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  1. If you're using mouse control there is no way to disable those.
  2. AFAIK some do, some spawn as you trigger certain map markers. Nope, never seen this happen.
  3. In the advanced configuration you can pick the maximum severity of player pilot injuries, ranging from none at all, to light, heavy and death. AI Pilots injuries are not affected by this setting.
  4. Config > Advanced Config > Mission limits > Start type = 2
  5. IL-2 is still a growing simulator that I love to bits and pieces. It might not be perfect yet, and it might not have everything I want, but I come back to play it every weekend. I had a long time friend join me a couple of years ago, and recently another close friend got the short end of the stick and got a copy of Battle of Stalingrad from us. He complained a lot, but would you look at that, 2h later he would be surfing the net in search of a joystick. Thank you very much 1C, 777 and Jason for giving me incredibly fun memories and a ton of laughs with friends. MERRY X-MAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR! Really looking forward to 2021.
  6. @PatrickAWlson problem is, when a player is actually in the seat and the mission starts, he doesn't spawn. Friend and myself are in. There's a third spot empty. Only 2 planes spawn, me (number 1) and AI (number 3). My friend doesn't exist whatsoever. Friend's POV:
  7. I can send some screenshots later if that helps picture the issue.
  8. Thank you Patt, at this point I've tried multiple campaigns, both with and without any mods and it's still the same result. Player-ocuppied planes do not spawn. It is not a network problem since I flew last Sunday with the same exact config (nothing changed since then). The only thing that changed was that IL-2 was updated to 4.504.
  9. @PatrickAWlson There is a problem with PWCG as of the last update of IL-2. Missions do not spawn in aircraft occupied by actual players at the beginning of cooperative missions. AI planes do spawn, player spots left unoccupied also spawn in, but player occupied planes do not spawn. Mission 1 Different Campaign.zip In my previous message I added the 2 missions from one of my campaigns. I'm uploading another mission from another campaign that has the same issue.
  10. Mission 2.zipProper 109F4 Campaign202012172212691.zipMission 1.zip 2 missions in which none of my human or AI flight mates even spawned. Idk if there's a problem with the mission because of the latest update. Think there's a fix? I wouldn't want to have to ditch the campaign and start anew. Edit: if there isn't a fix, is there a way to copy the campaign to another one so I don't lose the data?
  11. Thank you very much for the update. In response to the other message, I can't tell for sure. I only saw that the tracers weren't working in a replay file, flying the 109 F-4. All tracers (3x 20mm and MGs) had the same colour, white-yellow-ish. I will try again tonight in an actual flight and see if anything has changed or not.
  12. Should the 2nd class Iron Cross no be visible on the paper doll? You can only see part of the ribbon on it.
  13. I was wondering what were the chances of you making a pseudo battle of britain with the available plane set somewhat similar to what you did with East 1944 and 1945.
  14. Mod doesn't seem to be working anymore.
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