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  1. Wings extensions of the D-5 are already planned on the official template of the D-3 as seen on the screenshot below (wireframe of still unused parts of the template) :
  2. @jollyjack Sorry : the site Toutbox is dead and I didn’t save this skin.
  3. Look at these camera guns films of P-51 Ds of 362nd FS 357th FG on 01/01/1945 : While 0.50 straffing, drop tanks (looking like 108 Gallon type ?) are dropped on a train...and miss their target ! Look attentively at the right of the screen, under the "Pathé" logo. - first by 2nd LT Cheever at approximatively 2'05". - another one by 2nd LT Dunn at 2'17".
  4. Hi, some infos about Curtiss-Electric propellers of P-47, in French : https://lapatrouillesimple.forumgratuit.org/t582-les-helices-curtiss-electric
  5. Salut Pat, the file to modify is p47d28_1.dds. You will find it in Planes3.gtp (graphics/planes/P47D28/Textures). Mods enabled of course. Edité :
  6. - Here is a link to some missions symbols and their signification : https://history.delaware.gov/2015/09/03/world-war-ii-mission-symbols/ - Below, a link to a short biography of Capt. Thomas R. Litchfield (1923 - 2017), the pilot of your promising P-47 D "Razorback" and of his brother Don who served both as pilots in 8th A.F. during WWII : http://www.chippewavalleyww2.org/Veterans/L/Li/LitchfieldDonaldD/LitchfieldDonaldD.htm With pictures of a scale model of his plane "The blond angel" (named after his wife Hariett) showing the unidentified symbol as a mix of a bomb and a broom. But I didn't find any close up photograph of the real plane to confirm this interpretation.
  7. Very very early work on a B-25 J (not a D) "MMR" (for Margaret Mary Rustin) of 447 BS/321st BG, based at Solenzara, Corsica, Spring 1944 :
  8. In the viewer too. For an unknown reason (to me ), only on some P-51D skins, there is an "interference" on the wings upper surfaces with the internal structures (p51d15na_2.dds). 1) no graphic bug with "Lollipoop" : 2) graphic bug with B7-U of 361st Fighter Group : 3) Internals seen through a "transparent skin" (any skin with a pure black alpha layer) : Maybe can we hope soon an hotfix patch from the developers ?
  9. @Bo_Nidle thanks for the fix of this graphic bug. It worked for me too. By the way, searching in the .gtp files, I found some interestings files confirming the drop tanks are coming, as recently announced by Jason ! U.S. 75 and 108 Gallon and Luftwaffe 300 l. drop tanks skins below:
  10. I don’t know if this info could help you : I found on americanairmuseum.com three photographs showing a mixed formation of seven P-51 B and D from 356th FS, 354th FG, Ninth AIr Force, five of them with invasion stripes. http://www.americanairmuseum.com/unit/55 "P-51D AJ-V is sandwiched between P-51B's AJ-E 'Bo-Yo' and AJ-D. 356FS, 354FG, 9AF" :
  11. Me 410 V-18 (W. Nr. 10115, TF+ED) sent to E-Stelle Tarnewitz between 1-14 October 1943 for trials with 2 MK 103. (Source : "Me210/Me410 Hornisse An Illustrated Production History" by Petrick & Stocker, Midland 2007).
  12. Date: 19-MAY-1940 Time: 10:45 LT Type: Fairey Battle Mk I Owner/operator: 12 Squadron Royal Air Force (12 Sqn RAF) Registration: L5538 C/n / msn: Fatalities: Fatalities: 1 / Occupants: 3 Other fatalities: 0 Aircraft damage: Written off (damaged beyond repair) Location: Horn Wood in Ménil-Lépinois, North-East of Warmeriville, Ardennes - France Phase: Combat Nature: Military Departure airport: Echemines, France Destination airport: Echemines, France Narrative:Fairey Battle Mk.I L5538 (PH-A) 12 Squadron, RAF: Written off (destroyed) when lost (failed to return) from combat operations on 19 May 1940. Of the three crew, one was unhurt, one was injured, and one died from injuries sustained. According to the official Air Ministry file on the incident (File AIR 81/434): "Battle L5538 crashed at Epernay, France, 19 May 1940. Sergeant B C Long, uninjured. Leading Aircraftman T O Burgess, injured. Pilot Officer J J McElligott, report of death from injuries". Fairey Battle L5538 was one of five aircraft from 12 Squadron airborne at 10:16 hours from Echemines to bomb targets at various locations (Operation "Hannogne"). Attacked by six Bf 109s from 4./JG 52 near St-Fergeux, Ardennes, 12 km West-North-West of Rethel, France, so the pilot decided to get rid of his bomb load, and return to his base, but crashed into a wood, possibly at Horn Wood in Ménil-Lépinois, North-East of Warmeriville, Ardennes, some distance from where the attack took place. Pilot Officer McElligott died from his wounds. LAC Burgess claims to have destroyed a Bf 109, despite serious wounds to his arms and legs. Two 12 Squadron Fairey Battles were lost in Operation "Hannogne" - L5538 and N2178 Crew of Battle L5538: Pilot Officer (Pilot) James Joseph "Jimmy" McElligott, RAF 40630, aged 24, died of wounds/injuries sustained 19/05/1940, buried at Terlincthun British Cemetery, Wimille, Pas de Calais, France Sgt B.C.Long (Observer) - survived uninjured LAC V.C.Burgess (Wireless Op./Air Gunner) - Injured in the crash Source : https://aviation-safety.net/wikibase/227546
  13. @ICDP : The skins and the normalmap are available but I cannot download the template. Thanks in advance
  14. L’effet métal est un peu juste. Travaille encore ta couche alpha. Par contre le bump mapping est une réussite ! Et j’allais oublier : Merci pour tes vœux et bonne année 2020 à toi ainsi qu’à tous les membres de ce forum 🎉
  15. You are right, but Viermots would be amazing... Look at this 3D model of an incoming large scale plastic model !
  16. Two different Yellow 6s of III./JG 54, both flown (at different dates) by Fw. Fritz Ungar, the second was belly landed on 6th March 1944.
  17. I agree with PatCartier : look at this better scan of the only known (by me) photograph of this Bf 109 G-6 flown by Oblt. Wilhelm Schilling, Staffel Kapitän of 9./JG 54, Ludwiglust, lost on 10th or 20th February 1944. W.Nr. 440141 according to Forsyth & Creek in the old "Defending the Reich" (Vol. 5 - Section 1of the Luftwaffe Colours serie. And "probably" W.Nr. 27068 according to the more recent Luftwaffe Gallery "JG 54 Special Album" by Mombeeck & Goralcyk.
  18. I agree with Finkeren and soarfeat : well done raaaid ! By the way, interesting to see when reactions/upvotes are telling a lot of a person's true character...
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