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  1. Wings extensions of the D-5 are already planned on the official template of the D-3 as seen on the screenshot below (wireframe of still unused parts of the template) :
  2. @jollyjack Sorry : the site Toutbox is dead and I didn’t save this skin.
  3. Look at these camera guns films of P-51 Ds of 362nd FS 357th FG on 01/01/1945 : While 0.50 straffing, drop tanks (looking like 108 Gallon type ?) are dropped on a train...and miss their target ! Look attentively at the right of the screen, under the "Pathé" logo. - first by 2nd LT Cheever at approximatively 2'05". - another one by 2nd LT Dunn at 2'17".
  4. Hi, some infos about Curtiss-Electric propellers of P-47, in French : https://lapatrouillesimple.forumgratuit.org/t582-les-helices-curtiss-electric
  5. Salut Pat, the file to modify is p47d28_1.dds. You will find it in Planes3.gtp (graphics/planes/P47D28/Textures). Mods enabled of course. Edité :
  6. - Here is a link to some missions symbols and their signification : https://history.delaware.gov/2015/09/03/world-war-ii-mission-symbols/ - Below, a link to a short biography of Capt. Thomas R. Litchfield (1923 - 2017), the pilot of your promising P-47 D "Razorback" and of his brother Don who served both as pilots in 8th A.F. during WWII : http://www.chippewavalleyww2.org/Veterans/L/Li/LitchfieldDonaldD/LitchfieldDonaldD.htm With pictures of a scale model of his plane "The blond angel" (named after his wife Hariett) showing the unidentified symbol as a mix of a bomb and a broom. But I didn't find any close up photograph of the real plane to confirm this interpretation.
  7. Very very early work on a B-25 J (not a D) "MMR" (for Margaret Mary Rustin) of 447 BS/321st BG, based at Solenzara, Corsica, Spring 1944 :
  8. In the viewer too. For an unknown reason (to me ), only on some P-51D skins, there is an "interference" on the wings upper surfaces with the internal structures (p51d15na_2.dds). 1) no graphic bug with "Lollipoop" : 2) graphic bug with B7-U of 361st Fighter Group : 3) Internals seen through a "transparent skin" (any skin with a pure black alpha layer) : Maybe can we hope soon an hotfix patch from the developers ?
  9. @Bo_Nidle thanks for the fix of this graphic bug. It worked for me too. By the way, searching in the .gtp files, I found some interestings files confirming the drop tanks are coming, as recently announced by Jason ! U.S. 75 and 108 Gallon and Luftwaffe 300 l. drop tanks skins below:
  10. I don’t know if this info could help you : I found on americanairmuseum.com three photographs showing a mixed formation of seven P-51 B and D from 356th FS, 354th FG, Ninth AIr Force, five of them with invasion stripes. http://www.americanairmuseum.com/unit/55 "P-51D AJ-V is sandwiched between P-51B's AJ-E 'Bo-Yo' and AJ-D. 356FS, 354FG, 9AF" :
  11. Me 410 V-18 (W. Nr. 10115, TF+ED) sent to E-Stelle Tarnewitz between 1-14 October 1943 for trials with 2 MK 103. (Source : "Me210/Me410 Hornisse An Illustrated Production History" by Petrick & Stocker, Midland 2007).
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