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  1. Bonjour, on en parle dans ce fil de discussion qui a été déterré récemment : Peut-être y trouveras tu des infos utiles ? Merci pour tes vœux et bonnes Fêtes à tous !
  2. Inspiring quote by Robin Olds 👍 @51st_FC: I am a cancer survivor like you, fighting this vicious enemy for forty years as a MD...and till now eighteen months as a patient 😉 Let’s never surrender alive ! RIP Monguse
  3. ...or with no tail no more Nice demo of an underestimated fighter !
  4. Look at this article from the highly recommended FalkeEins’ Luftwaffe blog : http://falkeeins.blogspot.com/2013/11/junkers-ju-352-aeroplane-archive-fw-190.html The stylised chamois on a shield was painted under the cockpit on some Stab and I. Gruppe Fw 190 A-3s of JG51 at early stages in Russia as seen on the photograph below:
  5. I just ordered a copy. I will offer it to my wife for X-mas 😉 Thanks for the link.
  6. Congrats Pat. Thank you Jason. Et vive CJE !
  7. Hi, this is the canopy rubber joint, left unpainted. Not located on the skin but on another .dds file (enkrypted in planes3.gtp, if I recall correctly).
  8. Is it true that the last .50 cal rounds of each ammo belt were tracers only to visually inform the pilot his machine guns were almost empty ? Thanks.
  9. Profiles by R. Ward, in Aircam nº 44, by Christopher Shores, published in the early seventies (when I was in medecine school ) Highly innacurate for today’s standards but a collector somewhere in my library... Look at the pale grey Faber’s A3 with red tactical markings or the fantasy yellow "G3+SL" flown by the mysterious "Maj. Von Graff" (described by Pierre Clostermann in The Big Show).
  10. One question to Jug experts : did the "standard" and "diamond" reticles co-existed on the hud of the K-14 gunsight as seen on the screenshot posted above by LukeFF ? Thanks.
  11. Hi DetCord, you are wellcome ! About zimmerit application, this is not very complicated : (beware : my english is very bad !). And now, the worst tutorial ever !! 1 - make a zimmerit layer using photographs of real or scale models zimmerit found on internet : --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2 - now, convert in 256 shades of grey (not sure if necessary ?), increase contrast and resize to good dimensions and locations of any 4096x4096 Tiger skins. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3 - apply and modify it (mask helps) : ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4 - and save the zimmerit layer to be converted as a bump map layer : 5 - add this normal map over the default normal map, using option "overlay". ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6 - then flatten and convert as a .dds file (pzvih1_b.dds) : ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7 - once all this done, consult a good ophtalmologist 😎
  12. Gabreski already looked old when he was a teenager 😂 but I bet he didn’t care...
  13. A-11 helmet, B-8 goggles, A-14 oxygen mask and B-4 life vest are very well detailed !
  14. The USAAF pilot wears a Berger G-3 pneumatic G-suit : http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/14231-wwii-era-usaaf-fighter-pilots-anti-g-trousers/
  15. Hi DetCord12B and you all, I made this .psd transparent mask layer to help (I hope ?) our Tiger skins artists : Tiger_Skin_Mask.rar Highly customizable !
  16. Hi @Sarpalaxan you are right : reflections simulating natural metal effect only come from the alpha layer. But some normal map layers are not detailed enough or are too pixelated. This is more noticeable on "bare metal" skins.
  17. Ssorry… The new link with a .psd file : http://www.mediafire.com/file/z3uh7c92heqpns4/P39Lines4096_Pierre64_2.rar/file
  18. I am trying to understand and, if I can, correctly reproduce natural metal effect on skins of the P-39 L (and the A-20) while patiently wainting for the incoming USAF fighters. The difficulty is to keep the look of bare metal and avoid too highly polished "chrome" look. This needs a lot of work on the skin itself and mostly on Alpha and Normal maps ! Early tests :
  19. I totally agree with @Raptorattacker and @Zargos 👍 Here are my 4K panel lines for the P-39 : http://www.mediafire.com/file/z3uh7c92heqpns4/P39Lines4096_Pierre64_2.rar/file (corrected link with .psd file)
  20. Thanks ! Of course, you can 😀 (However, consider this modified normal map is made from a new 4k panel lines layer I made recently for the P-39L and, unfortunately, some panels doesn’t match exactly with @Zargos 4k template).
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