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  1. Will a Panzer V AI only model be added to the mission builder? I tried to add the "player" PzKw V to a mission and all I saw was a hull with no turret.
  2. Understood. Will be flying online with the 'Pigs and wring this out and report back.
  3. In some ways our favorite sim is at a crossroads. The wishes/demands by players for ever higher fidelity in every aspect, from AI, to FM/DM issues, to ever better graphics, and more detailed, ever larger maps, is crashing headlong into a major factor, playability, that affects online multiplayer far more than it does offline single player. Online programming is much more difficult than offline, this is obvious, and understandable, as is the decision by the developers to focus this sim on the bulk of the player base, who play single player. That is where most of the money comes from. I'd wager that most "playability" complaints come from online players, though some do come from offline folks as well. I do both, and most of my issues occur online, and all are tied to the Rhineland map. I made an online DF and offline single mission using SYN_Vander's generator program, using the same set ups as close as possible, same numbers of AI, objectives, weather, etc. I can fly the single player mission to it's completion and beyond, well over an hour of flying, without issue. Host the same mission online with myself and two or three of my BlitzPig mates and if I get past half an hour without a complete computer freeze, well, I cant... I run an i7 5820K, 16 gigs of DDR4, EVGA 2070 Super. It's not a slouch, and yet it is ground to a halt by Rhineland if I play and host at the same time. And no, I cannot afford a second PC just to host on. It's this type of issue that has people calling for a new game engine, or a vastly improved one, weather or not we understand what that would fully entail. So, how do Jason and his team satisfy both camps? I wish I had the answer, and I'll wager that Jason wishes he did too. What I do know is that something has to change to make the demands for ever increasing levels of complexity work, for everyone on and off line. It would be simple to just no longer have multiplayer support, but if that happened the sim would in effect be dead to my whole squad, and our friends, and many others who enjoy both aspects on and off line play. The fix for the issues are technical, and if Jason had a Microsoft budget I'm sure we would be past this obstacle already. To paraphrase Pink Floyd... Hanging on in quiet desperation is the flight simmer's way...
  4. Not known yet. Most are speculating it will be the razor back version, rather than the bubble canopy one. Only time will tell.
  5. I always thought it was to correct for the loss of stability that happened when going from the razor back to the bubble canopy.
  6. The Rhineland map is the only one I cannot host multiplayer coop or DF missions on while also playing them on my PC. After half an hour or so, the game freezes solid and crashes to desktop if I'm lucky, or sometimes I have to shut down manually with the power button because of total control/mouse/keyboard lockup. I can host the other maps for hours on end without issue. It just overwhelms my 16 gigs of ram. I have stopped using the map in total. It's just too large.
  7. The front wheel is a free rotating, castering type, it is not steerable like a car. As rowdyb00t said you steer with the left and right brakes.
  8. The N was also used to great effect in that role in New Guinea by, well, everyone who flew the thing over there.
  9. Well busdriver, I may be the one in error. I just remembered it as a stability issue, but buffeting could be the real culprit here. As I recall the turret was often locked in the straight ahead position and used as forward firing guns only as a way of preventing this problem.
  10. The P 61's dorsal turrets were removed because they made the aircraft unstable.
  11. I'd be all over a P 40N. It was the most produced version, yet I don't recall ever seeing one in a Sim.
  12. Curtiss Hawk 75 (P 36) Curtiss Hawk 81 (P 40A/B - Tomahawk) North American F 82 Twin Mustang Kawanishi H8K "Emily"
  13. Thursday or Friday, as per normal procedure. Carry on.
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