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  1. I like these SG 2 Fw 190 F-8 👍 May I suggest to remove the wheels doors, as seen on your photograph ?
  2. My guess : „Achtung ! Vor Beladung ASZ-R so einstellen ETC links vorne zuerst auslöst"
  3. Excellent 👍 PS : Achtung, Svastika !!
  4. Nº 3 Squadron Hurricanes of South African Air Force served in Egypt, Aden and North Africa. http://www.historyofwar.org/air/units/SAAF/3_wwII.html
  5. Another rare and exclusive photograph of szeljr while painting "Lady Shirley" on Capt Peter Metelerkamp’s Hurricane Mk IIb trop (BD588) of Nº 1 Squadron SAAF at LG-15 Bir Zimla, near Mersa Matruh, Egypt, in June 42. Notice to skinners : As with most british aircrafts, there was two camouflage schemes on Hurricanes (all sub-types and theaters of operation) : "A" and "B" (mirrored) patterns. Usually, "A" scheme on aircraft with even serial number, "B" scheme on aircraft with odd s/n.
  6. Hawker Hurricane Mk.I (P2691) of No. 242 Squadron RAF. Flying Officer William 'Willie' McKnight, DFC & Bar. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Willie_McKnight Still WIP, thanks again to ICDP for his amazing template !
  7. @ICDP : Many thanks. Amazing work👍 (...no wireframe layer ??Edit : found it. Sorry).
  8. With these two Bf 109G-6s, early and late models, don’t whe need two Spitfires Mk IX, the late model we already have and the early model, with the rounded tail unit of the Mk V ?
  9. Look at this "Weisse 5" Fw 190A-8 or A-9 with JG 301 Rumpfbänd, taken after the war at a wreck collection point... Makes me scratching my head too ! Colorized or not, colors look inverted too. Source : Luftwaffe im Focus N. 29, by Axel Urbanke. Luftfahrtverlag Start, 2019.
  10. Never too much dirt 😉 Look at this close up of Theo Nibel's "Black 12" (210019) of 10./JG 54, belly landed in a field at Wemmel (near Brussels) on 01/01/1945 after a...birdstrike.
  11. Below the link to this very simple .dds file, made, of course, without any template : http://www.mediafire.com/file/1m16ifvdcqttelr/G-AMAU_99.rar/file Edit : the gun cam is removed after editing the alpha layer.
  12. Me too 😉 Easy to correct. ...And you forgot the "black 13" on the main wheel cover.
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