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  1. Pierre64

    what is written below pls

    Thanks for your answer, Frenchy56 😉
  2. Pierre64

    DD today?

    @Trooper117 How to enlist in the Russian Army ?
  3. Pierre64

    FW190 A8 template observation

    Hi @dog1, These new parts are optional armour plates of some A8s, not present on previous Fw 190s versions. To make room to these plates, propeller blades textures are removed from skins .dds files to "fw190a8_2.dds". You can find this file in Planes3.gtp and edit it with your graphics program as a mod. As an exemple, I just added RLM 70 paint and fantasy red stencils "f1"(for front), "f2" and "f3".
  4. Pierre64

    Developer Diary 214 - Discussion

    Thanks for this DD and, over all (IMO)for the very nice 262s !! Unpainted version is my favorite : However, was the putty so yellowish ?
  5. Bonjour, on en parle dans ce fil de discussion qui a été déterré récemment : Peut-être y trouveras tu des infos utiles ? Merci pour tes vœux et bonnes Fêtes à tous !
  6. Pierre64

    RIP FA_Monguse

    Inspiring quote by Robin Olds 👍 @51st_FC: I am a cancer survivor like you, fighting this vicious enemy for forty years as a MD...and till now eighteen months as a patient 😉 Let’s never surrender alive ! RIP Monguse
  7. Pierre64

    Who lives in London, England???

    Like a dream come true 😇
  8. Pierre64

    ROF Guncam montage - Vive le Nieuport 28!

    ...or with no tail no more Nice demo of an underestimated fighter !
  9. Pierre64

    Skins WIP ET RC

    En tous cas, bravo et merci pour cette série de P-47 français ! Je ne les ai pas encore téléchargés, faute d’accès à mon ordinateur, mais les captures d’écran sont remarquables et me rendent impatient de le faire dès que possible. Le réalisme des marques d’usure du camouflage Olive drab, en particulier, est incroyable !
  10. Look at this article from the highly recommended FalkeEins’ Luftwaffe blog : http://falkeeins.blogspot.com/2013/11/junkers-ju-352-aeroplane-archive-fw-190.html The stylised chamois on a shield was painted under the cockpit on some Stab and I. Gruppe Fw 190 A-3s of JG51 at early stages in Russia as seen on the photograph below:
  11. Pierre64

    P-47 D Skins

    I just ordered a copy. I will offer it to my wife for X-mas 😉 Thanks for the link.
  12. Pierre64

    Post Your Screenshots / Vids Here

    Congrats Pat. Thank you Jason. Et vive CJE !
  13. Hi, this is the canopy rubber joint, left unpainted. Not located on the skin but on another .dds file (enkrypted in planes3.gtp, if I recall correctly).
  14. Pierre64

    Is the work on new Graphic Effects finished?

    Is it true that the last .50 cal rounds of each ammo belt were tracers only to visually inform the pilot his machine guns were almost empty ? Thanks.