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  1. Whatever that means it's done the trick. Just did a red paradrop in north sector - Red Smoke nice and visible, dropped, and saw 'paradrop' message shortly after Brilliant! Thank you
  2. First go on new layout. Very good - like the spread and smoke columns🙂 Disppointed to report lack of red smoke marker at zone east of Nazar'yevo, though. Circled looking for it for over a minute and dropped anyway, but didn't get confirmation of drop. Confirmed location correct on recorded track. Got team-killed by a twat in a Mig, but that's maybe slighty beside the point So we still have a Scrodinger's Paradrop situation then?... 🙁 (Also getting kicked off subsequently for idling, already having chosen and set up up plane)
  3. *Sigh*... Back to the Schrodingers paras then...🙂
  4. Thanks again Temuri I'll maybe try a fast recon flights to see if there's smoke present before dragging the Ju52 al the way to the drop zone...
  5. Thanks for the quick reply Temuri - OK, I get the first sentence, that sounds as though I should drop anyway if I can't see the smoke Second bit is a bit opaque (to me). It sounds as though it would be a complete waste of time dropping paras because the system isn't going to recognise them. Sounds a bit like a Schrodinger's Paradrop, as I won't be able to tell whether it's a valid drop until I actually do it... Any thoughts on the Flare signal? Does that work in the same way as the smoke?
  6. Hi guys, I've been doing a few paradrops – Russian Ju52, Red Cross skin – over the last few days and weeks, and I'm simply not seeing the smoke markers. I know I've been in the right places, as I've checked afterwards on track records. (Yesterday's trip, Kuban at about 4pm uk, there was no red smoke for the zone west of where the road from Ponezhukay enters the woods) I also know there are problems with the smoke markers around ground levels, woods, and water, but I'm wondering if there's an alternative to using smoke markers to indicate the drop zone.
  7. Thanks for that explanation Untamo. I had another look at my recorded track, and the definitely red marker smoke wasn't there (on the ground surface). If it's a game bug, that's a pity it happened at that particular time. I've never seen it before, but game bug is game bug, and fingers crossed that it doesn't happen again – but at least I'm aware. Better navigation without relying on the target smoke being the fall-back answer I suppose As far as droppng my guys in the area: Well, they certainly all dropped, so I wasn't too low, but whether they dropped within the area
  8. A wee question. Have the coloured flares at paradrop zones been discontinued? I ask because I was on the server yesterday doing a red Ju52 supply run (note - Red Cross skin!), and messages were indicating low tank supplies at the southern sector. Been a while since I've done a paradrop, but launched another Ju 52 (Red Cross skin again), flew low down the Volga and popped up in the tank base area. I was hoping for a quick in-and-out drop, but as I was circling around looking vainly for the red flare and checking on the map I was caught out by a blue fighter. Dumped my guys out the b
  9. Great! Looking forward to it Bought just now, before the GB£ crashes through the floor. Again...
  10. Well, that's been very rewarding, thank you. Much practice done since making the post over a week ago, and I've been sitting waggling my feet on the pedals doing actual work on the computer for acclimatisation and familiarity. Really not sure what Mrs Crash working in the next room thinks I'm doing Following a lot of your replies, I've been playing with the sensitivity, dead zone etc, and have now got a big dead zone at the star of the brakes – I realised that I was hitting the right brake when trying to apply just a touch of right rudder while taking off or landing. Wh
  11. Finally, at last, after delaying for about 15 years – all through my Sturmovik days and up till now in IL2 Battles - I have finally moved off the twist-grip and got myself a set of rudder pedals (CH Pro) 🙂 Superb to fly with! Especially having solved the problem of my office chair progressively moving backwards (two of the castor points placed in pair of old walking shoes – rock solid now). Getting ball centred in small fighters over long straight flights? Problem and hand-cramp no more And now I can't taxi. I'm having trouble getting from A to B on an airfield in dead
  12. As it happens, I took 20 minutes yesterday afternoon to carefully re-number the campaign missions (07 to 06, 08 to 09, etc), and I got through to the next mission – the one with the Pesky Polikarpovs. The only thing that was awry was the mission titles – that next mission on the introduction bit & graphic had the fireplace mission number and title, but the mission briefing/routemap itself was fine. It really is a good wee campaign, Samson, and might well be worth updating it for newcomers to the sim (or even extending it?). Though I was quite relieved that I didn't
  13. Samson, I gather I'm not the only one who's having/had probs with mission 6 – the fireplace one – where the fire simply does not appear. (Something I don't understand - to do with a changing ground level?) I've attempted it four or five times now, and following the command and flare instructions closely. The wee car drives to the field, and parks, but it seems the guys have left their matches behind in the dining room, or the matches are too wet to light the fire. While getting quite adept at long periods of slow low-level flying and observation, I'm a little impatient to be moving
  14. It's a useful paradrop and supply aircraft on multiplayer too, on Finnish Virtual Pilots server... 🙂
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