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  1. Hi Flowbee, thanks for your skin. It remembers me one I made for the first IL-2 more than fifteen year ago. This 262 is "Yellow 3" (W.Nr. 170032) from III./KG (J) 54 found abandonned at München-Riem. When, during the very late stages of the war, this bomber unit (Totenkopf Keschwader) switched to fighter role, tactical markings B3+xx and diagonal band (yellow for the third group) were overpainted and blue and white Reichverteidigung band and yellow numbers added. Front cowlings of Jumo engines were probably not white but left in natural metal. The contrasted pattern on the fin was frequently seen on Me 262s of Kommando Nowotny.
  2. For test purpose only, exploring the excellent ICDP Template.
  3. Thanks your for the animation of canopy jettison lever on Me 262 in the just released version 3.101b 👍 IMO however, when this lever is activated before bail out, the rear part of the canopy should be ejected together with the mobile hinged part. This Me 262 captured by an US gun camera is spinning to the ground, its pilot (Schallmoser ? I am not sure ) has already parachuted. The central and rear parts of the canopy are not visible.
  4. Hi all, 3D model and official skins of Me 262 are amazing but I noticed a small problem on external view : the two holes on the rear part of the cockpit look very blurred. And the hatch located just under these holes is round, looking different from inside wiew : I modified me262a_1.dds to correct this "bug"and added some details. Just copy the modded file (link below) in IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Moscow\data\graphics\Planes\Me262A\Textures http://www.mediafire.com/file/glrtb79b7c55qwp/me262a_1.dds/file (Mods need to be enabled)
  5. Yes, please! Firing R4Ms ? And bombs ? Many thanks.
  6. A favorable sign ? 😁
  7. Hi Spektre, another view of the crash landed Messerschmitt. I hope this helps you. Source : Luftwaffe Gallery n°3 by Erik Mombeeck, with profiles by Thierry Dekker . (Highly recommanded serie !!). Btw, I'm not sure your two photographs of your post show the same plane seen at two different dates : the camo pattern is not exactly the same and the second Gruppe horizontal bar is slightly higher on the crash landed Bf 109 F (notice the lift holes). According to Jochen Prien (Die Jagdfliegerverbände der Deutschen Luftwaffe, Teil 6/II - "Unternehmen "Barbarossa"), the first Friedrich is "weisse 4" of 4./JG 54, flown by Obfw. Max Stotz.
  8. Does your skin folder name begin with a bottom dash ? Like that : _PzIII-M
  9. Julian, IMO, the name of your Pz III-M skin should finish with &1 and its optionnel skirts skin name with &1#1 Please, try : Totenkopf&1.dds (for your PzIII skin), and : Totenkopf&1#1.dds (for your optionnel skirts). And paste them in data\graphics\skins\_PzIII-M Greetings,
  10. Hi all, Julian, you are right ! Some correctives to my post above : to associate a Pz III M with its appropriate skirts, name the Pz III skin : example&1.dds and the skirts skin : example&1#1.dds and paste them in : IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Moscow\data\graphics\skins\_PzIII-M
  11. @barrydem41 @Hucky and @E69_julian57 Hi all, the skin of the skirts is encrypted in data\Vehicles1.gtp. The name is : _pziii-m02#1.dds (This is the ochre with green streaks. I didn't find the ochre, winter and "Wien" official textures skirts). (Note : you have to manually create the destination folder : \_pziii-m\textures in vehicles folder). an example below with some brown and a fictitious tactical number "112" quickly added on only one armour plate." :
  12. This aircraft was an unassigned Dora-9, W.Nr. unknown, found destroyed with a profusion of schrapnel holes at the bombed Fieseler factory at Kassel, in Hessen, Germany.
  13. Hi Hardin, the textures of wheels (main and rear) of the Ju 88 are not located on the main skin .dds file but on ju88a4_1.dds, a 1024x1024 texture you will find in C:\Program Files (x86)\1C Game Studios\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Moscow\data\planes.gtp (use the program unGTP-IL2.exe to open planes.gtp)
  14. Pierre64


    Hi Hardin, that is the technical marking for engine oil with identification details in three lines in yellow : Avia Shell Mittel on a brown triangle edged in yellow. Could be Intava 100 or Rotring too (source : Luftwaffe camouflage and markings Volume 2 by Ken Merrick, Classic publications) Seems often deleted or overpainted on operational aircrafts.
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