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  1. They also will stall if you make all but the most incremental control inputs in the pitch axis, when at that altitude.
  2. Are you the same Kitsune from World of Warships by any chance?
  3. Managed to get it going today. Mapped the ignition to my trim UP/DOWN rocker on my stick, so no more mucking about with key combos. Even managed to get both engines re lit after accidentally hitting the autopilot ( A ) key which immediately shut down both engines, while I was 5000 meters over the mountains on the Kuban. It got a bit dicey as I had to pick a valley and fly down it as I was losing altitude kinda quickly while waiting to be able to re start. Continued on and had a nice flight... Headed for Kersch at 8000+ meters.
  4. Was testing the hotfix tonight. Had compressor stalls in both engines. I had enough altitude to try a restart. LOL. Same nonsense. Number 2 started, number 1 would not light. I'm done with this thing. Please exchange this faulty aircraft for a Tempest at your earliest convenience. The Albatross and the Se5a are very nice however.
  5. I always try to start 1 first. It never does. 2, piece of cake.
  6. I can start engine 2 every time. Engine one shuts off as soon as I release the "Shift 1" fuel button. Yes I have watched Requiem's video several times. This is getting maddening to the point of just not flying the 262 again. There has to be a better way to do this.
  7. Please, not this again. There is no way in hell that the 262 could break the sound barrier. The drag from the engine inlets alone would prevent it.
  8. I was surprised at how easily AAA gunners could track and blow the wings off the thing when attacking ground targets. I came screaming in at 800+ and BANG! Wing gone. Happened several times in my testing. Also, tried "mixing it up" with mixed flights of LaGG 3, Yak 1, and I 16s on one of the DF maps I have. It's like chasing gnats with a bulldozer. Just not worth the effort. The thing does make short work of Russian gunboats though. For me, in the current game meta, I see the 262 as a high speed ground attack bird, or used as a bomber interceptor, if there were any bombers to intercept. Myself and BlitzPig_WingN during attack testing.
  9. Understood and agree. Engine limit concerns aside, the Lightening should be a good, but not great fighter. We have to remember its role was to be a high altitude bomber interceptor, not an air superiority fighter. Where I think it will work in game will be as a fast attack, low level interdictor, considering it's weapons loadout.
  10. I have to agree. A 550mph aircraft in a 10km bubble... What could possibly go wrong?
  11. Back in the old IL2 I would fly online almost every day for years on end. Today, going onto an open server almost never happens. It's just too difficult to ID anything at distance in the current sim, on the ground or in the air. I'd love to come back to virtual flying again, but every time I try it's just more of a job than it is fun, and I already have a job.
  12. In old IL2 I shot down a 262 with the Brewster. It can happen, all it takes is one overconfident jet jockey. Be sure.
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