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  1. Yep I agree guys. I won't fly a sim other than for a few minutes that doesn't incorporate Sim Shaker. I felt the same with the advent of VR. It's a lifeless experience. Back in 1995, a family friend developed a VR headset ( I think they may have been glasses or goggles) and a really cool and very smooth running VR sim that he was trying to sell to the Blue Angels for practice. It was graphically simple but very immersive. This guy was a part of another sim development company that did some cool stuff on the PC. Since that day he let me fly it, I have longed for the VR experience. I
  2. Prop wash and wingtip vorticies"Wake Turbulence would really bring this game to life especially if it activates the simshaker(Telemetry output). I enjoy it in DCS. Finding and avoiding wake is a VERY real part of warbird flying. Very important. I've been rolled upside down and on my side a few times while chasing another P51 at high speed. Tigercats, Bearcats and Sea Furys are THE WORST!
  3. Hi friends, I have always been a proponent of SimShaker. I've used it since it's inception on other sims. I CANNOT fly without it just as much as I can't fly without VR. For years, I pushed hard for it to be implemented here on IL2. This will increase your Kill ratio and your level of immersion/fun. As a real world warbird pilot, I have felt and feel on a regular basis the "G" feel and the connection to an aircraft during maneuvering flight, pre and post stall. Engine rumble, gear, flaps, etc. I have used "Full motion sims for work and home based motion simulations for fun and
  4. Not sure how to fix this but no matter how many things I try, I cannot get the mousewheel zoom to effect the view. Any ideas? I am using a Pimax 5K+ Thank you
  5. I have a ButtKicker transducer that I use with SSA in DCS. Can I possibly get it to react in IL2? If so...how? Thanks
  6. I find the graphics of il2 great but without the Simshaker...I dont fly it.
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