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  1. One of the reasons that the P38 works under that "extreme" economy regime is that it allows the throttle plates to be open wider than a more "normal" cruise setting. It's why diesels are so efficient as well, no throttle plate in the way of intake air flow. BMW used this same principle when they brought out the (really awful but very efficient) 325e. Tall gears, low rpm, wider open throttle plate.
  2. Is there a way to make shipping selectable as a target on the Kuban map? It would make for some good co-op action. And thanks again for all your work. You have gotten the BlitzPigs flying again. 👍
  3. If a human was controlling that turret there would be no issue with it. However, since it is operated by the game engine, it has total access to all position data, hence, it is the equivalent of a modern radar controlled system. One would think there is an easy fix for this.
  4. Happened again this evening. Only on Rhineland map. I can host the new planes on Kuban all the time without issue. Hope there is a fix for this.
  5. Which is why the USAAF scrapped the majority of P38s and P47s very quickly after the war. They were too expensive to operate, too complicated to maintain, and had higher pilot work loads than the P51, which could do pretty much everything the other planes could do, for less money.
  6. For air to air, I'll take the Mustang. For air to ground, the P38 is the winner. I thought before the patch that the Tempest would be my ride, but it has not panned out that way.
  7. The F6F was phased out very quickly after the end of the war, as was the F8F Bearcat, as the role of single seat fighter was taken over by jet aircraft. The Corsair, on the other hand served into the 1950s, finding it's place as a superb CAS aircraft during the Korean War.
  8. He's probably just upset that elevator trim bound to the pitch axis won't produce bat turns anymore without ending in a sudden rapid disassembly of his aircraft as it interfaces with terra firma.
  9. ANY new aircraft from the period 1938 to 1945 is an instant buy from me. Bring them, all of them, and I will throw my hard earned money at you like so many leaves on a windy fall day. Be sure.
  10. Yup. I was very uneasy about implementing this feature, but now, after flying it, I find it's a great feature.
  11. For the first time ever in this series, I had my computer lock up while hosting a DF map that I generated with SYN_Vander's Easy Mission Generator on the Rhineland map. There were three of us flying, along with a couple flights on Allied and Axis that were AI fighters. I had just respawned in a Tempest, and was climbing out after takeoff, when my screen totally froze, and no controls worked, nor would the mouse or keyboard. I could hear my engine still running, and the guys on comms said they were still flying normally. I tried all the usual methods to get to the desktop, to no avail, so ended up having to push the power button on my computer and do a hard shut down to get out. As I said, this has never happened before. I'm thinking that it's a good thing that there are not more objects on the Rhineland map, as it would seem we are bouncing up against the limits of the current game engine technology of the sim. I have hosted much larger, more complicated missions on the Kuban map without issue.
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