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  1. I guess I'm perplexed that the "heavy fighter" concept/type was still a thing for the Luftwaffe after the thrashing the Bf110 took at the hands of single seater pilots during the Battle of Britain. One would think that any objective evaluation of the type would have seen them be re-classed as what the British would call "Army cooperation types", a role for which they are very good at, and one that would not have them directly compared to the true single seater fighters. For all their technical mastery, the Germans sure seemed clueless about real world needs for their forces.
  2. I bagged an FW 190 being flown by one of my BlitzPig mates as he was trying to strafe me. Set his engine on fire with one long burst of the .50 Browning.
  3. Agreed. Hopefully BoN will give us some good late war AI tank models to build upon for another chapter of Tank Crew.
  4. I'd be OK with a King Tiger if we had an M4E8, Firefly, or Pershing available, or even a Hellcat or IS. But a King Tiger, Tiger 1, and a Ferdinand? Nope. Just nope.
  5. The "King Tiger" is not really needed though is it. The current Tiger is already like using a god mode hack. You rumble onto the field, nothing can hurt you, and you methodically eliminate all your opposition. It's quite boring really.
  6. Voidhunger, just looking at your computer specs in your signature, I'd say you simply do not have enough RAM. The large maps (Kuban/Rhineland) combined with all the AI units in a campaign scenario are simply over taxing your onboard memory. The best thing I ever did for my machine was to go from 16g. to 32g.
  7. The AA vehicles are going to provide endless possibilities for high speed (relatively) tank killing fun. Hiding just inside a tree line, an enemy tank rolls by... TAKATAKATAKATAKA!!!!!! Shoot the near side track and bogey wheels off, race around behind the now disabled tank, because the turret rotation can't keep up, BLAMBLAMBLAM!!! Damage the other track. Then run away laughing while peppering the engine deck, vision blocks, and other exterior small bits. This is going to be fun.
  8. Well, not technically true, German submarines, and some surface commerce raiders operated in Imperial Japan's AO in the Southwest Pacific, and Indian Ocean.
  9. Yup, BlitzPig_Bury. Seems like ages ago doesn't it? I remember flying on one of the original desert maps in old IL2 with Bury, Raven, a couple other Pigs, and some of the TUSA guys were on as well. Had a prolonged DF with some guy in a late 109 and I was in the P40M. After I shot the 109 down Pepper (I think, but it was one of the TUSA guys) complimented me on bagging the 109. Good times, good times.
  10. Tell Pepper I say "hi" back... Have not heard from Bury in years, been wondering about him myself.
  11. I would think you can run maxed out settings smoothly with that. I have a 2070 Super, i7 5820K running stock, 32 gigs of ram, and I play with maxed out settings.
  12. Those of us that fly in multiplayer are the minority of the player base, always have been. That said, the game engine itself, not the nebulous "netcode", is the bottleneck holding back both online and offline play. I'm not blaming the developers here either, as there is only so much money floating around in this teeny tiny niche of combat flight simulation, inside the ever shrinking tiny niche of overall flight simulation. If we had the same number of players as one of big name gold level titles we would already have all the planes, maps, and other content we all lust for. The team, IMHO, is doing an amazing job considering the limitations they have to work within.
  13. Sounds like a Track IR issue, not the game. Has your TIR camera moved or otherwise been disturbed? Sunlight hitting your camera? Bad reflector on the hat clip or loose track clip pro attachment? Check this stuff. Too many people resort to nuking their game install for every little problem.
  14. What are you flying, and what is shooting at you?
  15. Left Shift plus the M key will turn on CEM.
  16. Just had this happen... That is supposed to be an AI fighter flight that air spawns, and, well, you can see the issue. I'm not really well versed on the MCUs etc... I looked at their waypoints and both had Y set to -491.23, so I changed that to 1000, thinking that it was meters above sea level, made no difference. Same thing happened. Any way to repair this? Oh, they were originally Spit Vs, but I wanted something different and changed them to P38s, which I have done in other missions before without issue. *EDIT* Found the issue, I didn't change the initial "Y" value in the flight's properties. Running properly now.
  17. Another complication will be when drop tanks are implemented. Will this require yet another key bind? I'm guessing it will.
  18. Not saying I don't want the map, far from it. I will be flying over it from day one, but the single player folks will be voicing their, umm... concerns, shall we say, about it. Like I said earlier, it will be interesting to see how the team deals with the aftermath of the largest amphibious operation ever attempted.
  19. That is going to be tough, any flying over Normandy in a CAS role will still reveal just a barren, lifeless landscape, which works for the steppe of Mother Russia, but will be totally unacceptable over the densely populated battlefield that was Normandy in the summer of 1944.
  20. Indeed. The game engine is incapable of running anything remotely close to the numbers of ships, trucks, tanks, and aircraft it would take to depict the D Day landings. It will be interesting to see how they deal with this.
  21. Meh, my install in 103GB. Lots of skins.
  22. No idea, they want to improve it is all anyone knows. Perhaps they want to make it more layered, or dynamic?
  23. It's the high level graphic depiction of the sky.
  24. I'm not here to justify anything, I was merely explaining what happened, in all likely hood. I have a suspicion that some fans of certain aircraft are trying to turn this into a "Spitfire uber, 109 nerfed" conspiracy thread, which it most certainly is not. I see that your nom d' guerre is entirely fitting, BTW.
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