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  1. 8. I'm assuming this is the main reason for not wanting Normandy. In all honesty I can wait for the Pacific now that they decided to go to Western Europe. I wouldn't want Bodenplatte to be left all alone, I prefer at least one more expansion to accompany Bodenplatte before the team moves on. No, it's not the main reason. To begin with, Op. Overlord is an unfavourable flight-sim scenario in general and unsuited to the concept of BoX, at least in my book. The main motive behind the quoted statement is my attitude towards certain things. The "eventual move to the Pacific Theatre" was announced three years ago, but in November 2017 they had to postpone their plans and announced BoBP (+ TC & FC) instead. The argumentation was reasonable and I accepted this step, but there are no excuses after BoBP has been finished. A scenario like the Papua & New Guinea Campaign 1942/43 is within their capabilities and definitely researchable - being highly interested in the Asiatic-Pacific Theatre and having collected a rather large amount of related literature, I feel comfortable saying so. The time for a cancelation of their Asiatic-Pacific plans has long passed and a further postponement is inacceptable. Even if I weren't interested in the Asiatic-Pacific Theatre, my stance on this matter would not be a different one. True if your perception of the Asiatic-Pacific Theatre is limited to carrier battles, island hopping and naval aviation.
  2. A few drawbacks: Three of the main Luftwaffe aircraft used during the Op. Overlord timeframe (Bf 109 G-6, Fw 190 A-8, Ju 88 A-4) are already released. Owning BoBP, BoM, and the collector Bf 109 G-6 would be virtually mandatory, resulting in a massive bottleneck. A Bf 109 G-6 (late production), a Spitfire Mk.IX (C-wing), and the Fw 190 A-6 or A-7 would spark great controversy, and for a good reason - they are merely combinations of already released variants and add absolutely nothing new. Even the much debated BoK Bf 109 G-4 features a higher boost setting and differs in other details from the G-2. Moreover, the A-6 and A-7 wouldn't be representative of the predominantly A-8 equipped fighter units. The fighter planeset would be quite repetitive compared with the BoBP one and far from refreshing. The post-invasion campaign would be limited to just two months. Owing to the massive Allied superiority, all but the dwindling single-engine fighter units of the Luftwaffe were confined to nocturnal missions. The game would likely struggle to portray the Allied superiority due to technical limitations. The map would have to be even bigger than the BoBP one, but the overall appearance wouldn't differ much. The Asiatic-Pacific Theater has to be next anyway...
  3. Minus the "few" singleplayer-centric users wanting to use a 20$+ toy in the historical campaign and not only in the QMB - but the lack of alternatives is a real problem. Or is it? But you are thinking of a historically fitting Mosquito PR or NF anyway, right?
  4. Users(!) have been saying stuff like this ever since BoK and the "eventual move to the Pacific Theatre" were announced - three years ago. Objectively, it's now or never. The Asiatic-Pacific Theatre is doable if both, the developers and the userbase, free themselves from the limiting perception of the Asiatic-Pacific Theatre being nothing but carrier battles, island hopping and naval aviation. I don't get the attraction of a scenario like Operation Overlord, especially not right after BoBP. Some Western Front-centric users have been arguing about the repetitive Eastern Front for years - I bet they would celebrate the Normandy.
  5. Ok, but Jason simply stated that "a Mossie would be sweet and totally doable too" and not that "the Mosquito is quite possible [to happen]". I might be splitting hairs, but the latter comment is somewhat ambiguous and misleading. All of the mentioned types have some merit and could be included down the road if there's a fitting scenario, but the Mitchell Mk. II and the Ar 234 B-2 are the only real options for BoBP as only they would be usable in the game's main feature, the campaign. Nothing I necessarily need, but the disregarded P-61 "Black Widow" would fit the BoBP map and timeframe. Its main adversaries, the Nachtschlachtgruppen, are going to be part of the ingame campaign and this might be the only feasible option for a Western Front night fighter campaign in BoX. Moreover, the P-61 itself was frequently used for (nocturnal) ground attack missions - it's like a Mosquito NF and FB combination fitting the scenario.
  6. The Mitchell Mk. II was the main RAF variant throughout the war and not chosen for balancing. Who told you that? Only a few Mosquito night fighter detachments and a reconnaissance unit were based within the BoBP map's boundaries during the BoBP timeframe.
  7. No, I think it shouldn't be considered for now. The "strafer" concept worked out in the Asiatic-Pacific-Theatre, but it didn't in Europe. A-20G/H formations on the Western Front were usually lead by J/K models and the VVS converted a substantial number of theirs into glass-nosed variants or used them in mixed formation and at night. It wouldn't be usable in any of the (non-scripted) single-player campaigns, including BoBP, for historical reasons. Let them turn the Mitchell Mk. II/B-25D into a collector aircraft first and add the Ar 234 B-2 second. Then there's a historically omnipresent Hawker Typhoon missing and a Spitfire Mk.XIV waiting. And that's just BoBP...
  8. The Me 262 of KG 51 carried bombs themselves and did not act as fighter escorts. Moreover, the collapse of the bridge can hardly be attributed to the Luftwaffe attacks in general and certainly not to the few Ar 234. As already stated: the Fw 190s of NSGr. 20 and 11./KG 200, as well as the Stukas of NSGr. 1 and 2, formed the main attack force.
  9. The Arado isn't invincible to fighter attacks, especially if still carrying its external(!) bombload. Considering that BoBP contains 10 fighter(-bombers) and an AI-only B-25D/Mitchell Mk.II, the Ar 234 B-2 and a flyable version of the B-25D should be the top priority in terms of collector aircraft, not yet another fighter. Moreover, both mentioned bombers are already going to be halfway there at that point. I'd be looking forward to: "Rauchgeräte" RATO boosters Drogue parachute PV 1B periscope sight with BZA 1 bombing computer (as used in the still missing Stuvi bombsight of the Ju 87 & 88)
  10. My. sentiments. exactly. Anyway, never heard of the Meteor and it certainly hasn't been discussed several times on this forum. I mostly agree with you, but the Mosquito wouldn't make more sense. The few Mosquitoes based within the BoBP map's boundaries during the BoBP timeframe were part of small night fighter detachments and reconnaissance aircraft, not the FB Mk.VI most people are thinking about.
  11. The burden of the attacks on the Ludendorff bridge wasn't carried by jet aircraft - it was carried by the Fw 190s of NSGr. 20 and 11./KG 200, as well as by the Stukas of NSGr. 1 and 2. I wrote the unit histories for the campaigns of the mentioned units and made the Devs aware of the SC 1000 dropped on the bridge by Fw 190s. Considering this and the historical significance of its capture, I would be very surprised if the bridge isn't modelled.
  12. Out of the aircraft I propose for a Papua & New Guinea 1942/43 scenario, the P-40K-1 and P-39D are reusable on the Eastern Front.
  13. Unpopular opinion: Spitfire - Neither its flying characteristics nor its looks appeal to me. The Mk. VIII, late IX, and XVI look somewhat better, but the early Merlins and early Griffons put me off.
  14. Right, disregarding a one-off Ki-43 escort mission to Guadalcanal, you would only get Zeros on the Japanese side - that's a problem! Midway: Only A6M2 vs. Wildcats and maybe Buffalos (which plays like a sluggish Wildcat) Where's the variety you mentioned in another recent post of yours? All gone for the sake of A6M vs. Wildcat? With Papua & New Guinea 1942/43 you'd get three distinctly different fighters per side. Not everyone shares our common interest in an Asiatic-Pacific Theatre themed pack - limiting the player to one fighting style per side is a great risk!
  15. I) Papua & eastern New Guinea August 1942 - Summer 1943 campaign Tactical: Kokoda Track campaign - Battle of Milne Bay - Battle of Buna–Gona - Battle of the Bismarck Sea - Salamaua–Lae campaign Strategic: Bombing of Rabaul A6M3 Mod. 32 (early Mod. 22 could be a modification) Ki-43-I Otsu/Hei G4M1 Mod. 11 or Ki-48-I D3A2 Mod. 22 Ki-61-I Kou (Otsu/Hei could be modifications) - Premium ---------------vs.------------------ P-38F-5 P-39D-1/2 B-26-MA or B-25C (early block) Beaufighter Mk. I P-40K-1 or P-47D-2 - Premium Reusable: P-40E-1, B-25D (late block) if flyable by then II) Battle of the Coral Sea A6M2 Mod. 21* B5N2 D3A1* Carriers: Shokaku, Zuikaku, Shoho ---------------vs.------------------ F4F-3 TBD-1 SBD-3* Carriers: Yorktown, Lexington Aircraft marked with an asterisks can also be used in the Papua & eastern New Guinea campaign and extend its timeframe to Spring 1942 - Summer 1943.
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