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  1. As a UX designer my kind of work deals a lot with customer frustration and fixing pain points. Also I believe there is always room for improvement. I want to give my feedback because I hate when it happens, and i think it's a easy solution to implement / fix. Type of improvement: Interface Explanation: Server disconnects messages... there are none, a lot of times I get this little "monster" inside me when you enter a server, wait while the game is loading and puff, you are redirected to your home screen (hangar), without any reason whatsoever leaving the user completely clueless on what happened. This happens many times, and I actually quited the game many times bc of this. This is bad experience and creates friction but I think it can be fixed quickly. Benefit: Giving a message to the user on what happened will reduce customer friction, probably reducing "quit rage" and giving the opportunity to try another server (relative to the disconnect message). ps. my 1st post lol
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