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  1. Tell it to the guy in the 262 in old IL2 that I shot down while flying the Brewster. Be sure. 😁🍻
  2. So, you want a fan blowing that will have to provide a minimum of 100 knot airflow to simulate the relative wind past an open cockpit? You can't be serious.
  3. Wind simulator? You mean a fan blowing on you??? Really????
  4. Usually it's in the mission briefing. In WW2, that's the best you are going to get. What are you asking for exactly?
  5. Could be worse, it could be in Arshini. (Look it up).
  6. Asking for unbiased evaluations on a flight sim forum? Heresy. Burn the witch.
  7. Pretty sure the Imperial speeds are given in MPH IAS, which will be interesting if we ever get any Imperial Japanese Navy aircraft, as their air speed indicators are calibrated in knots.
  8. The A6M Zero also has very long span ailerons. This gives very responsive roll control and high roll rates at low speeds. The downside is that as speed increases these large ailerons become increasingly difficult for the pilot to move, and hence are less effective at higher speeds. As air combat occurred at ever faster speeds these "barn door" ailerons simply stopped being a good idea. Today you really only see them on aerobatic aircraft.
  9. Funny thing. When I am flying I am mostly looking out of the canopy, you know, because of those pesky enemy aircraft, or I'm taking quick glances at the instruments. I'm certainly not looking for my own body parts, that's just unseemly. Also, when I drive racing sims I always disable the driver's arms, they just look silly, and serve no purpose. If you are driving your real car and are looking at your appendages, you are a danger to yourself, and all those around you.
  10. Well, I'm guessing this week is a bust.
  11. I voted late North Africa. Always been fascinated with this theater. No cities to speak of, no masses of civilian population, just a pure tactical problem for both sides to solve, and a third player that was an enemy to both sides, the desert itself. My second choice would be the ETO post D Day.
  12. APIT ammo for the .50 Browning would go a long way as well.
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