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  1. Since we are all just dabbling in speculation anyway, here is my thinking at this point in time. BoN will be the last "Battle of" installment using the current game engine. We are at a capabilities dead end. Going beyond small unit tactical ops is just too much for the old thing to handle. The ever increasing desires of the simming community can not be realized by patching up this old war horse and sending her out for another go. And here we hit the very solid wall of economic reality. Flight simulation is a tiny backwater in the larger world of computer gaming, with a commensurately tiny pool of publishers willing to take the risk of funding a game engine and Sim that will allow us to have the things we want out of a title in this day and age. What the answer to this is, I have no clue, but for now we need to temper our expectations for any large scale maps, massive bombing campaigns, or grand fleets squaring off in the Pacific. They are not possible in any future, on this engine, under current budgetary constraints. Sad, but true.
  2. It would be interesting to do some kind of controlled test of the effect of different settings of your gun convergence distance on when the AI will make an evasive break when you are on their six. In my experience the AI will make an evasive maneuver just when you come to your convergence setting. Seems this would be a simple set of programming parameters because the number you set is indeed "known" by the program.
  3. I'm looking forward to some low level/high speed interdiction missions against airfields and rail yards, though anti shipping has it's appeal, and, it's challenges as well.
  4. The 9 series is a development of the 7 series. The 1 is the "light" fighter of the Yaks, and spawned the 3.
  5. A razorback would also work for New Guinea, just sayin'.
  6. The 26s and 17s in the Pacific were simply used up, and with the war in Europe being the theater of main priority, no more were sent to the Pacific. General Kenny had to make do with A20s until B25s could be spared from the European commitments.
  7. To quote the US commander at Wake Island, "Issue in doubt".
  8. Do remember that the VVS used the 9T in the fighter role, not the ground attack role, just as they did with the P39. A big gun does not have to mean ground attack only. I look forward to shredding some He 111s and Ju88s with it.
  9. A6M2N Ki61 Ki43 P40N CAC Boomerang Brewster F2A Consolidated PBY Kawanishi H8K I could go on, but I think you get the drift.
  10. Well I am a bit disappointed as I was looking forward to getting back in some Japanese aircraft, but, the razor back Mustang, and the Spit XIV have my undivided attention. Pre ordered. Perhaps I will be around long enough to see the Pacific done.
  11. Whatever it is, I'm awarding the badge of "Troll Level Grand Master" to Jason and crew. They have the community all running in different directions, trying to figure out what is really going on, while they are sitting back enjoying the show. I wonder if Jason is really a BlitzPig at heart? ๐Ÿคฃ
  12. All three in the bag. Can't wait for the 9t. Big Badaboom!
  13. In the distance, the band from the Kongo can be heard playing the kimigayo march on her fantail, as our Zeros are made ready...
  14. How is choosing to fly at high alt, with an available weapons load out an exploit?
  15. For whatever reason IL2 BoX does not like to "Alt Tab" to the desktop, even if you don't open another program. Get everything you need (Teamspeak, Track IR, etc...) running before you start the Sim. For now that's just how it is.
  16. BSR. Stop being so thick headed about this. It isn't the same in any way, shape, or form. You really have an issue with not being able to accept that you don't know what you are talking about. Hyperlobby, or any other similar utility is a website that shows all available servers, coop or DF, allows you to to see their settings, number of open slots, etc... and allow you to join from that interface, and also allow people to use a chat function to ask questions, or simply shoot the breeze. Teamspeak is a VOIP program that allows voice chat and limited text chat, and is typically hosted for the private use of individual groups. It has no capability to view game servers, or join them. It is excellent for what it is, but it is most definitely not a game lobby.
  17. The BlitzPigs have been flying a lot of FC lately. I host coops that I generate with SYN_Vander's excellent third party tool. We actually are somewhat surprised how much we have come to enjoy flying the old kites. It has been fun discovering the intricacies of the different aircraft, and how often we arrive at a favorite that was the furthest thing from our initial expectation. I never would have expected the Pfalz D III to be my favorite Central Powers bird, but it's pilot friendly characteristics make it a joy to fly, even with it's speed deficit compared to the Entente kites. And then there is the Bristol. The do all, be all, jack of all trades, master of most, that fits the BlitzPigs penchant for making life hard for the boots on the ground. Lovely machine. The swirling dogfights that often develop are very challenging, and also quite fun. Hard to beat it actually. Now if it only had the Neiuport 28 and Sopwith Tripe, I'd be in heaven.
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