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  1. Myself and the guys I fly with have always been perplexed at the RoF scoring system. For example, the other night I flew online in a DH 4 and never got close to the target before being shot down by a direct flak hit. The mission then ended and I was awarded 200 points (as I recall) for getting shot down... ?????
  2. RoF: Operating stability. (though to be fair since the last patch CloD is perfectly stable for me) CloD: Cockpit damage modeling, both graphic and in game engine. CloD: Aircraft interaction with the ground (crash). No bouncing planes, and lets have visual damage to nose of aircraft when hitting the ground at 100 knots +. Also persistent visual representation of crashed aircraft and ground objects. A "clean" battlefield is a total immersion killer. IL2/46: Coops in the original IL2 format. CloD: Full aircraft equipment. None of this having to purchase critical instrument nonsense. RoF: Continued interaction of the developers with the community. Jason and crew are very good at this. RoF/CloD: Maintain the immersive feeling of flight that both sims are quite good at. RoF: Basic GUI/Hangar system. I like the "museum" approach, though updated for WW2., I'm sure there are more, but I have to get back to work... Antique cars don't fix themselves... :D
  3. Have to stick with the historic plane set, be sure. We all have our favorites, but historical accuracy must be paramount.
  4. I'm not talking about the instrument panels, or click pits. The 3D models of aircraft in R0F are by far it's best features. What I'm tlking about is the ability to have a very large number of ground vehicles, ships, AI aircraft, all interacting on the same map to give a convincing portrayal of the theatre/theatres portrayed. I'm talking about crashed aircraft and destroyed units that are persistent and don't just fade away after a few seconds. Battlefields that look like it, not just "trenches" painted on a grey stripe from one end of the map to the other with an artillery SFX over lay looping in the background. I'm talking about immersion here. Something that I get in '46 and CloD, and not in RoF. The Russian Front, as was the Front in WW1, was a gritty, awful, place. I get no sense of that in the sterile, unpopulated, picture postcard world of RoF. That is what needs to change, and what we need to see evidence of 777 being able to accomplish.
  5. Seeing as the Russians didn't like the Hurricane particulary, I would hope for the P 40 first.
  6. I have to agree that the lack of cockpit damage in RoF is a pretty big immersion killer. Honestly, these are wood and linen kites with a bit of metal at the front and a meat servo at the controls, and that is it. Yet, you can hose down the cockpits with .303" rounds from point blank range and nothing is touched. Come on, that's unacceptable in a "simulation" built today. I know some of you guys have real world firearms experience. Ever seen a rifle caliber round in the .30" and above range that would not splinter/destroy a piece of wood?
  7. I'm really hoping for some P 40s. Many Russian pilots considered them their first "modern" aircraft.
  8. Have to agree 100% (HA!) with Ace and with IceFire. If the FM dust ups that we all have taken part in in IL2 are to be avoided, then knowing the "numbers" of the FMs in the new sim would be a very good thing. However, current practice in RoF is to just believe that the FMs are correct. I've never seen any documentation on them, so I do hope that the new sim avoids this.
  9. That's because it's imported from the stillborn BoM. Good thing is it shows that 3D models can apparently be imported from CloD/BoM.
  10. As the bunch of folks that I fly with are primarily concerned with ground attack, my question is will the new sim have better representation of ground objects, both in quality and especially quantity than Rise of Flight currently does? The scale of mechanized warfare in the Great Patriotic War was vast, can the new engine support it? Thanks and all the best.
  11. It is the same thing for me. It's not about just managing systems, it's about the "feel" of the virtual aircraft. And as I said RoF is better at this than '46 is, but, will this transfer over to more modern and much heavier and faster aircraft? This is an unknown and cause for concern.
  12. Just some observations. Nothing personal meant. I do fly CloD, RoF, and il2/'46, so I have a base point to go from here. 1. CloD's immersive feeling of flight is unmatched by either RoF or '46, with RoF being better than '46, but since there are no modern aircraft in RoF, and nothing that can attain high altitudes by 1940's standards, it is impossible to say if RoF's engine is capable dealing with high speed/near transonic flight, and being able to deliver a real "feel of flight" with aircraft that can. 2. We know, for a fact that RoF's engine cannot deliver a reasonable portrayal of large scale land battles. It will have to do this for BoS and beyond to be a successful WW2 game engine. 3. The ground rendering of RoF, to the eyes of most of us coming from IL2 is, well, cartoonish. The earth is not a pastel water color picture. 4. Long time RoF fans, please try to remember that the "IL2 Crowd" as we have been derisively called, come from a long history of using a very successful product. We have very high expectations. Unlike WW1 pilots (no offence meant), that went for over a decade with nothing new in the gaming world for them, and would have been happy with any new WW1 sim. We won't be happy with just any product. Not an insult, a fact. Ok, so no one knows yet what the new sim will bring. I understand that. But what we do have is experience with the current build of the new engine, and that is why some of us are expressing our concerns. RoF is a fun dogfight sim, but there is a lot more to WW2 combat than just two aerial Knights jousting over the front. Hence we are worried.
  13. I agree that would be a proper release Zorin, but that is not how 777 has worked in the past. Also I wonder how many people they have building all the 3D models for vehicles of all kinds for both sides? I don't see this release happening in 2014 at all actually.
  14. If the initial release of BoS only has two flyable aircraft it is doomed from the start. It MUST have the IL2 and Stuka at a bare minimum, in addition to the single seat fighters mentioned. If no ground attack aircraft are immediately available, the entire premise of the theatre is totally invalid.
  15. Weren't most Mig 3s part of Moscow PVO by this point?
  16. Not meaning to be argumentative Jetlagg. I've just always cringed at the ground collision modeling, and the lack of fires. Love to see the wings come off though.
  17. You can't be serious, can you?
  18. +1, agree 100%, I'll go for it in... two weeks, be sure.
  19. I'd not want to bet on the NG issue. 1C is probably still bound by the NG settlement.
  20. You will also see a 1929 Blower Bentley sitting there. Doesn't mean Jason is working on a pre war Le Mans racing sim.
  21. The base plane set will have to include the IL2, and a Yak for the VVS and a Bf 109 and Stuka for the Luftwaffe. After that I, being the Curtiss fan boy that I am, will have to have a P 40. It was a very important aircraft for the VVS and it served not only in the fighter, but also in the ground attack role. After that, an IAR and I 16 or I 153 would be my next choices.
  22. We last played on Saturday. I have purchased every aircraft, and have the Felixstow on pre order... Please understand I am not trashing RoF, it is what it is, a game that started with one engine, then switched to another, under new management... ...oh, wait. My concern is for the development of Battle of Stalingrad and future sequels. WW2 air power usage is a far cry from what played out in WW1. My hope is that the ground attack aspects of the new sim are properly addressed. Large numbers of moving and static vehicles in combat with like numbers on the opposing side, with the ability for large numbers of virtual pilots to participate online is a must have. The air war of WW1 is a sideshow compared to what must be portrayed in a WW2 sim. I know I'm not the only "old timer" from IL2 that feels this way, though I may be the only one expressing the concern. We are in a brave and uncharted world for WW2 flight simulation enthusiasts, and like all new worlds, there is much uncertainty about what is out there. Jason used to fly in the original IL2, he should understand this issue.
  23. Rather an unbelievable FM, IMHO. But I really think we should stop all this comparing to RoF. I don't want BoS to be anything like RoF, except for the fact that it runs smoothly. I want an up to date sim, with believable ground textures, proper damage modeling (if one of the all metal aircraft from WW2 bounces when it hits the ground the game will be over IMHO), and varied weather conditions and overall a world that feels alive. And of course the feeling of flight that we got with CloD must absolutely be there. I have RoF, I play RoF and I enjoy it, but I want a much better sim than RoF for my WW2 experience.
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