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  1. Will the Spit XIV be free or do we need to purchase it?
  2. Is there a way in QMB to have parked enemy aircraft at airfields, and/or river barge traffic like we used to have in the original IL2? If not, possible may this be added at some point? The FMB is a daunting learn and it would be great for those of us who enjoy ground attack to have these additional opportunities in QMB. Thank you!
  3. Best way to handle trim is the Saitek Cessna trim wheel. Very high fidelity and fine resolution, provided you can find one.
  4. Happy New Year to all. I predict the new '20s will be a banner decade for flight sims, be sure!
  5. Ruh-roh.............................you can actually DO that???
  6. Okay, a lot of good info in these and other responses. Please tell me, what a "base station" is/does, and what is meant by "controller." Also, if I am ONLY going to use VR for flight sims, do I need these things? Is the "controller" the actual headset? Sorry for my lack of knowledge. PS, rig I am buying comes with RTX2080 ti w/ 11 gigs DDR6. Thank you!
  7. I have no experience with VR, but have been looking forward to this for many years. Getting a new PC and want to include VR for flight sims. IL2 BoX, DCS, Prepar3d. I am asking those with actual experience to weigh in and guide my purchase. You may assume the PC can handle any hardware. Thank you in advance!
  8. This one REALLY looks like a shark!
  9. First efforts? Those are simply gorgeous! Good job!!
  10. This is great stuff you guys. Tomorrow when I get home from work I'm going back in. I really want to to succeed with this aircraft. Thank you all for the tips! Couple of questions, Cavalier: I know exactly how to set up the K-14 sight for use agianst individual aircraft, but I have found that most of the time, my pipper is below my cowl when making high-G maneuvers, rendering it useless. Not a problem for you? Also, do you use water injection (ADI)?
  11. Legioneod thank you for your help. I am going to keep trying. I may contact you at some point for online guidance, but I have to be honest, I do not typically care for online play, have had very mixed experiences with it. I will practice what you have shown in the video. I am confident I can find a solution to fighting in the Jug if I keep trying. Thank you-
  12. SO, was this online or ???????? Do you set the AI to orbit at a lower altitude than you? I have tried to do this, but I have a 4K display and even when the new enhanced visibility is invoked, it's super hard to spot the enemy. What you did here is worthy stuff, and exactly the way the P-47 was flown-
  13. Always loved the Jug. It's great in-game for ground-pounding and bomber intercepts. But for me, it's been a humbling experience in any and all 1v1 fighter contests. I play single player primarily. I'm reading a book about the 56th FG and have also read about the 348th in the Pacific. Those guys knew what they were doing. But in the Jug we have here in-game. I can barely hold my own against a 110. I am quite good against the AI with most other types. And no, I'm not new to flight simming either. This is my lack of skill with the Jug mind you- not blaming the flight model or overall fidelity of the P-47 at all. But the Jug- my favorite WWII warbird of all time- brings no joy. I've tried remaining high- really high- but after a very short period, the AI doesn't seem interested in coming after me. So I go gunning for them and loose all that high altitude advantage. She wont turn- (surprise!) but if I were doing it right, I dont think I should need to do alot of turning. I've read ALOT about the P-47 and how it was used (effectively) and at this point I just want to continue learning and have some fun. In the Jug. But for me, it's just not happening. What do some of the Jug jocks in the community have to say? Does anyone dogfight offline in it? And of course, thanks in advance for any and all constructive comments .
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