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  1. =27=Davesteu

    BOBP: Where are the bombers?

    Yes it is, but why including a very rarely used aircraft without airfields to operate it from if there is another one without those limitations?
  2. =27=Davesteu

    BOBP: Where are the bombers?

    It certainly is a very interesting aircraft, but not on par with the Ar 234. The Ar 234 was based on airfields within the BoBP-map and they flew regularly. LG 1 was based outside the map's boundaries and flew few (few!!!) mission during the BoBP timeframe, all at night.
  3. =27=Davesteu

    BOBP: Where are the bombers?

    "Active" is a rather broad term. Unfortunately LG 1 wasn't based within the BoBP-map.
  4. =27=Davesteu

    DD today?

    Ah, now I get it. You're talking about the U-2! S-75 inbound...
  5. Should be ETC 71 - sorry for nitpicking. Not a "BoBP modification" and rare, but possibly going to be included nonetheless, just like the F-8/U1 Yep, Abwurfbehälter (AB) would be very nice considering their historical importance to the Luftwaffe arsenal.
  6. Never came across any evidence of it being used, but others discussed this argument before. Theoretically they could have added the outer guns as well.
  7. =27=Davesteu

    Extra Bodenplatte Aircraft

    The Ar 234 B-2 had a dive bombing sight included in its periscope.
  8. Guys, There are plenty of other threads dealing with the 25 lbs, like the one quoted by Kurfurst. If you want to discuss possible future aircraft: Now back to the D-9 itself, if you don't mind. I think the 21-cm BR would be a strange addition, potentially opening Pandora's box. Haven the option of non-bulged and bulged canopy would be very cool.
  9. =27=Davesteu

    Black Cross Red Star Series of Books

    The Black Cross/Red Star series will be published in updated editions by Vaktel Förlag! Starting in 2018...
  10. =27=Davesteu

    Extra Bodenplatte Aircraft

    Eh, what? Last time you wrote: I answered. Obviously you want the Mosquito because it's famous. That's your one argument. Fair enough, but I don't think it's a good one.
  11. =27=Davesteu

    Extra Bodenplatte Aircraft

    The turret's dual control would have caused serious problems (cf. Ju 52 co-pilot). Fortunately it wasn't present on most ETO aircraft. Going from the GGS, I'm convinced they could pull off a functional radar. But yes, the aircraft would work just fine even without it. However, I'd love to see it included. As Luftwaffe Nachtschlachtgruppen are going to be part the campaign, there would be a historical use for it. A rare chance to introduce night-fighting into the tactical nature of IL2 BoX scenarios.
  12. =27=Davesteu

    Extra Bodenplatte Aircraft

    It's fast, twin-engined, heavily armed, and frequently flew intruder & attack missions during the BoBP timeframe. Moreover 422nd Night Fighter Squadron and a detachment of 414th NFS were based within the map, 425 NFS close by. A Mosquito FB and NF combined and fitting the scenario.
  13. =27=Davesteu

    Extra Bodenplatte Aircraft

    The game's overall situation changed since BoM and especially BoS. Kuban came with fitting collector aircraft and considering the effort put into redesigning the career system it's likely they want to make use out of any additional aircraft. The A-3, MC.202 and P-40 argument might very well be outdated. Jason hinted the most likely contenders in the reddit AMA anyways: I doubt they spend the time and money developing the B-25 without intention of selling it as fly-able. The Arado is a single-seater and they could reuse the Jumo jet engines by then already developed for the Me 262. Both are proper bombers, fitting the timeframe and map. The Mk XIV had good performance at low altitude as well, with +18 boost it had similar speed to the +25 boost Mk IX (similar to 109 G-14), the +21 boost Mk XIV had similar speed to the 109 K-4 at sea level iirc (with +25 it would go past 600 km/h but looks like +21 was used more commonly).  Low the Tempest still has the edge, whereas the Spit Mk. XIV shines up high. My main point though: It's just another fighter. A potent one, but adding little additional versatility to the BoBP planeset. It has its place and could be done down the road, but it's no priority in my opinion. No, it was extensively used that way. P-61
  14. =27=Davesteu

    Extra Bodenplatte Aircraft

    ... for the Allies maybe. What about the Luftwaffe? Few attacks at night and bleeding out its daylight fighter force dozens of miles away.
  15. =27=Davesteu

    Be specific about why you want the pacific?

    Simplified carriers, Pangaea-style scaled maps - I guess we could save time by simply starting up Pacific Fighters again. Probably better anyways as there still would be plenty of Asiatic-Pacific content available after most casual users get bored by carriers... It's not as easy, but definitely doable. I've got plenty of Japanese books and many of them include extremely detailed and comprehensible schematics. Detailed Allied test reports are readily available (TAIU, ATAIU, ...). That's plenty of information and not yet including primary Japanese sources.