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  1. Brief description: Key mappings of joystick/hotas registers in Game Settings page, but not working while in Game simulation. Relevant for "high number ID" buttons and/or possibly some POV type button. Detailed description, conditions: I don't believe this is introduced with a new version of game, in my case I've never come across it as I haven't had this advanced HOTAS previously (only a G940). I now have a VKB MCG Pro and a Virpil T50 CM2 v4. Mapping e.g. "Flaps down" or "Game pause on/off" to a joystick button with a "high number ID" results in button registered corre
  2. Absolutely first day purchase for me if realized. Really feel some more diverse planeset would add even more to the fun! And a bit of rof feeling as well.
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