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  1. That is a good point. Unfortunately not viable solution in my case because I would need to build other sounds and calls also which is time consuming and quite restricted as I cannot make calls ”under fire” or ”enemies spotted”.
  2. I need to get the ATC to shut up somehow, because I have custom ATC system and it keeps talking over it. Didn't find a way yet, I tried: Turning the fakefield neutral, but then autopilot no longer taxied to the runway, just took off straight. Setting the plane coalition to neutral, then setting the callsign to none and switching back to Germany. No effect. I would prefer not to delete any default files because it is a coop mission. Any ideas?
  3. I noticed the same problem and addition to that the editor includes files from Media translators that are set to "stop media" or "movie post effect" if there is something in the file path.
  4. Is it possible to rename the mission objectives show here? I would like to add more descriptive name because it shows the completed/failed objectives in the end of coop mission (afaik).
  5. Awesome find! I have to try that! I still wonder how I can get the ATC calls aworking and how do I get the wingmen to announce targets...
  6. Can anybody get the B-25 to drop bombs? I have tried everything. About a year ago I had no problems setting up the bombers.
  7. What is the right way to check if all planes in a flight are either landed OR destroyed? I could use counter and landed/destroyed messages but I’m worried that if a plane lands and then crashes that counts as two? How to prevent this?
  8. I created a airplane mission, set up call signs for the planes, but I don't hear AI talking on the radio?
  9. Undo and redo buttons would be nice. To make testing faster It would be good to integrate the editor to the game or otherwise allow them to run simultaneously. It would be nice to be able to control somehow those AI calls. Most of the time they are not useful. It would be nice to be able to add custom radio calls in the radio menu like in DCS.
  10. What is the best way to create carpet bombing AI B25 flight? I can get them only to bomb targets randomly or to drop their bombs in single narrow spot. How about area flak? My setup seems to fire on single plane only.
  11. I'm using QGIS. Open streetmap data is too jagged, so I use data from Sentinel 2 and filter the wavelengths so that I can separate water from land areas. Of course there are artifacts like bridges over water areas and roofs of buildings are filtered as water. Those artifacts need to be fixed manually by hand from about 1400 different 1024x1024 images. Huge huge task but with enthusiastic hobbyists rather doable. I just experimenting currently, I have to see if ESAs license allows me to use the data in such project or if I have to find other source.
  12. So currently it is impossible to create custom maps as we have no way of creating cities.mesh nor Height.dat?
  13. I'm experimenting with satellite data. I have to recheck the licenses but it looks like we can use satellite data to create the majority of rivers and lakes. There is quite a lot of clean up needed to remove the modern bridges but it shouldn't be problem with so many bitmap editors in our team. By combining data from Finnish government I was able to add in the smaller rivers as well, but we have to see what we do with them since majority of them are less than 20 m wide. This is Lappeenranta, you can see the city buildings as "small lakes" in the middle lower part of the image. Those need to
  14. Is it possible to open or edit the .DAT .WTR and Mesh files?
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