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  1. Guys, thanks for the replies. No, wasnt my imtention to ground boost. Just wanted to see how close to reality our friends in the design studio took things with this particular aircraft. My thanks for the quick responses!
  2. Gents, Is there a key binding to manually place the P-51s supercharger in Hi Blower? SHF+S will take you from "auto" to stage 1, but there seems to be no key to shift up from there to stage 2. What am I overlooking? Also, does the carburetor air (ram/filtered) lever on the left side of the pit do anything? Is there a key to actuate it? Thanks in advance for any help-
  3. I remember reading once that Wehrmacht panzer crews were trained never to leave the vehicle unless it caught fire. Can anyone second this?
  4. I did read LukeFFs posts. He is always helpful and measured in his responses. What he said was, "No, there are only three radio channels in the game - Axis, Allied, and Radio Beacon." The SCR-522 radio in the P-47 had several pilot-selectable channels, A-D. These were used by the pilot to "tune", via pushbuttion, to different frequencies used by other aircraft, groundstations, or NAVAIDS, or even tank or infantry units on the ground depending on the mission.The crystal modules which determined the frequency for each channel were indeed installed by service personnel on the ground prior to the mission, as determined by the squadron communications officer. The pilot could then select whichever entity he wished to communicate with, either while he was airborne or on the ground, by changing channels via pushbutton. Thus, having the SCR-522 tuned permanently to a single channel in game is correct for the type of communications the game supports. Your assertion that "The p-47s radio isn't able to change channels because it doesn't in real life" is poppycock, and isn't what LukkeFF was saying at all. The pilot of an actual P-47 was not able to install different frequency modules in flight. He could change channels all day long.
  5. Roger. So in essence, the game mechanics "overrule" whatever actual technical capabilities a given aircrafts radio was capable of. I get it. Thanks for taking the time to explain this.
  6. When I press "Alt C" nothing happens. Am I using the wrong key combination? Or is this to be expected? I anticipated that the (SCR-522?) radio would cycle through channels A-D if I press Alt C, and that the animation might show this-
  7. .......................key binding (LAlt C) does not appear to work. Receiver is stuck on channel B and wo'nt budge.'m not even sure that it is necessary, what with the level that comms that are modeled, but since the devs included it as a binding, I'm just wondering if there is something I have overlooked. Thanks in advance for any replies.
  8. I've already got the Kiboodle, but give me more to buy and I'll gladly buy it. 😍
  9. Thanks LukeFF and Gambit, I dusted off my pilots manual .pdf and came to the same conclusion; should have read up before I posted. The two wing handles could be pulled simultaneously or singly. So, in effect, no "mode" indicator was needed. Thanks for the replies, guys.
  10. Hi Gents, Been taking the Jug up for some very cursory air-to-ground work and discovered that there doesn't seem to be a cockpit indicator for the selected bomb release sequence. Underneath the main instument panel, there is a sub-panel which is animated and shows whether rockets will be released in salvo, singly, or all at once. No such indicator (that I have discovered) exists for drop armament. The HUD gives an indication for the selected mode for bombs, ( single or both for wings, and belly) but one would think the RL pilot would need an indicator. Am I missing something?
  11. I would like to see cargoes of wounded troops for evacuation/aerial ambulance missions. Tante Ju is a hoot to fly and could carry 12 stretcher cases, IIRC. This would be a nice (and I believe, easy to incorporate) feature.
  12. Do you have complex engine management settings enabled in realism settings?
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