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  1. Understood. No argument or issue from me sir, just posting about a similar issue, and being supportive to the dev crew. Cheers. 🍻
  2. The Mig is not alone in this. The other day I flew the 262 with the outer MK108s deleted, and the dashboard counter said I had over 1000 rounds of 30mm to play with. It didn't, I ran dry after firing around 100 rounds, as I recall. Big update with the team working under far less than optimal conditions, these little things can happen. Overall this is still an outstanding update. I think the team should be promoted to Guards status, and be awarded virtual HSUs. 👍
  3. Thanks for the quick reply. Will look forward to more areas of operation on the Kuban. Also the area to the far east is so pretty with the mountains on the spring map. Sochi, Maikop, etc...
  4. Vander, thanks again for this great tool, I have made many missions with it that the BlitzPigs and our friends fly on all the time. I have one question. Is there any combination of dates, mission types etc, that will put bases on the far western part of the Kuban map, specifically in the Kerch strait/Taman area? It's a visually good looking part of that map that really doesn't see much use, and a couple of our guys asked if it was somehow possible. Cheers.
  5. I'd rather that we were able to place more AI units on a map and not drag down the performance of the game engine. This will become blindingly apparent if anyone tries to make a realistic portrayal of the D-Day invasion beaches when Battle of Normandy is released. My fear is that the whole thing will look as lifeless as no man's land in FC.
  6. You shouldn't have to use a technique for landing a WW1 kite with a WW2 aircraft. Yes it works, but it's wrong. I can't imagine carrier ops with this screwy ground handling. Picture a deck full of Sea Fires with the current Spit ground handling. The forward motion of the ship would blow them all off the deck.
  7. The crankshaft in the P39 was no longer than any other Allison engined aircraft. The long bit was a driveshaft that connected the engine's crankshaft to the propeller reduction gearbox at the front of the aircraft. This allowed the aircraft to mount the 37mm gun through the prop hub.
  8. Found a bug on the Camel. When using the instrument light, an area of the instrument panel becomes transparent and you can see the back of the engine spinning around. Nvidia RTX 2070 Super on latest drivers.
  9. I see this sort of thing a lot as I host the BlitzPigs on my own computer while I am flying. Mostly it's positioning error type of things. We will be in formation on the way to a target, I am flying lead. I will indicate say, 330kph in an IL2, and the rest of the formation will blow by me and they are having trouble to not suffer from stalls as they are indicating 270 or below, yet on screen they streak by me. Then when we do attack things on the ground I will often get warnings that one or the other of them has 4 or 5 second delays in registering hit data. I am in Ohio, the other guys are in Maine, Washington state, Los Angeles area, Vancouver, London in the UK, Germany, and Tel Aviv Israel. Just something we have to live with.
  10. Looks like a fuel tank explosion to me. Note the flames before the aircraft is blown up.
  11. Another annoying tactic the AI love is the sniper shot while doing a head on attack, and then of course there is the Carlos Hathcock sniper AI rear gunner in the Stuka that can fire at angles that a human rear gunner cannot, all while the aircraft is maneuvering, and can hit with accuracy at 1km ranges and take out your engine with a bloody 8x57 Mauser round fired from an inaccurate fully automatic machine gun. I so wish it was possible to set the gunners ability level separately from the pilot's, so that the AI bombers will drop with some degree of accuracy, while the gunners would have believable behavior as well.
  12. Most people land too fast as well, this makes for problems. I know your use of brakes works in the sim, but this is one of the glaring diversions from reality that should be unacceptable in a "simulation". If you did that in a real life Spitfire you would be on your nose straight away, and at the least you would have a broken prop, at worst, well, I hope you hugged your girlfriend before you took off, because you would not be doing that ever again... The ground handling remains the weakest part of our favorite sim to this day. Ineffective brakes than never fade, too much "sticktion" of the ground surface that makes you use inordinate amounts of power to get your aircraft rolling from a parked position, the way too long take off rolls of the WW1 kites, and the totally unrealistic ground loop behavior. I hope this can be fixed some day.
  13. It can affect your multiplayer experience, but single player, nope.
  14. It was ever thus in the whole IL2 series, dating back the the original IL2. AMD owners were always the ones having issues with drivers, graphical anomalies, etc, at far higher rates than Nvidia users did. The trend continues.
  15. Thank you =RS=Stix_09, and yes this happens to everyone on the server even if they have it unticked in their install.
  16. I am still seeing the "Handling tips" on the left side of my screen, even though I have them switched off in the Realism section... This is online when I am hosting on my machine. Otherwise this is an outstanding patch. The sim looks better everywhere, and the new Yaks are quite fun.
  17. You can open the mission file in the mission editor, find the AI units, select them, open their properties and change their country to United States or Great Britain. Of course the issue is if you change the Germans to this they will be friendly aircraft and you will get penalized for shooting them down.
  18. There are those in the "community" that think that everyone should fly the way that they do, and they will never be happy with anyone that doesn't share their dogmatic belief system. Let's call them Karen. Now what Karen refuses to understand is that there are a LOT of paying customers who do not share that sentiment. These folks play the sim for their enjoyment, and for the challenges it provides, just like Karen does, but desire to play it their way, and not be forced to submit to the will of Karen, and that is what they will do. Poor Karen. All alone over there, ranting at the sky.
  19. MercCrom175, it's mostly because real pilots sat in real cockpits with perfect 360 degree awareness and could work every control by feel and didn't have to fiddle with multiple key assignments, silly key combinations, and they are not viewing that world through the equivalent of a port hole directly in front of them. Also they could feel, hear and smell things that no virtual pilot can. Many of the operations that we do are harder than they are in real aircraft. Just another example of the harder is more real school of flight sim dogma. It's rubbish. Real is more real, harder or not.
  20. Bullet destabilization (tumbling) would only happen after the initial penetration of the aircraft skin, and even then it's more likely to deflect it's trajectory path, than to tumble end over end.
  21. Interesting, I never knew using, or not, the techchat was an issue.
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