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  1. Lida Litova was the world's first female ace pilot at the time, and was awarded the title of "Soviet Hero". She took part in 66 air battles in her life, shot down 12 enemy aircraft, ranked first among female pilots in World War II, and was known as "Lily in the Air". 丽达·李托娃是被当时成为世界第一位女王牌飞行员,曾荣获"苏联英雄"称号。她一生中参加66次空战,共击落敌机12架,在二战中女性飞行员中名列第一,有"空中百合"的美称。 我要做个MOD把她放到苏联战斗机里 I'm going to be a MOD and put her in a Soviet fighter.
  2. I set up eight planes (il-2m43) in a quick mission, face-to-face, 500 meters high, and the enemy doesn't attack me. After I shot down the enemy aircraft, I didn't show the number of enemy aircraft I shot down. Both of these situations will occur frequently.
  3. 这个脚本是否可以升级成随机更改飞机的油漆? Can this script be upgraded to randomly change the skin of the aircraft
  4. There is something wrong with my Chinese version. When attacking an aircraft with rear fire weapons, il2-m43 will not be fired. There is no statistics of the number of planes shot down after shooting down the enemy aircraft!
  5. 我的中文版出现了问题,攻击带后射武器的飞机不开火IL2-m43,击落敌机后没有击落飞机数量统计! There is a problem in my Chinese version. Attacking aircraft with backfire does not fire IL2-m43. After shooting down enemy aircraft, there is no statistics on the number of aircraft shot down!
  6. 非诚感谢,有中文版了,晚上回去更新看看新的版本! Thank you very much. There is a Chinese version. Let's go back to update it
  7. COL是模型的损坏设定文件,通过修改可以在你飞机在受到炮弹打击时不会受到伤害。 Col is the damage setting file of the model, which can be modified so that your aircraft will not be hurt when it is hit by a shell.
  8. 请增加苏联的女战斗机飞行员的生涯模式 在二战中东线,苏联女战斗机飞行员有参战记录,IL-2作为一个模拟飞行游戏是很尊重历史的,我觉得应该加入苏联女性飞行员生涯选项。这是对她们的致敬。 Please add the career model of female fighter pilots in the Soviet Union In the middle east line of World War II, Soviet female fighter pilots have a record of participating in the war. As a simulation flight game, IL-2 respects history very much. I think we should add the career option of Soviet female pilots. This is a tribute to them.
  9. 非常感谢这样的更新,希望不断改进。 提前祝您们圣诞节快乐! Thank you so much for the update. Hope to improve. Merry Christmas to you in advance!
  10. 我的修改,其实是并没有修改游戏里的飞机数据!!!!
  11. 我只是自己修改着玩而已,不会把这些修改方式上传到网上,
  12. 我修改后,玩家可以控制的飞机,比如可以让JU87有37mm炮的同时加装炸弹,现在文件的基本结构我有了了解了。我会在这里发些屏幕截图的。 我可以修改战役任务,把我修改后的飞机加入其中,并在战役中驾驶,我修改的飞机是不死的,还有武器每个都是10000发炮弹,可以让BF109带上20枚炸弹。当然这个方式也用在了坦克驾驶的DLC上 我会在今天晚上给你看看我的游戏截屏的,因为这个修改确还是可以应用在多人游戏,(在关闭MOD的情况下!!)
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