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  1. And that's why we go to Papua New Guinea: Japanese AAA wasn't the best, bombers frequently operated in smaller flights, and instead of London you defend Port Moresby and Rabaul. Even Spitfires fought over there. Someone mentioned the B-26 Marauder: served there. Tactical air war, the strength of IL2 BoX, combined with plenty of naval targets and strategic bombing in one map. And if you are really into Spitfires: Burma 1944. May also contain traces of aircraft like the A-36A, P-51A, B-25G/H, Ki-44-II, or Hurricane Mk.II. BTW: No one asked for a Me 323 yet?! Come on, how should the MTO work without giants if BoBP doesn't work without heavies?
  2. Asiatic-Pacific-Theatre has to be next! Preferably Papua New Guinea or even Burma.
  3. =27=Davesteu

    Does IL-2 GB need to return to the Eastern Front?

    I don't think so. Nothing wrong with the Yak-9U itself, but pretty useless without a scenario. The Yak-9T, while not fitting BoS or BoK itself, entered combat in summer 1943 just west of the Stalingrad map and north of the Kuban map. Not optimal, but way better than a random late-1944 Yak-9U or a second Yak-1B called Yak-9(D). Basically no Japanese aerial opposition and way too big a map. New Guinea! (or Burma)
  4. =27=Davesteu

    Have we talked about V-1s?

    The V1 campaign targeted at cities in the Low Countries differed significantly from the one targeted at England, and so did the countermeasures. Personally I think this would be a rather superfluous and labour-intensive gimmick.
  5. =27=Davesteu

    Does IL-2 GB need to return to the Eastern Front?

    ~2700 Yak-9T, but only ~500 standard Yak-9. The former would make for an interesting collector aircraft. The standard Yak-9, and the much more numerous Yak-9D, would be rather similar to the Yak-1B anyway - nothing exiting. Operation Bagration & Seelow(/Berlin) - no thanks. Those aren't good choices for a two-sided flight simulator. I'm sold on the Asiatic-(Pacific)-Theatre, but if I had to decide for an Eastern Front 1944/45 based scenario, I'd probably go with Iasi (Romania, 1944).
  6. =27=Davesteu

    Does IL-2 GB need to return to the Eastern Front?

    Sorry, but you couldn't be more wrong. Actually it would be a very interesting and balanced (aircraft-)setup prominently featuring many player-favourites (IJ/US Army) like Mustangs and Ki-84s in a tactical way few other Asiatic-Pacific-Theatre based scenarios do. Aircraft rarely seen in any game, like the P-40N and Ki-44, played a major role and bombers would have a wide variety of targets. For a general overview I suggest this Wikipedia entry. The only reason we will very likely miss this great scenario is the name... I agree with you, it's all about the name. But I predict going for names will be the nail in the coffin of any further Asiatic-Pacific ambitions. Those carrier missions are rather fascinating to many, yet they bore out most fairly quickly. After all, carrier warfare is just a piece of the puzzle. Basically all (the famous) scenarios of the Pacific Ocean Areas are nice and scenic for movies and first-person shooters, but rather bad choices for a flight-sim (Okinawa comes to mind). Guadalcanal - the Solomon Island Campaign - would be a highly interesting scenario, but, as I explained in previous discussions, I doubt it's doable just for its size. And no, scaling is no solution at all! I say New Guinea 1942/43 or maybe even something CBI if they are adventurous. The sole drawback of NG in terms of in-game variety would be the lack of USN/USMC aircraft1, but at the same time it would allow for RAAF specific aircraft like the Beaufighter or Boomerang. Guadalcanal/Solomon Islands would lack those and Japanese Army aircraft2, the variety of targets would be much smaller and the whole scenario rather static. 1: Ignoring the rather insignificant carrier raid on Lae and Salamaua 2: Ignoring the rather insignificant short-term Involvement during Operation Ke On the thread's original question: Yes, they probably have to return to the Eastern Front if they want further income from the theatre-specific customer base. As we see, they are capable of working on multiple subjects at the same time. Collector planes or stand-alone maps are not too far-fetched. I, for one, certainly would like to see at least one more non-Luftwaffe Axis aircraft fitting the scenarios already released - like the IAR-38/39, IAR-80 or maybe even a MC.200 (to a lesser extent). The VVS could use an I-153, early Yak-1 and LaGG-3, late LaGG-3, Pe-3, ... - there is plenty of stuff! They also could do something like "lite packs": Two to three aircraft per side and one map. For example Khalkhin Gol: Introducing Japanese aircraft and providing early Soviet ones - killing two birds (aircraft) with one stone.
  7. =27=Davesteu

    BOBP: Where are the bombers?

    Yes it is, but why including a very rarely used aircraft without airfields to operate it from if there is another one without those limitations?
  8. =27=Davesteu

    BOBP: Where are the bombers?

    It certainly is a very interesting aircraft, but not on par with the Ar 234. The Ar 234 was based on airfields within the BoBP-map and they flew regularly. LG 1 was based outside the map's boundaries and flew few (few!!!) mission during the BoBP timeframe, all at night.
  9. =27=Davesteu

    BOBP: Where are the bombers?

    "Active" is a rather broad term. Unfortunately LG 1 wasn't based within the BoBP-map.
  10. =27=Davesteu

    DD today?

    Ah, now I get it. You're talking about the U-2! S-75 inbound...
  11. Should be ETC 71 - sorry for nitpicking. Not a "BoBP modification" and rare, but possibly going to be included nonetheless, just like the F-8/U1 Yep, Abwurfbehälter (AB) would be very nice considering their historical importance to the Luftwaffe arsenal.
  12. Never came across any evidence of it being used, but others discussed this argument before. Theoretically they could have added the outer guns as well.
  13. =27=Davesteu

    Extra Bodenplatte Aircraft

    The Ar 234 B-2 had a dive bombing sight included in its periscope.
  14. Guys, There are plenty of other threads dealing with the 25 lbs, like the one quoted by Kurfurst. If you want to discuss possible future aircraft: Now back to the D-9 itself, if you don't mind. I think the 21-cm BR would be a strange addition, potentially opening Pandora's box. Haven the option of non-bulged and bulged canopy would be very cool.
  15. =27=Davesteu

    Black Cross Red Star Series of Books

    The Black Cross/Red Star series will be published in updated editions by Vaktel Förlag! Starting in 2018...