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  1. The Icon distance displayed has always been in Km.
  2. Just having a flyable Allied medium bomber would be a good start.
  3. It is possible that the Arras map has been scaled down to shorten flight times for the old kites. Measuring the distance between cities on a real map of France should help to confirm this.
  4. I was stopped dead in my tracks by the price. I have kept CloD Blitz on my computer in anticipation of this release, but at that price point, a DLC pack for a very old game just doesn't seem like good value for money. Every single one of my old flying buddies has had the same reaction. We have gone from a "wait and see" stance, to a complete stand down, and these are guys that own every single edition of BoX, and a few of us still have the original IL2 installed. A pity.
  5. All hail our razorback overlords.
  6. In the last 600 yard match I shot when I was competing in Service Rifle competition, I could regularly score accurate hits, from prone, with my 1953 M1 Garand chambered in .30-06 with 175 grain HPBT Match projectiles. 350 meter hits with service ammunition would be no problem, 200 yards with surplus 150 grain ball was boringly repeatable.
  7. Which explains it's lack of reliability and high cost of ownership.
  8. With you all the way on the IAR 80/81 Jaws. How about this for a nice four plane premium pack... HS 123 IAR 80/81 I-153 PZL P11c (or Gloster Gladiator)
  9. It's very difficult to determine what is damaged, and the extent of that damage. We are constantly reminded that the damage we see externally really doesn't correlate to actual damage taken. Last weekend we were attacking shipping in the Kerch Strait (thanks Vander) with A20s. All three of us took flak damage to the empenage. It was hilarious watching us fly home, the three A20s bobbing up and down like rocking horses, like they were attached to a ball joint located in the center of the fuselage, with the feeling of weightlessness, just like the bad old days of "the wobble".
  10. My biggest question in this matter is why the FW 190 is so easy to shoot down using the .50 Brownings on the Mustang or P40, yet the Bf 109 just absorbs them like a sponge and the aircraft continues to maneuver, pull high G pull outs, and in general laughs at being hit?
  11. BlitzPig_EL

    Hs 123

    HS 123 please.
  12. At this point, visibility and target acquisition in either 2D or VR is a hot mess. I use a standard monitor and Track IR, and things are NOT as good as they were before the pandering to AMD users brought overall visual quality down to a barely acceptable level. Objects that can be seen at default FOV disappearing when zoomed in, horrible "jaggy" coastlines and terrain features, even with MSAA x4 (FXAA is far worse). The real beauty of this title is being tinkered to death. It's very frustrating, and I'm not even going to get into the DM oddities that continue to plague the sim, and the changes in weapon effectiveness from patch to patch...
  13. I wish that some of the tactics in that old training movie would actually work in the sim, but at the distances discussed for initial attack turn ins, the AI gunners will already be engaging you with accurate fire, and the aircraft being attacked will break formation and start taking violent evasive maneuvers.
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