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  1. I just hope we get to the Pacific before too long. I'm not getting any younger. *SIGH*
  2. Let me also throw out a (very) wild card... Catalina. Works for Kuban, will work for Pacific, and I'll find a way to make it work period.
  3. I prefer "Thirties Modern" to "Art Deco". Art Deco actually refers to the styles of the 1920s. The 1930s, specifically the mid to late thirties, ushered in cleaner, less ornate, styling, in everything we made. Buildings, cars, home appliances, etc... Remember, this was the time of streamlined locomotives, and pencil sharpeners and toasters that looked like they came out of wind tunnels.
  4. The Meteor is a single seater, and a jet, just sayin.
  5. OK, let's get this multi-page train wreck going!!! ๐Ÿ˜Ž My prediction... Spitfire Mk. XIV Gloster Meteor.
  6. A shot I took at the Thunder Over Michigan airshow that I attended Saturday. It was interesting to see them fly together. The Mustangs exhaust noise is far louder than the R2800 equipped Corsair. During thier aerobatic routines it's pretty obvious that the P51 is the more agile of the two as well. Still it was a great day of WW2 aircraft aerogeekery.
  7. A photo I took at Saturday's edition of Thunder Over Michigan
  8. They were still designing battleships late in the war, even though they barely had the resources to keep the Heer supplied. It wasn't wishful thinking, it was madness.
  9. I have to agree with you sir. I'm not holding out any hope that the P 51 will be worth the wait.
  10. Multiplayer activity across both the WW1 And WW2 sides is but a mere shadow of what multiplayer was a decade+ ago. Times have changed. Our little niche of combat flight simulation has grown ever smaller since the glory days of the original IL2 and Hyperlobby. Most players are flying the single player experience, and in reality probably always were, but the numbers of us that want to fly online against other like minded people, regardless of the timeframe of aircraft we like to fly has dwindled to relative insignificance. New players are not flocking to this genre. It's too expensive on the buy in, considering all the peripherals needed, and far to demanding of time for the younger crowd to bother with. We are dinosaurs gents.
  11. Indeed. One .303 British or 8mm Mauser hitting the gunner, or pilot, center of mass would create a fairly devastating wound, and would cause a tremendous loss of ability to do even simple actions, much less operate a weapon in the slipstream, if it didn't kill the crew member outright.
  12. Too bad there isn't a way to give the current ground based anti aircraft machine guns the rate of fire and caliber of a Vickers gun and the Spandau. The WW2 guns just rip the WW1 kites to pieces in no time.
  13. Well, a steam turbine could definitely make enough BHP, but carrying enough water and fuel for it would definitely not help the gross weight.
  14. "The Wobble" in the sim is far better than it used to be, but, it is still there and still wrong. To me it feels like an under damped automotive suspension. Hit an undulation and it just keeps bouncing. The sim seemingly does not take into account the aerodynamic damping caused by airflow over the control surfaces. It's as if the aircraft are NOT flying through air, but are operating in a vacuum... Oh ... Wait... that's exactly what is happening. There is no "airflow" as such, as calculating that is beyond the ability of a desktop PC. So artificial damping must be introduced by the developers to simulate this. However, simmers get all bent out of shape and immediately fall back on the "flying on rails" trope, even though that is how real aircraft feel in flight. THEY DO NOT OSCILLATE ON THEIR AXIS AS ANY OSCILLATION IS DAMPED BY AIRFLOW OVER THE FLIGHT SURFACES.
  15. Another thing I noted is that the Halb gunner will continue firing after a crash with the aircraft upside down on top of him, through a line of trees, at Spads parked in an airfield hundreds of meters away.
  16. Yes, I remember it in RoF, but it's been so long since I've flown RoF that I was really surprised at it's poor performance. Handles well otherwise though, kind of like fat Albatross.
  17. Just for fun, the chart for the P51 A with Allison engine... The Mustang is almost as fast at sea level as the P40 is at it's critical altitude. That was one slick airframe.
  18. An old flying truism... When an engine fails on a twin engine aircraft, you have enough power for controlled flight to the scene of the crash.
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