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  1. You can create both bomber and fighter slots at the same time. Problem is, you'll only see the mission information and details from the eyes of the currently selected pilot. Also, you cannot change the assigned pilots of the other squadron. So, if you generate the mission from the fighter squadron perspective and assign the pilots of that flight, you cannot assign the pilots of the bomber flight and viceversa. Regarding the second point, I have no idea if that is possible. Objectively speaking it isn't possible because each player has only 1 plane available. So if that player is disconnected midair he will lose the only plane assigned to him and won't be able to rejoin, unless he rejoins as a gunner on a plane.
  2. Patrick, I have been using PWCG for the past 2 years just because there is no cooperative alternative directly from the devs. I cannot thank your software enough for what it has done for my enjoyment of IL-2 GB. Problem is, I cannot fly a mission generated with PWCG with more than 5 friends even though my Internet is pretty good and my PC is quite decent as well. Another issue is the constant closing and opening of a server in that case, as I am required to switch missions. It would be nice if we could load one mission after another from careers without having users leaving and rejoining the server I just want to know if we could have the careers in IL-2 cooperative.
  3. Honestly, I just want a cooperative career mode. Something like how your software works Patrick but using the already existing career mode that IL-2 GB has. You have your squadron mates who can join your mission and fly and have their victories recorded and it progresses through the war, just like normal Career, but cooperative.
  4. Yes, there are a few cooperative mission generators out there, but mostly only allow all players to be in the same flight. Imagine it this way: Have a MP server with multiple objectives, but only one side of the fight is playable by people.
  5. I have been a fan of the series ever since I bought IL-2 1946. I had played all of Microsoft's Combat Flight Simulators and enjoyed each and every one of them. 1946 was a big step forward. It made me buy my first ever joystick and get immersed in the simulation genre. Now, a decade later, IL-2 Great Battles series has made me upgrade my sim gear again, making it my very first "simpit". However, for how good IL-2 has become, it's missing something. 1946 had this option to make dynamic cooperative campaigns that I could play cooperatively with friends. With multiple squadrons, different planes to fly and overall a really good option to play multiplayer. And this is the main topic of this thread. Why do we not have a cooperative career mode in IL-2 GB? Due to a lot of medical issues I cannot play PvP and even if I could, the issues make it so much less enjoyable. Thus I am stuck playing Singplayer Career and Cooperative missions using Pratt's campaign generator software. But that software has its shortcomings, and, at the end of the day, it does not fully resemble what 1946 had. I am pretty sure a lot of users would appreciate this. The people who are new to the game can have a nice environment where someone more experienced can teach them the ropes. And the people who can't play PvP but feel lonely flying with the AI squadron mates can finally enjoy the company of others who enjoy flying against AI. I even find myself voice chatting on discord with random people just so I can do some sort of chit chat while flying a career mission, because it's a lonely feeling. Alas, I am getting off track. The base for the career is there. The experience from 1946 is also there. All I'm asking for is to be put to good use and give us players who don't like/can't play PvP something else to do instead of just flying Career over and over again.
  6. So the new cockpit photos is a wonderful addition. Love it. Fairly straight forward method of doing a cockpit photo for yourself and I have already made a lot of my own personal designs for my planes. However, I would really like to see the ability to just put all of the photos in the folder and select the one you want to use before flying. I know, it takes time, and resources to make new functionability, but the base is there and who knows maybe one day we'll manage to have this in the sim.
  7. Is having this as an image considered cheating?
  8. I can also confirm this is happening. A big shame tbh. Wanted to fly tonight with friends. This needs to be fixed ASAP.
  9. I am curious about one thing. I was testing the update earlier and noticed a curious bug? When you now shoot at the He 111 H-6 and kill gunners they're bodies are not there after they are killed. Is this intentional or a bug?
  10. I already have and use PWCG and I like it, but I thought I'd play first the original campaign done by 777 for all BoS, BoM and BoK
  11. Hmmmm. I see. Well, that means it's just waiting for now. Thank you for answering.
  12. Been a huge fan of the series since IL-2 1946 but I feel somewhat sad because there is no cold start for career missions in IL-2 BoX. I don't know if it's been said by the devs before or not, but, are there any plans to introduce that feature into career mode? Or at least have it like in IL-2 1946 where you had to start your engine on the runway? Cheers in advance for the answers.
  13. Yeah, and I already checked that he did own the plane set up for the mission.
  14. I actually have both BoM and BoS and he only has BoS, but I loaded the mission on made on the Stalingrad map.
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