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  1. There are areas on the Stalingrad map that have a very desert like countenance to them... The desert camo Hurri will be right at home here.
  2. No, it's a Ford design, not a T34... Very cool vonNutz. The Ford Model A was introduced in 1928 as the long overdue replacement for the Model T. The Model A would be made for 4 years, 1928 through 1931, and was replaced by the Model B in 1932, which introduced the 221 cubic inch "Flathead V8" to the market. The first popularly priced 8 cylinder engine. Note the last year the A was made. Kinda shows just how out of date the GAZ AA was in the WW2 time period.
  3. As someone that regularly maintains and drives Model A Fords for my customers, the GAZ AA will be an instant buy, as will the German vehicle. The shot of the cab of the GAZ AA is spot on for a Model A or AA Ford. So cool.
  4. Jason lives in Los Vegas, as of the time of this post it's only 5:15am there.
  5. One could hope. A Rolls Royce armoured car... "Fighting deluxe", to quote Lawrence.
  6. It's already in game. It's a part of the "refly" sutra.
  7. And those "mirrors" are actually just highly polished areas on the engine nacelles.
  8. It's not fuel tank damage he is talking about, but rather more realistic fuel handling, switching between tanks, etc.
  9. The textile flight jacket replaced the leather A2, mostly because of cost to produce.
  10. That would mess with the rating system, causing some areas to limit sales, etc...
  11. I'll give it another try. I should have taken a screenshot. Broken planes all over the runway.
  12. Massive crash on runway at start of mission 3. We spawn in and planes are running each other over. Pretty funny really. Guess I'll put running any more on hold till fixes happen next patch time.
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