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  1. Any idea how well implemented the Curtiss Hawks are in DWT? I know I have said I am put off by some things, but the P40s, especially the Hawk 81, are calling me.
  2. A couple of versions back the A20 had a similar issue with default skins. I fixed the Ju88 simply by going into the full mission editor and assigning them a different skin.
  3. In all honesty, the Pacific is a pipe dream that will absolutely require an all new game engine to pull off if you want to do naval combat any justice at all. It's a simple fact that the AI anti aircraft gunners on one USN light cruiser would bring this engine to it's knees. Now add two more, plus another 5 or 6 destroyers, a fast battleship, and the aa guns on the carrier itself, not even counting the numbers of aircraft in the air, and it's obvious to anyone that looks at this with a realistic eye, that we are a very long way from being able to do a sim based on carrier task force actions. It would be cool, but I just don't see it happening in my lifetime.
  4. New Guinea would not exclude carrier operations, especially in the early part of the war, what it would do is keep the numbers of types of ships that would have to be made to a minimum, which will mean that it's actually possible to go to the Pacific at all...
  5. I have said it before, but I'm really hoping for New Guinea, for several reasons. First, I really like the Japanese Army aircraft. The Ki61 is my precious... It also gives the USAAF a reason for being in the Pacific. Contrary to what most people think, not every battle hinged on blue painted Grummans fighting against Zekes and Vals. Second, it spans a very long time frame and would give the single player side a vast canvas for campaigns that involve not only the US and Japan, but also Australia and New Zealand's air forces. Third, and certainly not last... It was a very important battle that is often overlooked, especially by my countrymen. It is the air campaign that broke the back of the Imperial Japanese Army Air Corps. Half of the IJAAC's experienced combat pilots were lost over the jungles of New Guinea. Half. Let that sink in. And as an afterthought, it would let me use my old sig again...
  6. It certainly is. And yes, I know that is a skin from the Pacific Theater, but I don't care, I love it.
  7. Vander, found a "default" skin issue. Rhineland map, "Ardennes" selected as time frame, date 24-12-1944. Dogfight mission. Looks like a Heinkel skin to me. Flight of 4 AI Ju 88s.
  8. Pre ordered last night. Looking forward to this in a big way, and I'm not usually a single player kind of guy.
  9. Almost sounds like the shutdown procedure when hitting the engine start/stop toggle. Perhaps you have that double bound.
  10. Map a key to "select all engines".
  11. R. S. Tuck could certainly fly the Hurricane well...
  12. I built a dogfight mission last night with 35.1 in the Kerch area. Ships as primary target, with secondary targets that were randomly generated. Both sides have flights of 4 bombers each in the air (A20s and He111s) and there are two flights of fighters for each side. All working quite well. Just for testing I left the AI fighters on "low", and took up a P47D 22, and butchered a flight of He111s, and a flight of FW 190 A3s, then switched to the FW 190 and shot down the A20s and got in a 109 F4 and took down a flight of P40s. All respawned and set off on their patrol or attack routes as they should. Now I'll go in and set all the AI fighters to ace, as on low they present no challenge what so ever. Thanks Vander. Well done.
  13. Remember, this is still just a video game, and gamerz will game. Be sure.
  14. The VAP 250. Phosphorus canisters. Once in the original IL2 I fried an attacking BF 109 with them one time online. The enemy pilot was quite surprised.
  15. Yeah, I've heard those Cessna CF 150s are really hard to get a lock on. 😁 Pity about that Arrow thingie though...
  16. Engine compression has no effect on a vehicle driven directly by electric motors, unless there is a provision for regenerative braking, and I'm doubting that the Ferdinand had that feature. The petrol engines in this tank drove generators only, they were not directly connected to the drive gear. Regenerative braking works by switching the drive motors into generator mode. The problem here is that there is no where for the electricity generated to go. There are no battery packs to charge, or as in the case of diesel electric locomotives, no radiator fans to spin up electrically with the excess power generated by turning the drive motors into generators.
  17. I have a LOT of skins, my install is 87.7gb.
  18. This ground loop behavior has been incorrect from day one. Still too much WW1 in these WW2 birds. Across the board they feel too light and floaty for high powered, multi ton aircraft. The changes made recently with the introduction of the P47 D22 are a step in the right direction, but that is one series of aircraft, in a sea of aircraft that feel like ultralights wobbling around the sky.
  19. The really important thing a new game engine could bring is the ability to have proper numbers of units (land, air, and sea, human and AI) on the map. Can't do the Pacific without an engine upgrade, even if the team had all the data they need to make IJN/IJAAF aircraft.
  20. I made a new mission with the Easy Mission Generator last night that had AI B25s in it and their skins were a mess as well. I have a feeling that the default skins for the B25 and A20 have been swapped when the planes are set as USAAF.
  21. The Icon distance displayed has always been in Km.
  22. Just having a flyable Allied medium bomber would be a good start.
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