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  1. A very interesting and recent study (in French) by J.-Claude Mermet about RLM81, 82 and 83 : http://maquettemaster.forumactif.com/t808-rlm-81-82-et-83 (with a nice photograph of a blue wing float of a trimotor flyingboat Blohm-und-Voss BV 138 !). The dark green shade previously identified as "RLM 83" is a variant of RLM 81 and the real RLM 83 was dark blue... About Luftwaffe colors, all we know is we know nothing 😉
  2. Thank you for your interest. Here is a link to a .rar including two files. https://www.mediafire.com/file/ng9oi6drhwuvcu0/Spit_MkI_Fake.rar/file - a skin of a generic "sort of" Mk. I (from ICDP's template), - and the .psd layer to add to the original alpha, making guns (more or less) transparent. (On the generic skin, red tapes covering the eight 0.303 guns are unfinished and, of course, wings bulges of Hispanos 20 mm, fishtail exhausts and Rotol propeller and spinner are not modified.)
  3. My own Spitfire Mk. I... Hispano guns removed after editing the alpha layer. 😜
  4. Thanks for help, szellr but doesn't work for me neither...(Gimp, Paint Shop Pro X).
  5. White 60 of René Challe 👍 Unfortunately, I can’t open .psb files with Gimp...
  6. Brief description: when parked or on the landing strip, the Yak-9 (and Yak-9T) looks like in "levitation", wheels some centimeters over the ground. Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): screenshot :
  7. Hi Blitzen. I am 66 years old by now but I remember these kits my dad bought me in the late '50 !👴 Once the bugs in the alpha layer corrected, I'll be glad to skin fot you this (very) blue Spifire.
  8. @Blitzen download link added in my previous post. edit : alpha layer problems... I will try to correct it later. Sorry.
  9. https://www.mediafire.com/file/io18ldsir5drtut/Bf109E_Aurora.rar/file
  10. Hi Julian, one nice Gustav more ! To correct this little transparency error : on the alpha layer, replace this "100% black" rectangle by any dark grey.
  11. Wings extensions of the D-5 are already planned on the official template of the D-3 as seen on the screenshot below (wireframe of still unused parts of the template) :
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