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  1. There is a CRC check on height.dat, so we cannot edit the terrain of existing maps, or create new ones.
  2. Oh, you want to actually change the positions of trees ! So after some testing, it is clear that the *_f files doesnt control the position of trees (maybe they used to). It is instead the forest_map.wtr file that controls the visual position of trees. I switched the forest_map.wtr of the Moscow map with the Stalingrad one as a test, and yeah I got Stalingrad's forests on Moscow map 😀. Not sure about forest_cut.wtr though, I couldn't see any visual change. Maybe it stores collision boxes for the forests? (I guess the game doesnt check collisions for each individual tree)
  3. So if I understand correctly, you managed to change the textures for the impostor trees (the ones far away), but not the mesh ones ? If so, there are interesting parameters in the "textures.tini" file (located in the landscape folders), like "ForestContrastMid", "ForestContrastFar" and "ForestFarBacklight" that sound like they could globally influence the color of trees.
  4. Bilou

    Image files

    The game uses atlases for some images. They are located in data/swf/cache/il2/ after extracting the relevant .gtp. To override it, you need to edit data/swf/game/versionaccess.txt, and set &useBitmapAtlases to 0. That way the game will uses the images located in the directories instead of the ones stored in atlases.
  5. I doubt the 1180ti will be released this year, or even announced 😕 With Nvidia, there is usually a waiting period of ~10 months between the release of a new gen (speculated to be this july) and the "ti" card.
  6. Same here, zoom does not work properly with Vive.
  7. I just tested the new update to see if the black bar removal would fix the IPD issue I had with the vive, and it did!
  8. 81. A dark bar in the center of the image in HTC Vive that some users could see has been removed (that was a performance optimization); Oh well
  9. Surely, but since you have to restart the game whenever you change a graphic option, I'd say that it isn't possible currently. Anyway, the current VR implementation is a bit weird in other aspects. For instance, people have been complaining about a visible black bar in the center of the view (near the nose), and when you look up the value of "or_width" in startup.cfg, you'll see that they are indeed cutting up the width. For me, it is at 1343 instead of 1628. Is it a bug? Is it done on purpose to improve performance?
  10. Vive user here, and I have to say that the scale is wrong for me as well, cockpits appear larger than they should (and so does the wings). Using LeFuneste's mod, I can correct it with a global shift of -0.012.
  11. Oh yeah I missed that one, its $[age].
  12. Bilou

    Mod discussion

    It does that with all of them :/
  13. Bilou

    Mod discussion

    Geez, we went from "we can mod a little" to "we can mod anything" I'am still having an error though at some point in the extraction, "Unknown type encountered".
  14. This simple mod will help you create custom bios for your pilots. The example bios ("bio.id=101013.locale=eng.txt" and "bio.id=201013.locale=eng.txt") contains some instructions to help you understand the formatting. To add/remove/modify bios from the list, edit the "bioinfo.locale" file relevant to your language (for instance, "bioinfo.locale=fra.txt" if your game is in french). I think the general format of the files is easy enough to understand, but I will update this post with better instructions if necessary. Link(Compatible with JSGME) Big thanks to AnKor for his updated GTP extractor !
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