The soundtracks are amazing. Full album: My favourite songs are the Main Theme, "For River" (both version) and Everything's Alright (feat. Laura Shigihara). Another great composer is Andreas Waldetoft (Paradox): HoI3, CK2 or EU4...
  11. Sure but many backers are original Elite's players. If nature calls they must be able to pause the game. :-) Anyway I'm disappointed that many features have not been implemented (yet? or dumped?), above all the wings system that's the main reason I backed the game. I mean, I would have waited 6 months just to see it complete with all the original ideas.
  12. People above made good points: the impossibility to host a private mission is the first one IMO, while I really don't care about unlocks. I've BoS installed and up-to-date, but there's something else that it's keeping me away from the stick: probably it's just me, but I've really big issue with immersion. On CloD I can almost breath the saline air and the sun is warming my skin; when I rotate my head I feel to be inside the cockpit. On BoS instead I feel like I've my head trapped on a fish bowl and I've great difficulties to check around myself and this greatly increases my frustra
  13. It's amazing, and netcode has really improved. I just hope that the current mining system is at 30% of develpment: IIRC there should be a "minigame" for the extraction (improved by the current outfitting), so that basic loadout can't be used to farm palladium at will. Right now in 30 minutes you're able to gain 300k: bye bye trading.
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