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  1. Many thanks, I send the Url for his e-mail, and he clik on url and confirm on WOL account. 😉
  2. Hi, I try creat a new account for my son, but when we try logging, we receive This account is inactive. What we doing wrong? Tks Mutley
  3. Hi, how I send the URL for a new squad pilot? Whem a new pilot enter in theyer account, have only option creat a new squad?
  4. Hi boys, The problem with roll trimer is back . Now we need 60% of trimer the aileron for left, and the plane flies totally crooked. Thanks for any help Mutley
  5. Many thanks, all is fine now! Please close this topic. Rgd, Mutley
  6. Hi, I´m a HE111 pilot, before the last update, we need 15% roll trimer for stabilazer the plane. Now we need 84% roll trimer and 54% yaw trimer, loose to mutch velocity, please revew this. Not possile one plane flaying with this configuration. Ju88 are hard too. Thaks for your attention Mutley
  7. Afther you chose your plane, clic out side the filed on map, and voala, the mods is available! Problable bug.
  8. Hi, I start the game normal, but, when I enter in any multplayer server, my screen stay black. Wings, berloga...
  9. Hi all! Some question, I believe that in the war, the pilots did not talk to the opponents pilots, do we have any command to disconnect the chat from the opponent? Thaks,
  10. Yes, I know. Same when this game launched on 2013. But this problem solved up until yesterday before the new update. This Is very important for altitude bomber, becouse a just press to much you loose your bomb and 20 minuts for preparation.
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