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  1. 44-72203 "Sweet and Lovely" (WZ-S) of Lt Thain had a red antenna. Unfortunately, I didn’t find colour photographs of "Big Beautiful Belle" showing its antenna mast.
  2. @Ouky1991 : Thanks for your skins. No anti-slip stripe on the original ww2 "Big Beautiful Doll". And a dark (red ?) antenna mast.
  3. Hi all, Some variations in size and number of lines for these markings as said by Spektre. Always low angle 23.0 high angle 63.0. stenciled in yellow. The Hamilton standard logo is often visible but not systematically. According to Fündekals, rear face of the blades could have some small markings too. More info here : http://www.fundekals.com/images/P-51_Stencil/P-51_Stencil_Inst_Final_rev09-2015.pdf So far, I didn’t find a ww2 photograph confirming this. I already upgraded the propeller stencils and markings for the screenshots of my wip "Detroit Miss" P-51 (you can find somewhere in the thread "P-51 jet killers suggestions" if interested). The propellers (and the wheels ) are not on the "main" skin.The .dds file, originally in 1024 x 1024, is located in p51d15/textures encrypted in planes7.gtp and need to be resized in 2048 x2048 to improve it and needs mods to be enabled.
  4. Mixing the default "blank" skin with some parts of B7-U of 374th FS (yellow nose after removing its "ace of spades" motif), D-Day stripes, black bands of IV-Z of 369th FS and adding spedific hand made markings 😊 The same for the alpha layer.
  5. Six weeks ago, on the Skins and tempaltes forum, Viks was asking for infos about this P-38. Unfortunately, this nice Lightning is not in the list of the official skins. So, maybe I can try to make it, while waiting for the template ? Here is a very early wip screenshot of "Butch II", a P-38 of 392nd FS, 367th FG, 9th AF, flown by Capt. Horace M. Hartwig, end of 1944... I will add "Regina", "Carolina"and serial number (423587). Still looking for codes (H5 - ?)... Any help, please ?
  6. Excellent, as usually. You are the boss of the alpha layer !! (The "Ta 152" screenshots only need a blown canopy😑).
  7. On this video, at 5'35" (Lt. J. W. Kavanaugh flying "Missouri Banshee"), is it a belly landed P-51D ??
  8. Originally applied during a shuttle-bombing escort mission and seen also on Ole V, this legend in Cyrillic translates as "Major Vazh Hovde", the name of the pilot’s father who was of Russian origin. (source : the old Mustang Aces of Eight Air Force by Jerry Scutts, Osprey). Edit : the profile above and more infos on Colonel Billy Hovde in this thread https://ww2aircraft.net/forum/threads/new-book-illustrations-355th-fg-tfw.12629/
  9. Animation created by Sergio Pasquali found on the great Hawker Tempest page : www.hawkertempest.se (my apologies if already mentioned)
  10. No hints but some interesting hidden message anyway...
  11. My first Se 5a skin : "B 525" of Leutnant Arthur Rhys Davids, DSO, MC and Bar. Born in 1897, he was N° 56 Sqn fourth ranking ace with 27 victories. He shot down Werner Voss of Jasta 10 flying Fokker Dr.1 after an epic dogfight on 23 September 1917. Killed in action on 27 October 1917, aged 20, chasing a group of Albatros. Download link : https://www.mediafire.com/file/2xoqwv3uwpadtpq/Se5a_RhysDavids.rar/file Edited : Corrected Royal Flying Corps badge on the screenshot. No "R.A.F." in 1917 !
  12. Hi, default key is : Left Alt + F
  13. Thanks KpgQuop, Skin folder path : ...\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Moscow\data\graphics\skins\BristolF2BF2
  14. A Bristol F.2B of 159 Sqn RAF. Italy, Summer 1918 from my personal archives with large red sections on upper wing (repairs ?). Flown by Captain Sydney Dalrymple, DFC (Observer : 2nd Lt Beagle). (The shape of the "8" on D-8084 is not correct yet and, unfortunately, "Aero Cord Tyre" marking on wheel is mirrored and only readable from port side). https://www.mediafire.com/file/8pme0wgztkgm4nc/F2b_159Sqn.rar/file
  15. A "Low Vis camo" F2;b fighter of 39 (Home defense) Sqn. in 1918. WIP, patiently waiting for the release of the official template. Edit : New improved Screenshot and wip skin link : https://www.mediafire.com/file/h1kns8dlyu9o1n2/Bristol_F2b_2bleu_57Sqn.rar/file
  16. Me too 👨‍🦳 It was the day of my 16th birthday. A wonderful and unforgetable gift !
  17. Uffz. Karl Börner claimed a "Defiant" (more probably a Spitfire, his first and only known kill) over the North Sea (north-west of Dunkirk) on 25/07/1942. A picture of his "gelbe 8" (RC + TH) under camouflage netting, photographed at Moorsele before the crash landing on 21/08/1942, when he was injured :
  18. @Flowbee_603 About your nice "Yellow 8" skin : a "ghost" Werk Nummer remained under the port wing, near the landing gear cover.
  19. It is possible (and relatively easy) as seen on this Screenshot of the default skin of the Bf 109E7. You only have to edit "name_of_plane"_blr.dds file encrypted in planes.gtp, planes2.gtp,...and copy it in data/graphics/Planes/"name_of__plane"/Textures (with mods allowed). However, no offense, but where did you see white tips on propellers of german planes ?
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