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  1. Well, that seems to have finally sorted itself out turn on/turn off style. Back to normal Which is nice. But I wish I knew what I'd done in the first place to make that happen
  2. Seems I've accidentally hit a key combination that's changed 'pilot name' to plain 'aircraft type' – makes finding myself from the opposing aircraft POV in dogfight tracks impossible. Just optimistically hitting 'I' isn't doing it, and it's mildly annoying There's bound to be a toggle/cycle icons button somewhere – I remember one from old IL2 - but can't find it Key Mapping and am loathe to randomly scrabble around on the keyboard for fear of screwing anything else up Anyone able provide the simple answer?
  3. Thanks sdm, will give it a shot this evening
  4. Thanks Netscape. Interesting, varied, and engaging. Visually stunning - nice use of vapour trails Thank you 😁
  5. Phenomenal map! And thanks to the devs for the mission map detail - 10m contours, indications of individual buildings - very useful for planning cover. Even the 'flying' area outside the close detail box has so much more information than the standard 'flat' Lapino type map, and very clearly displayed. Great stuff, and really looking forward to this
  6. That's interesting. This sim prides itself on 'authenticity', and this short-hop tactic should be a shoe-in for the U2 career. As it is just now - a long slow journey with a tiny bomb load - career missions don't make sense and are completely pointless. And four searchlights for a wee artillery battery? C'mon...
  7. Wow! Any news on whether there are contoured in-mission maps? It would be good to know where the ridges and valleys are - Prokhorovka area is full of hidden dry valleys - also useful for mission designers and editors to know
  8. Certainly contour maps were issued. This one is a German army one, and would give a lot of valuable info about terrain relief to infantry and tankers on the ground trying to maneuver for cover https://history.stackexchange.com/questions/28544/what-are-the-height-units-of-contours-on-this-ww2-topographic-map
  9. That would be perfect! These would be 10m vertical interval contours I think, much like UK Ordnance Survey maps but with relief shading!. I'm not sure how informative they'd be about the very slight undulations on most of Lapino. 5m contours would give much more relief detail, but also add to visual clutter if presented too strongly - they need to be subtle, like your Swiss example. Spot heights - as above - wouldn't need to be shown, as they're not that useful for tankies just looking for for immediate hull down and cover info - and I like the idea of showing individual buildings. As a static image, would it take so much processor use as to be impractical? - Nice wee lake by the way, and not as steeply sloped as I had first assumed. Maybe 10m contours would do the trick, even on a landscape as seemingly featureless as Lapino
  10. Is it possible for the new in-game Tank Crew maps to show contours? The maps just now, while adequate for aerial stuff, show no indication of the folds and dips in the landscape which can be very useful for the tankies. Been taking my new shiny U-2VS out for a spin on the Lapino map and discovered a whole dry valley running east/west across the open Tiger-dominated death zone south of Polevoye(?) which I didn't know about. Would've seen that immediately on a contour map and been a bit cleverer. (Just a bit, mind...)
  11. Looks interesting. I put the whole folder in Campaigns, opened each mission through Mission editor - just pressed save button and re-saved in same name and place (does this make any difference?). Appears in Campaigns list next to 'Sea Dragons' etc, but is locked, and I can't open it. Am I meant to delete something? What am i missing or doing wrong? Very frustrating... (EDIT): Have since saved individual missions as Single missions, which load and seem to be flyable as a pack of Singles - which I'll do when I've more time to spare. Briefings do seem to be unrelated, and I came across a rather surreal Fokker Triplane when checking mission was playable, but, hey... whatever... Looking forward to more treats. Great idea to make Ju52 missions, not enough of them. Thank you
  12. Does using HE rounds have any effect, especially at longer ranges? I'm finding it impossible to touch a Tiger from distance in a T-34 - though quite chuffed at blowing one up by creeping around and shooting it in the back from about 5 metres. (Got killed by its mate about 5 seconds later though)
  13. Coconut and Sketch – Well it looks like I've been doing it all wrong! Still interesting though. Right, so next next time I'm loading cargo, and landing (runway) at a less-resourced base. Unloading to lighten plane on return, then finishing mission. Restart, then fly back to Home Base, finish mission. I think I can manage that. Thanks for putting me right lads, and thanks for the server Coconut...
  14. Hi Coconut. Enjoying dotting about in the Ju52, but do I need to actually land and unload with the MAB 250 parachute containers? Can I not just drop them on the airfield? And.. er... do I really only get 0 points for the delivery/return?
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