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  1. =27=Davesteu

    Me 410 and Mosquito

    The Me 410 was largely phased out at that point and only very few remained, rather inactive, with a small number of frontline units, such as various reconnaissance units and 11./ZG 26 (Norway). This aircraft played absolutely no role in the area and timeframe BoBP is depicting. The Me 262 of KG 51 carried bombs themselves and did not act as fighter escorts. Moreover, the aerial attacks on the bridge(head) certainly weren't a jet-only operation.
  2. I sincerely hope I'm reading too much into this. I can see why they settled for the Tempest, but the Typhoon Ib was too important during the BoBP timeframe to not add it as a collector aircraft. Moreover, I hope this isn't meant to indicate further postponement or even a cancellation of Asiatic-Pacific-Theatre content.
  3. =27=Davesteu

    PTO/Korea/ETO... next il2 expansion thread?

    I'm highly interested in pretty much all aspects of the Asiatic-Pacific-Theatre and consequently that's what I'd like to see. Unfortunately the number of viable scenarios for a sim-game like IL2 is much smaller than some might think. For example, only very few of the well-known battles fought in the Pacific Ocean Areas would serve a purpose at all and the number is literally watered down once more by their operative circumstances (Midway: only a few days of campaign, game-performance aspects; Okinawa: size of map, number of ships involved, basically only fighter missions or Tokko for Japanese side, game-performance aspects). I already posted this, but I think it's the by far best choice: Papua - New Guinea Campaign 1942 - 1943 A subsequent "Battle of the Coral Sea"-pack would nicely complement the PNG campaign and satisfy the naval crowd. I wouldn't mind a small Nomonhan/Khalkhin Gol pack or the Spanish Civil War (purely for the Do 17E/F and SB-2), but I don't think it's ever going to happen. Channel or North Africa (except Tunisia) are not of interest to me, while Italy 1943/44 I'd be ok with - but all that only after a proper Asiatic-Pacific-Theatre release.
  4. =27=Davesteu

    Bodenplatte defense of the reich and bombers

    Excuse my ignorance, but which ones are you talking about? I'm only able to locate airfields used by non-PR Mosquito units post-April 3rd. Anyway, there are quite a few more possible candidates for collector aircraft.
  5. =27=Davesteu

    Bodenplatte defense of the reich and bombers

    I draw my conclusion, among others, from the very same series of books - most of those airfields are located (far) outside the map's boundaries. All units stationed within the map's boundaries are either reconnaissance ones or moved there after April 3rd, 1945 (end of BoBP campaign). The Fw 190 A-3 predates the new campaign system. I reckon most people would like to use their 20 - 25$ aircraft outside quick-missions and multiplayer. Take a look:
  6. =27=Davesteu

    Bodenplatte defense of the reich and bombers

    "Fighter pilots make movies, bomber pilots make history." - I argue in favour of the fighter-bomber and photo-recce Me 262. The main reason the Me 262 is included in BoBP is called KG 51 and, as the name suggests, was a (fighter-)bomber unit. Honestly, it doesn't. Only PR Mosquitoes were based within the map's boundaries during the timeframe depicted by BoBP. The frontal MG was a .50 cal, but most RAF Mitchell Mk. II were armed like this, yes. A few B-25C/D delivered later on featured waist and rear gunners instead of the ventral turret.
  7. =27=Davesteu

    Developer Diary 214 - Discussion

    Yes, the bomb load was the same. A Droop Snoot and a standard P-38J of the same block differ only in some parts of the cockpit gondola - that's why I think it would be predestined to be a modification if the P-38J we are going to get would be a P-38J-15 or -20. Differences in the flying characteristics would therefore be limited to a slight decrease in weight (approximation).
  8. =27=Davesteu

    Developer Diary 214 - Discussion

    Maybe, maybe not... Additional modelling would obviously be necessary, but the overall shape of the gondola didn't change that much and isn't really that complicated. Changes in the cockpit are limited to the addition of a pilot direction indicator, while the bombardier's compartment wouldn't even require a high-resolution interior model (as per A-20). The "blister turret"-modification turns the Pe-2 S.87 into a Series 110 (changes to the external & cockpit model), the "rear turret"-mod of the IL2 (1942) and U-2VS add additional stations, and radio compass indicators can be added to many of the already available aircraft - a Droop Snoot might not be too far-fetched. I'm looking forward to use the P-38J in the fighter role as much as I'm going to love its ground attack options, but I would trade off the boosted ailerons and dive flaps for a Droop Snoot all day long - it's a bit of a missed opportunity in my option. It would fit the map and the scenario, it would refute all "no bombers in BoBP"-arguments, and it would enhance the game in a very unique and interesting way. It would...
  9. =27=Davesteu

    Developer Diary 214 - Discussion

    To me, the most interesting part of this informative DD was the announcement of the specific P-38 block and the B-25 model we are going to get. On the one hand the added capabilities of the P-38J-25 are for sure nice, but on the other hand only 105 fighters of this block were delivered (105 more converted into F-5E) and not even all of them assigned to ETO-based squadrons. By contrast, 1400 airframes of the J-15 block were produced (200 converted into F-5E). Truth be told, it's all about the Droop Snoot. I only know of J-10/-15/-20 based Droop Snoots - last hope for a playable "bomber" being part of BoBP now shattered? I'm thrilled about the Mitchell going to be an Mk.II! Maybe even coming with a waist gunner mod? Pe-2 deposed! Can't wait to pay for its playable version...
  10. =27=Davesteu

    Does IL-2 GB need to return to the Eastern Front?

    It's Papua - New Guinea 1942-43 or bust! Seriously though, I feel like advocating this once more...
  11. =27=Davesteu

    Havoc A-20G and A-20H variants

  12. =27=Davesteu

    Me 410 and Mosquito

    Neither the Me 410, which doesn't fit BoBP at all, nor the Mosquito, which didn't operate (except PR) from bases within the BoBP map throughout the given timeframe, are of interest to me. The Ar 234 and B-25C/D (Mitchell II) are my primary choices and the best bet anyway, closely followed by the Typhoon. But as many of you seem to be rather intrigued by twin-engined, propeller-driven attack aircraft, I suggest taking a look at the fast, heavily armed P-61B "Black Widow". This aircraft would truly be unique in featuring and thereby introducing radar. It would add night fighting to the game without requiring a new/bigger map or heavy bombers, as the Widows encountered Ju 87 & Fw 190 of the Nachtschlachtgruppen. Adding to this, they themselves frequently flew intruder & ground attack missions during the BoBP timeframe. The P-61B would truly be a versatile and unique addition. The 422nd Night Fighter Squadron and a detachment of 414th NFS were based within the map, 425 NFS close by.
  13. Nothing wrong with it per se, but that's just a very small (and comparatively overrepresented) picture of the Asiatic-Pacific-Theatre. One very hard to recreate in any convincing way. One easily getting stale. To each his own, but I'm advocating a New Guinea 1942/43 scenario to be the first step into the theatre. Carrier scenarios, like the closely related Battle of the Coral Sea, could still be done thereafter. By then, the Devs would already be used to Japanese aircraft and could spend more time on the ships and the related AI. Moreover, those players bored by doing the same thing over and over again could always revert back to New Guinea.
  14. It would most likely resemble the setting Pacific Fighters put us into - which is quite negative in my opinion.
  15. =27=Davesteu

    Pacific Campaign.

    Sakishima-gunto would be the minimum requirement to include the British Pacific Fleet in any meaningful way in a Okinawa scenario. The map would be massive considering the mandatory inclusion of Kagoshima prefecture, but that's the least of my concerns. Maps will have to be bigger for pretty much all Asiatic-Pacific-Theatre scenarios. It's only a concern at all because of the very small number of airfields midway between Okinawa and Kyushu (for quick- & multiplayer-missions). My biggest concern in terms of realizing the Okinawa campaign would be the staggering number of ship classes necessary to give just a general overview of the armada involved. I'm very confident of the Dev-team's abilities and dedication, but the amount of work involved in properly realizing the much smaller number of vessels involved in a potential Midway scenario already worries me. Each ship would need a high fidelity AI capable of executing prudent evasive manoeuvres, utilizing some sort of damage control, radar, gun directors, etc., as well as a detailed damage model to go along. Considering this, I doubt they would/could include Royal Navy ships on top of the already overwhelming amount of US ones. The planeset of a hypothetical Okinawa scenario would most likely look something like this: F4U-1D(+C), F6F-5, TBM-3, SB2C-4; Collector Aircraft: P-47N. The Seafire (CAP only) just isn't important enough (and a bad carrier aircraft anyway). Spits fit Burma so much better... (And Burma = Ki-44, B-25H and Vengeance ) A Mk. Vc would also fit New Guinea as a collector plane following up the main release... ...but I'm afraid those brilliant scenarios just lack the carriers - because that's what the Asiatic-Pacific-Theatre mostly was - not.