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  1. =LG=Leutnant_Artur

    Tactical Air War

    Spawn points are limited to 6 or 8 planes. You cant spawn if its occupied. Someone has to move from it to let somebody else to spawn.
  2. =LG=Leutnant_Artur

    Tactical Air War

    That is true.
  3. =LG=Leutnant_Artur

    Tactical Air War

    Krauz here is planeset from manual. Next time go look at it...
  4. =LG=Leutnant_Artur

    Orczyk poszukiwany

    Podbijam temat z trochę innej beczki. Wymieniłem sprzęt i mam do sprzedania kartę graficzną i pamięć ram (oczywiście wszystko sprawne). Myślę, że cena rozsądna plus zostało jeszcze kilka miesięcy gwarancji. NVIDIA ASUS GeForce GTX 1060 Strix OC 6GB GDDR5 - 1200 zł Pamięć RAM DDR4 Corsair 16GB 2666MHz Vengeance LPX Black CL16 (2x8GB) - 500 zł kontakt przez PW. Pozdro !
  5. =LG=Leutnant_Artur

    Tactical Air War

    You can find Khaton answer few pages back
  6. =LG=Leutnant_Artur

    Tactical Air War

    yup, this is amazing, and he is laging a little bit.
  7. =LG=Leutnant_Artur

    Tactical Air War

    No plans for WW I As I said all in performance.
  8. =LG=Leutnant_Artur

    Tactical Air War

    We would like to have it like that too but its impossible due to performance. 😞
  9. =LG=Leutnant_Artur

    I moved to Poland

    Im from Gdynia. Its not far away and as a matter of fact its a part od 3-city Gdynia, Sopot and Gdańsk.
  10. =LG=Leutnant_Artur

    Tactical Air War

    Chute killing is allowed, end of story 😁
  11. =LG=Leutnant_Artur

    Tactical Air War

    No it is not a bug. You guys ask a lot of questions about gameplay. All answers can be found in manual.
  12. =LG=Leutnant_Artur

    Tactical Air War

    We have no plans to add tank crews to TAW.
  13. =LG=Leutnant_Artur

    Tactical Air War

    Oh boy so many donators, thanks guys ! I think we must figure out something special for you 🤔
  14. =LG=Leutnant_Artur

    Tactical Air War

    Sorry but no. We've had quorum once and this was a bad idea.
  15. =LG=Leutnant_Artur

    Tactical Air War

    Reasons are always the same, changes , fixes etc.