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  1. Solved by switching the keyboard USB to the computer case rather than the motherboard. Odd.
  2. The only controller binding I see is the reverb controllers.
  3. Hey all, just got my reverb G2 and needless to say I'm excited! However, as soon as I get "in-game" my keyboard stops working all together and I can't unpause to begin flying. I can't even control alt del my way to task manager, I have to use my Reverb controller to exit the game. Mouse and keyboard work fine in all the game menus etc leading up to that point, and start working again as soon as I exit the game. Is there some funky WMR setting I am missing? The keyboard works just fine if I switch back to my Oculus.
  4. I re-ran the benchmark after receiving my new ram. Gained a few fps but not as much as I was hoping though. It has seemed to get rid of some of the stuttering though which is nice. I first ran it again with my original ram (3000mhz CL16) to eliminate any affect driver updates etc might have since last time: Frames: 25747 - Time: 180000ms - Avg: 143.039 - Min: 98 - Max: 238 Then with my new 3600mhz CL16: Frames: 27282 - Time: 180000ms - Avg: 151.567 - Min: 104 - Max: 242 Biggest impact was on my average FPS, which gained a little over
  5. B die refers to memory that uses Samsung chips. Its, or it was (others are making ram chips equal to it now apparently but at a higher price) the best for quality and overclocking tolerance. As much as I appreciate this thread and the work going on, the only actual improvement we see in VR is going to come from the devs updating a decade old game engine to work efficiently with current hardware. Who knows if that ever happens. I've yet to even see them address it or offer advice. Until then we are going to be left struggling with FPS and spending hundreds of dollars trying to sque
  6. Just get some b die 3600CL16 and overclock it. 4000mhz is overpriced for the performance gain you get. You can get 16gb of Gskill TridentZ Neo for under $200 US shipped. I think their ripsjaw 3600CL16 is on sale at Newegg for $75 right now too. It's b die. I got the NEO because I'm a sucker for RGB.
  7. Does anyone know how accurate this is for benchmarking GPUs? I'm getting crazy high numbers for my 2080 Super. I've ran the test ten times including downclocking my ram and cpu and I'm constantly getting between 19000 and 21000 for my GPU benchmark which is 30% higher than average for this card. Maybe I won the silicon lottery? Sorry to sidetrack the thread, just a bit baffled.
  8. For what it's worth I ran a GPU passmark for my 2080 Super. Not sure if you are incorporating this too, but curious how it stacks up against the 2080 and 2080ti
  9. Ran the test on version 4.003. I uninstalled and re-installed IL2 before running the test just to ensure I didn't forget any mods/tweaks. I've ordered some faster RAM (3600mhz CL16), should be here next week then I will re-run the tests so we can see how that influences things. Motherboard: MSI Z390-A Pro CPU: 9700K CPU Freq: 5.0 Ghz L3 cache: 12 MB RAM type: DDR4 RAM size: 16 GB NB Freq: 4700 MHz RAM Freq: 3000 MHz RAM Latency: 16 GPU: 2080 Super STMark: 3028
  10. Thanks for the link to that, didn't sort out my fps issues but spotting is WAY better. I give up for now on the fps issue, I'll just live with sitting around 45-50fps during heavy combat. Has anyone noticed if 3200hz ram makes that much of a difference over 3000? I don't know that the upgrade would be worth the few fps I gain. Thanks again for all the replies everyone.
  11. Sad to say you are not going to get much better on that rig. I have a 9700k OC'd to 5ghz and a RTX 2080S and can hardly stay about 50fps with all of the "fixes" and low/med settings. Just trying to save you the pain of chasing that rabbit.
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