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  1. Been pushing for a "China" map for IL2 for years. Unfortunately I am not a computer graphics wizard, so I'm afraid I am not able to help in that kind of way. The whole air war over China, from 1937 to the end of the war is one of the most fascinating, and under considered theaters in all of flight simulation. You have aircraft from just about all the major combatants, often flying on both sides, participation by Russia, in addition to the more known suspects. So many aircraft types, from interwar biplanes to late war hot rods. I hope that at some point we can see a bit of this. And I am a bit biased myself, as there were a lot of Curtiss aircraft commited to this theater.
  2. Med/ North Africa Finland Barbarossa In that order
  3. And most of the rest of the RAF P 39s ended up in the South West Pacific. Over Guadalcanal.
  4. I believe the first VVs P39s were obtained from the RAF after the RAF deemed them unacceptable for European combat conditions. Not sure of the year though, and these would have had 20mm Hispano cannon in place of the 37mm gun.
  5. The only problem with doing a proper Flying Tigers add on would be China itself. Or, rather the People's Republic. They would never allow a game to be sold that depicted aircraft with correct Chinese markings of the time. And as we all know, China is a huge market, and one that no business can ignore. Sad really.
  6. I have flown long bomber missions on the Solomons IL2 map in the H8K Emily. 1 hour plus one way to the target and longer back. We flew well out of our way to avoid detection. (mission to bomb US airbases on Guadalcanal) All over empty stretches of ocean, done with compass headings, stopwatch, and a real nav calculator that our navigator who is a real pilot has. It is to this day one of the best times I've had online, and I normally fly fighters. Droning along at 25,000ft with nothing but water to be seen. They never saw us coming. Great fun and sense of accomplishment. So yeah, I want large maps with accurate targets.
  7. No disrespect sir, but this can of worms gets opened frequently on every forum devoted to WW2 combat flight sims, and all it has ever done is start a dust up. There is simply no way to quantify how often, or, what kind of failure/failures to implement. Usually it ends something like this... Thread ends. You see? Developers have pretty much chosen the correct way in modeling new, factory fresh aircraft. It's the only way to deal with this that works for the betterment of the devs, because they have to sell a product that folks want to use and enjoy, and NO ONE wants to waste their valuable gaming time sitting around with a broken aircraft. Now I know some will say but for offline this would be a good thing, and I can see the point. However, this would entail making two separate damage modules in the code. The system in use since IL2 came along is the best route overall.
  8. How about large maps with correct details?
  9. I suspect the Foo'bar is speaking of the poorly implemented reflection visuals, and the visuals from the cockpit in general regarding the props in CloD. Was terrible in the last patch. The animation of the pitch changing is very good, to my mind, however.
  10. OOPS. I do get carried away when the discussion turns to float planes and flying boats, in many ways they are my favorite types of aircraft. The Zeke on floats is the A6M2N "Rufe". If the series ever does eventually get to the Asia/Pacific theatre, then flying boats and float equipped aircraft will be very important.
  11. I enjoy flying the Hansa-Brandenburg, but it really is a death trap when land based scouts are about. Doesn't turn too badly though. It will come into it's own against the Felixstow. Now if we only had the map and the aircraft so we could have the classic Macchi vs. H-B battles that took place over the Adriatic. The Macchi M series flying boat single seaters are very sexy birds indeed... The Macchi M5 of 1917. Top speed of 117 mph. 3+ hours endurance, 2 .303 Vickers guns. Lovely, just lovely.
  12. Ahhh... That explains why I've never seen the thing. Thanks for the heads up.
  13. Lots of time in the IL2 for me I predict. Also my old time BlitzPig wing man Voidcracker and I will no doubt see many sorties in the LaGG-3 as well. Though if the Mig-3 makes it in, it will be hard to resist the temptation of that gorgeous race horse.l
  14. I usually fly for the side that has the fewest players, so in this case it means I'll be flying for the VVS a lot! Za Rodinu!!!!! hehe. All the aircraft available in any sim I have played bring something different and challenging to the table, so I don't limit myself to just one type. Or more succinctly... Blondes? Brunettes? Red Heads? Yes.
  15. Add the fact that a number of the old Maddox Games staff are now on board with BoS/777 and this could cut down dev time quite a bit, as the original team do know their own 3D work quite well, and are obviously very accomplished at it.
  16. Didn't Loft post photos of the Battle of Moscow Lagg 3 that was imported into the RoF engine as a test? I think it may be possible to import the external 3D models, but DMs and cockpits will need fresh work to be enabled in the DN Engine. Still if true, that could save quite a bit of effort, and more importantly time, especially in regards the many ground vehicles that have already been done for the old sim.
  17. Current: IL2/46 IL2/46 with HSFX CloD RoF Past: CSF2 Strikefighters Lock On P.S. I never got on well with the jet sims. BVR is boring IMHO. They didn't last long on my hard drive.
  18. I will say I must agree with Manu here. CEM in 777's current engine does indeed require constant attention and proper management. All of which is made more difficult because of the poor instrumentation and ergonomics of the cockpits of the day. In this instance it is well above the level of '46.
  19. Good point Bearcat. Not much use of artificial light sources in 777's current sim as we don't have Gotha's over London. Another area that will need to be properly addressed. Lots more night flying in WW2. The in/on aircraft lighting should not prove a big issue, but buildings, fires, etc... will need to be addressed in a believable manner.
  20. What is the FPS hit from using this program running in the background?
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