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  1. Landing and TakeOff from off field !!!

    Something like this : I done it with all airplanes from BoS because i only have BoS
  2. Why is no videos and tutorials about this kind of landings and takoffs ? I dont mean crash landings or belly landings. Land on some off field and then takeoff from him? If you wona videos how to land with engine off on off field and then start engine again and takeoff from off field with all planes i will post on forum ?Thanks
  3. Prince of the Hill 2017. Poll.

    I would like to participate Bf-109G-2 in the 1x1
  4. Head on, 1v1 Merge tactics

    I was good but now i am just shadow Young pilots need blood I play WoT with my E100
  5. Head on, 1v1 Merge tactics

    Dogfight is very simple Just do what oponent do and you will find itch others in headon shooting So who shoot better WIN S!
  6. Features of the Digital Nature engine

    this will be engine of ALL new simulators !!!
  7. Features of the Digital Nature engine

    this will be new engine ? http://www.outerra.com/forum/index.php?topic=637.0