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  1. There's quite a bit of guesswork and chit-chat going on here. First of all, the ventral turret of the in-game "B-25D (RAF)" is definitely simplified; for example: extending it and getting ready for combat took about 1 min The RAF noted the shortcomings of the ventral turret, but it was indispensable over Western Europe 1943/44 The in-game "B-25D (RAF)" is a B-25D-20/-25/-30/ or -35 block - the RAF received copies of each A number of those late block Mitchell II were delivered in the revised B-25D2 configuration (ventral turret replaced with waist guns & tail turret) 2 Group did operate a few modified pre-D-20 Mitchell II (waist guns replacing the ventral turret, no tail turret) in 1945 I really want a B-25D2 modification if they are going to rework the Mitchell into a collector plane, but the standard configuration was omnipresent throughout the war and is absolutely essential. The fire control system used in the B-29 and the ventral Bendix turret used in the B-25 are hard to compare. Now, what about the periscope-sighted defensive armament of the Douglas A/B-26? It worked. ------------------------------- Ki-44-II Otsu w/ Ho-301, Ki-45 Kai Hei or J2M for example.
  2. I can't think of a single historical mission during the Battle of Midway worth adding a PBY, E13A or F1M instead of a SB2U, B-26 or F4F-3. Spending hours in a PBY hoping to spot a ship and turn back - entertaining. There are too many important features missing anyway. The PBY is just a worse B-26, the E13A a worse B5N, and the F1M a worse D3A in terms of this (and any other) combat flight simulator. The extremely limited number of historical missions - just one of the many reasons I'm not a fan of the Midway scenario.
  3. As already stated earlier in this thread: A6M2 Model 21, D3A1 Model 11, B5N2 Model 3, F2A-3, F4F-4, TBD-1, SBD-3 - there is no way of doing Midway without them. The eighth aircraft should be the SB2U-3, representing the Midway-based attack aircraft. Collector planes (B-26 & F4F-3) are nice, but optional. If the Developers are set on doing Midway (I hope not), they should focus on the ships rather than aircraft. Any additional Japanese aircraft would be a waste of resources. Seaplanes are highly interesting aircraft, but serve no purpose in-game.
  4. Let's find out by asking the Server Admin and not the Game Developers.
  5. The mentioned Osprey books are some of the best they ever published, written by renowned scholars. I highly recommend reading all of the above mentioned books. Essentials: Keep an eye out for the upcoming books "South Pacific Air War - Volume 3: Coral Sea & Aftermath May - June 1942", "Pacific Adversaries - Volume 1: Japanese Army Air Force vs The Allies New Guinea 1942-1944" and "Pacific Adversaries - Volume 2: Imperial Japanese Navy vs The Allies New Guinea & the Solomons 1942-1944", all written by prolific historian Michael Claringbould.
  6. Get started with: Aircraft of the Aces 13 - Japanese Army Air Force Aces 1937-45 Aircraft of the Aces 22 - Imperial Japanese Navy Aces 1937-45 Aircraft of the Aces 36 - P-39 Airacobra Aces of World War 2 Aircraft of the Aces 55 - P-40 Warhawk Aces of the Pacific Aircraft of the Aces 85 - Ki-43 ‘Oscar’ Aces of World War 2 Aircraft of the Aces 114 - Ki-61 and Ki-100 Aces Aircraft of the Aces 137 - A6M Zero-sen Aces 1940-42 Duel 87 - P-39/P-400 Airacobra vs A6M2/3 Zero-sen: New Guinea 1942 South Pacific Air War - Volume 1: The Fall of Rabaul December 1941 - March 1942 South Pacific Air War - Volume 2: The Struggle for Moresby March - April 1942 Eagles of the Southern Sky: The Tainan Naval Air Group in New Guinea in WWII The 5th Fighter Command in World War II - Volume 1: Pearl Harbor to the Reduction of Rabaul The 5th Fighter Command in World War II - Volume 2: The End in New Guinea, the Philippines, to V-J Day Protect & Avenge: The 49th Fighter Group in World War II As already mentioned by @Bremspropeller, there's the superb "Eagles Over the Pacific" series by the IHRA. For the 1942/43 timeframe: Revenge of the Red Raiders Ken’s Men Against the Empire: The Illustrated History of the 43rd Bombardment Group During World War II - Volume 1: Prewar to October 1943 Exquisite taste! Completely disagree. No need for such a large map if the instalment would be focused on the 1942/43 timeframe. In fact, this campaign would allow for some of the shortest distances in the entire Asiatic-Pacific Theatre. If you want to bomb Rabaul you can do so, but there are many faster options. Buna - Port Moresby: 150 km Dobodura Airfield Complex - Lae: 270 km Lae - Port Moresby: 300 km Goodenough Island - Arawe: 370 km Dobodura Airfield Complex - Cape Gloucester: 370 km Dobodura Airfield Complex - Madang: 480 km Dobodura Airfield Complex - Rabaul: 670 km Port Moresby - Rabaul: 800 km For quick action in semi-historical custom (online) missions: many secondary airfields. Again: The Papua & New Guinea campaign 1942/43 is the most diverse and versatile scenario - perfect to start off the Asiatic-Pacific Theatre.
  7. It doesn't matter what's next as long as it depicts the Papua & New Guinea Campaign 1942/43... At the risk of repeating myself, the Papua & New Guinea Campaign 1942/43 is THE sweet spot in the Asiatic-Pacific Theatre. It fits Jason's bill just right. On top of that, it is the most diverse and versatile scenario - perfect to start off the Asiatic-Pacific Theatre. A coherent second instalment focused on the Battle of the Coral Sea and limited to six aircraft could then introduce a proper simulation of the naval part. I believe in the Developer Team and I'm interested in all aspects of the Asiatic-Pacific Theatre, but I don't believe in Midway and Okinawa for a multitude of reasons. Based on my own research, I remain convinced that the Papua & New Guinea Campaign 1942/43 is doable and the perfect stepping stone.
  8. I would appreciate an official comment on the potential Yak-9, Yak-9T, and Hurricane collector planes mentioned by one of the Developers days ago in the Russian forum.
  9. I'm a sucker for the Asiatic-Pacific Theatre, but hell no, please no Pacific Fighter 2.0. No more ill-selected island battles without Japanese aerial opposition. No more overrepresentation of the Pacific part and negligence of the Asiatic part. I want to fly IJAAS, RAAF, USAAF, IAF, RAF and ROCAF over China, New Guinea, Burma/India and the Philippines.
  10. Spitfire XIV: much asked-for variant of the famous fighter aircraft excelling at medium to high altitudes, compared to the low altitude advantage of the Tempest Typhoon IB: bread and butter of 2 TAF - not adding it is like excluding 9 AF's P-47; equipped with 8 (rarely up to 12) RP-3 rockets Bomber: Me 262 A is not a bomber, but a fighter-bomber; tell me more about the importance of Pe-2, A-20B, He 111 and Ju 88 A equipped bomber units operating within the BoBP map during the BoBP timeframe Exactly - the Mosquito FB VI adds nothing new. Compared to the Typhoon, it is of lesser historical significance in the context of BoBP, and on top of that it operated from airfields outside the map. Not to mention the arguably more interesting modifications and payload options of the Typhoon IB (sixth batch). Payload options: up to 2 x 1000 lb. bombs (including cluster projectiles); up to 12 RP-3 (usually eight) Modifications: Sabre IIB; Rocket Projector Mk.IA; Rocket Projector Mk.III (lightweight version introduced in late 1944) Mosquito FB VI: up to 4 x 500 lb. bombs; no rockets used in 2 TAF service I neither disregard nor 'hate' the Mosquito FB VI - this is about prioritization. Priorities may vary, but my arguments are definitely not groundless.
  11. You questioned the inclusion of the Sturmjäger modification; I mentioned its relevance to BoBP. Wheter it was operated out of desperation is not up to debate. Non-fitting modification can be and are locked in the historical career mode. You can't lock a ~25$ collector plain out of the career, which happens to be the game's main feature. Adding a bomber is certainly way more important than adding fighter-bomber No. 11. That's why I keep mentioning the term "gameplay". Spitfire IX + Tempest V + P-51D + P-47D + P-38J + Bf 109 K + Bf 109 G + Fw 190 A + Fw 190 D + Me 262 A + Mosquito FB VI = 11 fighter-bombers The Me 262 is a fighter-bomber and I never suggested anything else. The Mitchell II is an AI-only aircraft. I can't see where the past three releases were bomber-oriented. Ah come on, that's weak. You are merely trying to defame me on no basis. You are massively overestimating the importance of the seven Mosquito FB VI squadrons, principally operating in the nocturnal intruder role. I argue the Mosquito NF and PR were more important for 2 TAF than the Mosquito FB. I guess this is pointless; you like the Mosquito and that's totally fine - it's the only valid pro-Mosquito argument, in my book.
  12. Yes, relevance is relative. That said, "Battle of Bodenplatte" portrays the air war over the Low Countries and Western Germany from September 1944 to March 1945 and nothing else. Fw 190 A-8/R2 Sturmjäger of IV./JG 3 and II./JG 4 took part in the Ardennes Offensive and Unternehmen Bodenplatte itself. The Fw 190 A-3 (P-40E, MC.202) argument is outdated. All collector aircraft released after the reworked career mode was announced fit the related timeframe, map, units and airfields. Now onto the Mosquito FB Mk. VI: "Fun" and "useful" are also relative terms. I strongly disagree with at least the "useful" part. How would a Mosquito enhance the game(play)? Resources, including time, are limited. Adding a Mosquito prevents them from doing a Mitchell II, Ar 234 B-2, Spitfire XIV, or Typhoon Ib - all way more important. There are no bombers in BoBP, the Spitfire hot rod is not included, and the mainstay of 2 TAF, the Typhoon, is missing. A Mosquito FB is just the 11th fighter-bomber, less relevant in general, and waters down the historical approach of the career mode. Small annotation: The Mosquito XVI were operated by photo-reconnaissance squadrons and not in the bomber role.
  13. Relevance? The Typhoon is way more relevant and fits the map. There is no way around the Ar 234 B-2, Mitchell II, Spitfire Mk. XIV, and Typhoon Ib in terms of gameplay and historical significance. Not exactly - I guess the unpopulated 30 km border area (no cities or airfields marked) is going to be the "automated return"-zone. Close call.
  14. Some people are asking for a Mosquito FB Mk. VI - asking for a Swordfish is about as (un-)reasonable. Both aircraft were stationed at airfields close to, but outside of the BoBP map. Both don't fit the historical career. Unlike the Mosquito FB, the Swordfish would add something new to BoBP and not just the 11th fighter-bomber. "Royal Air Force Coastal Command, 1939-1945. Armourers unload 250-lb GP bombs in front of a line of Fairey Swordfish Mark IIIs of No. 119 Squadron RAF, undergoing maintenance at B83/Knokke le Zoute, Belgium. The Squadron flew anti-shipping patrols, principally against German midget-submarines, in the North Sea and off the Durch coast"
  15. I don't need that. I would hate to see the Asiatic-Pacific Theatre yet again portrayed as a naval war - that's just a part of it. Zeke vs. Wildcat is no more classic than the way more diverse P-40 & P-39 vs. A6M & Ki-43. Round that off with a P-38 and Ki-61. That's the Papua & New Guinea campaign. Midway limits you to F2A-3, F4F-3, F4F-4 (all flown in the same way) vs. A6M2 Model 21, a repetitive set of missions, and a lot of water to stare at. Not to mention the technical limitations of this game - Carrier battles necessitate very detailed ship damage models, working damage control, AI capable of executing prudent (evasive) manoeuvres, radar, gun directors, etc. You already know about my stance on Guadalcanal/Solomon Islands. It would be pointless to discuss this for the nth time. Synopsis for everybody else: 1000 km Rabaul - Henderson Field; repetitive Japanese planeset (Zero, Zero, Zero); static campaign Carrier battles? Second instalment! Papua & New Guinea first, Coral Sea second - a coherent set outlining most of the Asiatic-Pacific Theatre.
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