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  1. Since killing off my wife's entire Ladies Book Group in a B-17 crew during a raid on Hamburg some years ago, I've never used people I know for aircrew. My 'careers' are now all flown by painters. The VVS have recruited the likes of Alexei Savrosov, Ilya Repin, Ivan Shishkin, and I have a rarely-visited U2 Nightwitch career with Zinaida Serebriakova. Luftwaffe ranks are bolstered, amongst others, by the talents of Caspar David Friedrich, Hans Holbein, Matthias Grunewald, and Albert Altdorfer, with Viennese painter Egon Schiele flying an Albatros for the Central Powers in a Pat Wilson Flying Circus campaign None of them are very good at all at flying. I suspect that they spend most of their time aloft looking out the cockpit at the passing clouds and landscape...
  2. I certainly wasn't in a plane, and I was following another T-34 along the road...
  3. Wow, thanks! Of course, I never thought to look there. Thought it might be a flight leader thing, but wasn't sure And handguns! Methinks I'll be better at shooting opponents with a Luger than trying to aim my plane Cheers again
  4. Just bought the Flying Circus – very different from WWII flying and instrumentation! Will need a lot of practice just to get used to the fact there's a wing in the way of half your vision field, let alone sighting and actually hitting a target. Will persevere though, and am gobsmacked at the 'stain' of the front running through the countyside in the Arras map – I never really thought about it like that before. In between misjudging my landings, and general disorientation, I've noticed that some aircraft have a wing streamer – all of them that I've seen on Requiem's Tutuorials do, I think and I've seen an aircraft sporting one on the multiplane quick mission. I can't see them in the options list of extra instruments, lamps, armaments – am I missing something here? What's their function anyway?
  5. Flight leader now seems to be maintaining height, and even climbing a little, but still circiling endlessly. Just doesn't seem to want to move off the waypoint above the airfield It's the 8thGShAP VVS VMF flying out of Gelendzhik - 1. In-game/Virtual date 19.6.43. Problem noticed post 3.201 update - may or may not be related Further info - First waypoint away from take-off appears to be ON the facing mountainside! Would it be safe to assume that any mission with take-off towards and over the sea would be go as normal? Further note - The leader's 'circle'- post take-off - is very narrow; the AI have great difficulty keeping with it. Totally different from the wide, formating, climbing circle of normal pre-problem missions
  6. Great, I wasn't sure where to put it Just to say it's Gelenzhik 1. I'm assuming it's NOT Sea Dragons too, but I haven't tried that after the update
  7. It's the in-gane career Used to be that the flight group would gather and circle around the airfield area while gaining heinght, then depart fo rthe mission over the hills. Now, as I say, they go nowhere
  8. Anyone else flying out of Geledzhik having trouble with the career campaign missions? My flight leader just takes off, flys around in a circle getting lowere and lower until he skites into the ground. Actualy flew into sea once. Meanwhile the rest of the flight is trying to follow him and never gets away from the airbase area, let alone over the hills. Happened in the two missions I've tried to fly since the update
  9. Thanks Lofte, glad it wasn't just me Hopefully that'll be applied to the other tanks - will have a go on them later
  10. Just had time for one play at this earlier – looks good, and thank you for making it Is it just me or has anyone else who's played this had their gunner and bow machine gun act independently? I played it as commander, and at first sign of the enemy, the bow machine gun opened up, the turret swivelled round, and when I stopped the gunner fired. As commander standing up in the hatch I got killed pretty fast (naturally), but then found myself in the driver's seat. I haven't seen this before. Is it just the PzIV this happens with, or is it something that you've ticked in the mission building? Or is it a keyboard combo or command I've clicked accidentally? Or have I missed something else entirely? I think this gunner AI is a Good Thing by the way...
  11. Wow Netscape, that's quite thread! Seems like Mr Mauf was experiencing exactly the same troubles as me. Tremendously useful, thanks... ...and a useful trim hint from LukeFF. That makes sense. I seem to remember (now) from IL246 that the whole trim thing was done automatically when dive brakes were operated. Been doing a few dives with smoke trails. Unloaded, the aircraft lacks the inertia of a bombed up Stuka, but the trails tell me that I'm diving to early, and must be spending far too long trying to control the aircraft upside down before diving. Useful exercise Thanks to all for the help and advice
  12. Thanks for the input and advice, lads. I'd looked at Requiem's wee video on how to do it, and he just makes it look so simple. I think my main problem is controlling the initial inversion, and the re-orienting immediately after that. I usually end up somewhere other than above the target, and am have to do all sorts of directional changes on the way down. With the nose over, I know my wings are level and I'm probably going to stay on the same bearing. I get the stuff about exiting 'homewards' too – valid point. I think I have to do a lot more practice though – not necessarily with bombs. Maybe look at aerobatic trails and try and make the whole process smoother Just one more thing – should I be doing something about trim when initiating the dive?
  13. Thanks Bubi, I'm not much of a multiplayer myself, and I don't have dischord. But thanks for the offer and quick response Are you a devotee of the 'roll over'? If so, what's the advantage?
  14. I've been having a go at the Stuka in the last few days, and I'm just not getting the 'roll over' technique. It seems to me that simply nosing over is much more effective; you have fewer control and orientation problems to think about. Anyone else? BTW, really not bothered about historical technique, and I'm pretty sure I've seen film of Stukas doing both
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