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  1. ah meters! i thought it was feet.. lol no wonder i was overshooting so much
  2. hiya fellas, I just got it, I had held out because I didn't see much difference with ROF and it has more content. FC1 is good, I hope it continues as I would really to see all the ROF content and more.. I'm glad I have FC1 now and will get what ever is next. seeyas spud
  3. Hiya felllas, I hadn't played for a few updates and when I went to use the game this is happening. When looking through the canopy glass the skybox is black, but ok when the canopy is smashed, or open or externally viewed. I used to have sweetfx installed but got rid of it when this happened. Any ideas beside reinstall? Thanks spud
  4. Salute 1C!!!! This is great, for the love of combat flight sims!!! spud
  5. Could we get the individual joystick curves for each aircraft like in ROF? That would help pilots set up for the 190, I have flown it quite well (offline I am useless fighter pilot) but the curves and endpoints I used were painfull for everything else. It's like with my RC aircraft, each one needs a different setup with the TX, at the moment BOX is like using one setup for all of them. my .02 cents AU(.0005 cent USD) spud
  6. Mate, I always fly the not so cool planes, and the TBD is a favourite of mine . The Torpedo 8 guys who sacrificed themselves at Midway are my heroes, I'll TBD online. spud
  7. No worries , the "Battle of Kursk" I will look forward to that one for my "wing with arrow", by the way I am really liking the Rata as a divebomber ! seeyas spud
  8. G'day fellas, really starting to get into this, 'specially the WOL server. Thanks WOL! Just wondering when we can look forward to some more IL2 variants? It is my favorite kite in this game and am just wondering where a M or type 3 fit in ? Thanks spud
  9. Happened to me as well, I was rather perturbed!, my fix was to remove the controllers plug the stick back in, arc up the game and make sure it was joystick0, bomb out, reboot and plug the pedals, they came up as joystick1 thankfully.. windoz issue, and really pissed me off!! good luck spud
  10. hehe just got back from walking the dogs with the young fella and now cooking dinner and having my first beer ! cheers Edward the Great!
  11. Yes patiently waiting here in Darwin too, update , update , update hope it comes out soon missus at work till 2130, gotta get some time in. seeyas spud
  12. Yes any Australian squads ?? usually LW heavy but will fly anything! thanks spud
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