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  1. The N was also used to great effect in that role in New Guinea by, well, everyone who flew the thing over there.
  2. Well busdriver, I may be the one in error. I just remembered it as a stability issue, but buffeting could be the real culprit here. As I recall the turret was often locked in the straight ahead position and used as forward firing guns only as a way of preventing this problem.
  3. The P 61's dorsal turrets were removed because they made the aircraft unstable.
  4. I'd be all over a P 40N. It was the most produced version, yet I don't recall ever seeing one in a Sim.
  5. Curtiss Hawk 75 (P 36) Curtiss Hawk 81 (P 40A/B - Tomahawk) North American F 82 Twin Mustang Kawanishi H8K "Emily"
  6. Thursday or Friday, as per normal procedure. Carry on.
  7. Just don't try to host one of the "big maps" that have detailed cities, and AI units, on your own computer, then try to play online with your friends on the same machine. Crash O Rama. Every time.
  8. So, it's a dull day on the forum, and here at home, so, any thoughts on the first aircraft released for Battle of Normandy? My guess will be the P51B/C and if they come out in pairs, then the Bf109G6/Late will come with it... My hope will be to get my hands on the Spitfire XIV first, but I kinda doubt that.
  9. Keep in mind that the Japanese language has evolved a lot in the last 75 years, especially on the technical side of things, much moreso than English has. Consequently, many current speakers have great difficulty with it. It's even worse for historians trying to read the Japanese Buddhist texts from the pre Shinto era.
  10. Spend some time flying the Yak. You will then better understand how to fight against it.
  11. Normandy is going to have one of the same problems that the Pacific has... Ship AI. As in, LOTS of it. It will grind this old game engine to a halt in short order if anything resembling reasonable numbers of ships is present off the beaches on D Day. Just how will the invasion be implemented without ships?
  12. Please implement this for aircraft as well. I really don't care that some AI on the other side of the map thinks "it's close" or is wounded. I don't.
  13. Do remember that the Mosquito is a true monocoque, and hence is quite strong. It is a far cry from a spruce, canvas, and, wires stringbag.
  14. Yes. They repetitive, are of no help to you in any way, and the German ones have me preferring an ice pick in both my ears. Really, they are awful. In no way do they add to the illusive "immersion" factor. Nope.
  15. There is your DD for the weekend.
  16. Oh me of little belief that the P47 can actually work in a video game environment. Has any developer in any game ever done a P47 that in game can match the P47's actual real world combat performance? Nope. And please don't get me wrong, I like the real Thunderbolt, but as a video game pixel plane it will never be a viable choice.
  17. If you made all the P47s Mustangs instead, or maybe Tempests, you might have a chance, but fully loaded Jugs at low level??? They might as well be flying Ju52s. The Jug is hopeless in this game.
  18. This mission cannot work in the game, as there is no way to simulate poorly trained Luftwaffe pilots that were the sad state of the LW at this point in the war, at least in multiplayer. In single player you might have a chance of it working, if the Germans were all AI and set mostly to noob settings.
  19. Well, the Mossy is really in a class of it's own, isn't it? Yes it has a good ordnance load, yes, it could bomb from medium altitude. However it lacks defensive armament in it's "B" version, and it's good speed, for a bomber, would help with it's survivability, but, that speed would be useless in a traditional medium bomber role, and will not be of any help in this title at the altitudes typically used, as none of our maps are large enough for the Mosquito to use what speed it has to out distance an intercepting fighter before that fighter ran up against it's range limitations. Do remember that the Mossie in the bomber role's biggest defense was simply running away. I think the Mosquito is better classed as a high speed interdictor/attack/special ops aircraft, and that is where it will shine in the Great Battles series.
  20. I was talking about attack or strike aircraft, not level bombers.
  21. With a little help from General Winter, and, General Mud, and an utter disregard for high casualty rates.
  22. Putting on my pedantic hat for a moment, only Germany currently has flyable medium bombers, the Ju88 and He111. The Pe2 and A20 are light bombers and not mediums. IMHO the best aircraft in the "strike" role are the A20, Bf110G2, and P38. I will add the Mosquito to this when it arrives. I won't count the Ju88 currently as a "strike" aircraft because of it's lack of forward firing guns. The Pe2 is OK at the "strike" role, but not as good, again IMHO, as the others I have mentioned.
  23. Water rads at 60% Oil rad at 45%
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