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  1. Excellent ! ...But still needs pilot and crew names under port side of canopy 😈
  2. On USAAF national insignias, red outline was in use for a short period of time during Summer 43, from 29 June to 14 August. On the photograph above, trees have already lost their leaves. I should say the stars outlines are overpainted with dark blue.😎 (But a red outline would be nice too 🤠)
  3. Two pilots of this P-47D-2-RA HV*N were Lt Samuel D Hamilton, Tutwiler, MS. and Joseph R Curtis, Houston, TX This plane was lost in combat on 03/15/1944 near Quakenbrück, Germany (MACR 3052), flown by John Kozey Jr. who baled out and became prisoner of war. Note the stenciled code letters and overpainted white rudder band On the color photograph, the artwork is still unfinished with "Liberty Belle" letters only chalked. Sources : http://www.littlefriends.co.uk/56th-fighter-group/ (highly recommended) http://files.usgwarchives.net/ms/tallahatchie/cemeteries/rosemond.txt (Edited with more infos found in the book "Zemke's Wolfpack") : A closer view of "Liberty Belle" with Lt Curtis sitting on the wing with his crew : Staff Sergeant Anthony Rosati (crew chief) and Staff Sergeant John Coble (Assistant).
  4. @SARFlytitus : thanks a lot for the collector plane but I already own them all. Please, give it for me to the forum member of your choice 👍 By the way, "Dream baby" (HV*G - 416401) was the P-47 C flown by Paul A. Conger, Piedmont, Ca.
  5. Hi SARFlytus, may your friend rest in peace. 41-6268 UN*P was a P-47C-2-RE originally assigned to Major Lucian A. "Pete" Dade, Hopkinsville, Kentucky. It was reassigned to Lieutenant Janson on Dade 's transfer to the 62nd FS and lost on 8 October 1943 when Lt. Dover C. Fleming Jr was KIA, being downed by enemy fighters near Amsterdam. On this photograph, taken in January 1945 for the celebration of the second anniversary of the 56th arriving in the ETO as well as its 800 confirmed victories, Dade is third from right. Source : Zemke's Wolfpack - A Photographic Odyssey Of The 56th Fighter Group During WWII, by Nigel Julian and Peter Randall, published in 2015 by Fighting High Ltd. Highly recommended !!👍
  6. Hi szelljr, on the skin, just clone this part as seen on the screenshot (a crop of the template with wireframe) below :
  7. @Danziger : me again Symetry issues with "zig zag" pattern due to mirroring of tire texture... Diamond (as default), square or oval treads are possible however.
  8. @Danziger : good idea. As soon as I can !
  9. @[FAC]Ghost129er no, it is specific to Razorback. For the Bubbletop, the texture of the tire, although of a little bit smaller size, is located on the skin. So, every Bubbletop skin (and Bubbletop only) can have different tires : default diamond tread, cross tread, "zig-zag" and so on... Some examples IRL : Pierre
  10. @352nd_Siqhter : according to 368thfightergroup.com, Miss Second Front’s crew chief was John Dombos. (And its serial number could be 42-75329... s/n 42-75325, another D-11-RE, was named "Mississipi Rebel).
  11. Done. Download link : https://www.mediafire.com/file/75csj2wp2pe6zjx/p47d22_Tires.rar/file If interested, just unrar the two modified .dds files (the skin and its bump mapping) in IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Moscow\data\graphics\Planes\P47D22\Textures (Mods must be enabled and the folder named Textures has to be created before). Pierre
  12. First stages of a mod to replace the default diamond tread tires of Razorback : cross tread tires. Coming soon (maybe not so soon...) in a PC near you...
  13. The propeller blades are not located on the template but in p47d22-1.dds, an hidden file encrypted in Planes5.gtp. Different models were used on P-47s. Our D-22 had Hamilton Standard Hydromatic propellers with specific « horizontal » markings. I modified it as a mod : https://www.mediafire.com/file/xleq78zibyt9eol/p47d22_1.rar/file (once mods enabled, just create a folder named Textures in graphics\P47D22 and unzip the modified p47d22_1.dds file in : 1C Game Studios\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Moscow\data\graphics\Planes\P47D22\Textures).
  14. WIP of Capt. Walker.M. "Bud" Mahurin's P-47-D-5-RE, 42-8487. November 1943, 63d Fighter Squadron, 56th Fighter Group., Halesworth, Suffolk, England.
  15. Not exactly "your" HV*V. But a "Little Chief" anyway HV*S, a P-47D-15-RE 42-75658, also flown by Lt. Frank Klibbe of the 61st F.S. (WIP) Should be easier with the template. Please, Jason...
  16. @Lythronax and @HBPencil : +1
  17. A very interesting and recent study (in French) by J.-Claude Mermet about RLM81, 82 and 83 : http://maquettemaster.forumactif.com/t808-rlm-81-82-et-83 (with a nice photograph of a blue wing float of a trimotor flyingboat Blohm-und-Voss BV 138 !). The dark green shade previously identified as "RLM 83" is a variant of RLM 81 and the real RLM 83 was dark blue... About Luftwaffe colors, all we know is we know nothing 😉
  18. Thank you for your interest. Here is a link to a .rar including two files. https://www.mediafire.com/file/ng9oi6drhwuvcu0/Spit_MkI_Fake.rar/file - a skin of a generic "sort of" Mk. I (from ICDP's template), - and the .psd layer to add to the original alpha, making guns (more or less) transparent. (On the generic skin, red tapes covering the eight 0.303 guns are unfinished and, of course, wings bulges of Hispanos 20 mm, fishtail exhausts and Rotol propeller and spinner are not modified.)
  19. My own Spitfire Mk. I... Hispano guns removed after editing the alpha layer. 😜
  20. Thanks for help, szellr but doesn't work for me neither...(Gimp, Paint Shop Pro X).
  21. White 60 of René Challe 👍 Unfortunately, I can’t open .psb files with Gimp...
  22. Brief description: when parked or on the landing strip, the Yak-9 (and Yak-9T) looks like in "levitation", wheels some centimeters over the ground. Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): screenshot :
  23. Hi Blitzen. I am 66 years old by now but I remember these kits my dad bought me in the late '50 !👴 Once the bugs in the alpha layer corrected, I'll be glad to skin fot you this (very) blue Spifire.
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