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  1. BlitzPig_EL

    High Altitude Bombing above +5k

    A more pertinent question is do you have enough landscape draw distance to properly set up a bomb run, and can you even see the target at all in time to get off a good drop?
  2. BlitzPig_EL

    Any Chance At All Of A P-51 B/C?

    The Allison engine versions are only appropriate for North Africa and early Italian campaigns, Use with the RAF well before Normandy, and in the CBI theater. They are very cool planes to be sure. Not sure the 4 Hispano version ever saw combat.
  3. BlitzPig_EL

    Playable Night Witches?

    I'm wondering how a campaign for the Po-2 will work out. My experience flying it in combat is that if there is any German AA at all, you are toast. The poor thing cannot resist AA fire at all, and it's so slow that AA cannot miss.
  4. BlitzPig_EL

    What was your first combat flight sim?

    I quit the day I saw a Corsair going trans sonic in level flight and with about 10 .50s on each wing. When it fired the entire leading edge lit up.
  5. BlitzPig_EL

    What was your first combat flight sim?

    CFS2. Played it for a couple weeks then binned it as it was complete rubbish. Online was overrun with cheats and hax0rs. It was awful.
  6. BlitzPig_EL

    Will there ever be a manual engine startup?

    I have the full CH HOTAS set up with the Quadrant, and I don't have enough buttons/axis/levers as it is. The start procedure is fine as it is.
  7. BlitzPig_EL

    Wonder if this will be possible with the Me 262?

    If those kinds of antics are indeed possible in Bodenplatte, then it really isn't much of a sim, is it.
  8. BlitzPig_EL

    Wonder if this will be possible with the Me 262?

    Try it against human pilots.
  9. BlitzPig_EL


    In the original IL2 I was totally an online player. Loved to fly with my friends, have fun on comms, and still work together to "win the map". Well, these days, frankly, I can't see well enough to fly online without icons on. I keep trying but even spotting planes in this new IL2 is so hard that I just mostly have given up on multiplayer, which sucks because I love MP. I just have too much trouble spotting aircraft, friend or foe, and I don't have the time to play the game for days on end like I used to. So now I play offline as I can, flying scripted campaigns as a ground pounder. Lots of immersion, and it makes me smile. I'd love to do MP again, but I can't keep up anymore.
  10. BlitzPig_EL

    Me 410 and Mosquito

    There were gliders in the original IL2, and I don't think I ever saw them used, ever, in all the years I played it.
  11. BlitzPig_EL

    Too many Bf 109s in the game?

    This is actually a big issue for new comers to the game. Several of the old BlitzPigs want to get into the "new" IL2, and then they ask "which version should I get if I want to fly online with you guys?" I do't know how to answer, because the few of us that still fly have incrementally purchased each new edition as they were released, but to have someone new purchase them all at once, and not even talking about the premium planes, is unrealistic for most from a purely financial aspect.
  12. BlitzPig_EL

    Developer Diary 215 - Discussion

    Just a comment on the photo of the US tank destroyer in the ditch. More Shermans were made combat ineffective by that cause alone, than were lost to German tank fire. Let that sink in for a bit.
  13. BlitzPig_EL

    Night Flights and Lighting

    All sides engaged in lots of different tom foolery to confuse air or ship navigation. The US moved light ships around for example, that one worked to fool an IJN sub that surfaced to shell a refinery with it's deck gun, but it shot up a field full of nothing instead, as one example.
  14. Completely different designs, made by different companies. The only things they share are that they were made in the US, have tricycle gear, and have two engines. The B25 is a medium bomber, the A20 is a light bomber. I also take great umbrage at your generalizations about "old people". I am 65, I build my own computers, I have been a beta tester for the old IL2, I regularly play several different computer games, and the vehicles in the auto museum I work for are always available to people for research. So can it sonny boy.
  15. BlitzPig_EL

    Me 410 and Mosquito

    The Arado as modeled in IL2/46 had the rear gun with periscope. It was useless. The only time I ever hit anything with it was after pulling up from a bomb run I shot a static truck with it, purely by chance as I just pulled the trigger without aiming.