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  1. Well, it depends on how you understand the term "reload". For me, "reloading" means pulling the handles in the lagg cockpit, trying to unlock the jammed cartridge. Of course, this feature has all its place in a proper sim ! Otherwise, if, for you, "reloading" means "click-clack, you got a full brand new charger in", i think you'll be disappointed. That is, unless you play with unlimited ammo, where "reloading" means exactly that.
  2. Or you want the engine to be in the exact same place as the center of mass. => P39
  3. Well, Raaaaid, I think what your teacher tried to say is : The position of the depth governors at the rear end makes it easier to handle the plane, or, in other words, to alter its stable state (=> stability). But if they were at the front, it won't change much. As you can see it is all simmetrical and you can boldly synthetise it all in one point ! The distance from the centre of mass (or is it the lift one?) is the thing that matters. As Sim said, try it in kerbal space program ! Build a plane and put the control surfaces right at the center. It won't handle much. Put them at the rear or front end (or both) and it will handle like a charm !
  4. Nice update, even as a "spectator". It well clarifies how the early access will be going on. It is quite courageous of the dev team to let buyers play the game early in development stage ! I assume it is only alpha by now, as all features haven't been fully implemented yet. [edit] beta's not that far apparently after a re-read through the update ! [/edit] I am very thankfull to the "Founders" for making the effort !
  5. Nice and informative thread ! It is a good example of how difficult it can be to properly implement visual effects in a sim. I personnaly do not have any problem with big explosions, they happened some times, there are lots of pilot's testimonies about surprisingly big fireballs. As long as some more subtle effects are present, like the long slender flame we can see in some guncams. [edit] That's not an explosion though.... but you catch my drift [/edit] And big FTW explosions are fun AND rewarding for the one causing them :D But isn't the OP about explosions being not as big as they should be?
  6. I agree, your issue might be related to the fact that when you are logged in to the forum, it doesn't log you in automatically to the website. Or maybe you open the forum via a weird link that opens the 2 pages at the same time? A lot of possibilities really... Could you make a video of the situation, or a serie of screenshots with a small story describing what's happening between them ? That would be really helpful for me to understand the situation, as some parts of your explanation aren't clear to me. cheers !
  7. 2872 founders now ! growing (source: number of members in forum group)
  8. Merci aux admins de prendre en compte le fait que toute la communauté ne parle pas anglais ! (ou russe )
  9. I totally agree with your way of describing how icons should pop !
  10. I've found a lot of ways of playing immersively. I like to play on the Luftwaffe side, as it gets harder and harder. I find it immersive to start with an overwhelming superiority, then slowly the enemy gets tougher and tougher until the end. Impersonating a free-willing (of course :D ) german fighter pilot is very immersive. I also do find Sturmovik campaigns really immersive, as the defense of motherland and destroying fascists is a very rewarding theme :D . Nothing better than the 2 big Il2 cannons rowling towards a wermarcht column ! I do like to fly now and then the occasionnal Stuka Barbarossa mission. You know, like in the history books, with this awesome picture of Stukas diving over a crossroad in Poland. My best experience with immersion was when I was playing B17 II. I've never felt the same thing in any other flight sim. Messing up your bombing run and bringing back home your wounded crew has never felt more real for me! Cheers!
  11. I don't care, as it will not influence the fact that i will buy the game, only once, either on Steam or on 777's website, depending on the opportunity of the moment I might say
  12. To me, it seems the video artist used an older version of the 3D models, maybe a first draft from the 3D modelers. The video was probably ready for some time before we saw it, and video editing takes time... a lot of time. Cheers to the editor, there is a lot of "energy" in his video ! But anyway who needs a trailer when we'll soon get hour-long live gameplay videos ? Rivet counters* will have their share of meat to feast on ! *I personaly don't like this pejorative expression. If they are not too overcoming, the guys with knowledge and attention to detail can be of great use.
  13. Hello, Cool list of planes, and it is nice preordering is open now ! The collector edition is definitely a must ! I won't preorder it though, as I'm quite low on funds right now But I bet a lot of people will do it ! The trailer is cool too ! I think it is not representative of gameplay at all (it is an ad after all, it must be quick and punchy ) but the graphics look really like the in-game ones we saw. Maybe a small rendering pass over it, but not much really. One thing I've noticed, and I don't now if it has been mentionned is : (wait for it... Infantry ! Little soldiers running away from the trucks when the Il-2 attacks the convoy !! They must be in-game too ! (I can only hope)
  14. I have downloaded RoF, first only with free to play content, then I got hooked a bit and bought a lot of planes :D I don't play it that much anymore now though (I don't play anything that much now anyway).
  15. Thanks for the update ! The 109 cockpit looks nice, but I find it somehow "blurry", a bit drab. I'm sure shadows and sunlight will lit it up though. I'm looking forward to look at some footage from your past weeks adventures.
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